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  1. Great reasons guys, I enjoy reading the discussion quite a bit, it's really enlightening^^
  2. Id vouch for 400% exp boost to make kumuki even more amazingg, along with the exp buff that exists atm
  3. Hello there, so far I have just been seeing people socketing their Harvester sets with +10 manastones. What is the reason behind this? Isn't it alright as it is to just socket +7 stones in them?Or am I missing something? After all, it just pve right? So what's the big deal of socketing powerful manastone like +10s?
  4. Okay so a good pc will increase the frame rate, gotcha, so even if i get a ping reducer, it won't help until i get that sorted huh? I see, alright thanks for thiss o: Ahh Actually I have stated at the top i put my graphics of the game at lowest already^^; That's a really nice point you gave, I am gonna save up for an AMD graphics card thenn. Yepp I do that too, I guess I am doing it righ then after all so it's jus my ping/fps sigh. How depressing I can't reach my full potential...I should just..play once I get a good pc then. This was quite informative too, T
  5. Will it be too OP if the DOTs of spiritmasters actually stack when 2 or more spiritmasters start dpsing a mob/boss? If you feel it is balanced, shouldn't this non-stack issue be lifted?
  6. It would be really cool to see this happening. SMs may be OP as it is, but their pets do deserve some kind of evolution after ascending to the Archdaeva tier...even with a lil bit of a stat increase/ability increase too, it just fits it somehow.
  7. This event is quite beautiful, I wish the same...along with the exp buff
  8. How did you do thisss...amazing. But also, I gotta admit, it is worth it to make reaching lv 75 hard because, it is a long-term goal which one can look forward to, apart from the fact it appears to be a mindless grind, which is also true, but once level 75, it would feel amazing, all that grind will make one feel so satisfied. It is also a very important level since one unlocks the elemental forms, which is a game changer. However, I have to say, for levels beyond, that may release in future patches, it would be nice to decrease the exp required if reaching the level cap won't have anythi
  9. Woah thank you so much for this guide. Your kindness in sharing your knowledge will not go to waste. Much appreciated. A fellow assasin.
  10. Stop being a troll bruhh, that is an old april fools jokee e-e
  11. Do you think we will get a new class someday that does not involve using a weapon but using just their body for various forms of martial art moves and using different skills etc? I have read about a monk as a class once upon a time that fits this category. I can imagine more stats added onto the armours considering the fact a weapon will not be used. I see a lot of karate outfits, boxing outfits etc, and yet we have to wear them knowing we will be using our swords, polearms, spell books, harps etc while using them. Sure those are just skins but it would be a step further to make them more
  12. Nope I don't summon pets either, I just keep falling off as it i go up the elevator. It jus glitches with random up and down movements. I think it has to do with low fps of 10 to 25 but still regardless...this shouldn't happen. I wish ncsoft realizes how glitchy elevators can be in general then...especially in an important instance like this. I just want that fat boss to run to the elevator instead so it falls down the elevator and then I can pew pew pew >_> @Bergerac-KT (tried to put your quote here after going to the edit but not allowing me somehow), alrighty
  13. So, for the past few months, I have been struggling with Fissure of Oblivion JUST to reach the last fat boss....BUT I CAN'T...WHY? because that elevator was not programmed properly....I see NO problem with the elevator in Sanctum, or in Link Gate Foundry....WHY for such an important leveling instance like Fissure Of Oblivion, should there be a problem??? I have reached a point where I lost time completely just because I keep falling off the elevator. I have heard of tips like 'keep jumping, keep walking forward, it will work' on the elevator. This is not effective always, and besides, wh
  14. I wish I was here during the DD times. I woulda wanted to run it....I still do now just for fun cuz I have never tried it before.
  15. I kinda laughed when that happened cuz I saw it coming unfortunatly (or fortunately but mostly unfortunately cuz decreases the value of BoS)
  16. You're one of my fav chanters. So polite and sweet.
  17. Ahh guyss, Shining Enchantment stones are AMAZING for enchanting non-archdaeva gears. Trust me....I enchanted my full dark lord set in like 5 min with less than 100 Shiny Enchantment Stones. You don't need an omega from 10+ onwards either, just Shiny Enchantment Stones awayy. I used less than 100 shiny enchantment stones to enchant the entire set easilyy. (Also yes throw all black enchantment stones, those are useless but never shiny enchantment stones)
  18. Where is the npc that sells that spirit stone of eternity bundle? o-o Also besides the named bosses, is there another way to farm them out?
  19. I felt the same about the voting system, it should be implemented, however I suggest it to not be done 5 min before siege, cuz it will startle a panic attack possibly. Rather a vote amongst the top ten, and for it to continue for a year, and then to vote again for the next, based on how things progressed in the year.
  20. but where is that even? lol Hearing this for the first time
  21. There should really be Vote system in play with a lotta factors involved too (e.g to see if the person is capable of leading, conduct with other players, etc) when selecting the governor/commander (amongst the top ten perhaps). (atleast the governor)...selecting a governor based on the highest Gp is jus silly.
  22. So this applies to when aion 5.8 comes where I can purify the apollon +15 gear for an enhanced harvestor gear part corresponding to it right? or does this only apply to when you purify a harvestor to Enchanced Harvestor?
  23. Hey guyss, so what macros do you guys know of for the classes you play that is really convenient for you? I'm just curious, possibly others might be too. Here is the format to put the macros you feel like sharing -------------------------------------------------- Class: Macro 1 name: Macro 1 code: Macro 2 name: Macro 2 code: (etc) ------------------------------------------------------
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