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  1. Hello there, so far I have just been seeing people socketing their Harvester sets with +10 manastones.  What is the reason behind this? Isn't it alright as it is to just socket +7 stones in them?Or am I missing something? After all, it just pve right? So what's the big deal of socketing powerful manastone like +10s? 


  2. 43 minutes ago, Mempo-KT said:

    You need a better PC. While it may seem strange, having really low FPS drastically affects your ping. ANY ping reduction server will typically do the job (Ive found about 15ms variance between the best and worst for me), but until you can achieve MUCH higher frame rates you will continue to see it impacting your ability to perform.

    Okay so a good pc will increase the frame rate, gotcha, so even if i get a ping reducer, it won't help until i get that sorted huh? I see, alright thanks for thiss o:

    38 minutes ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    mm. this is easier to check. Try to set your graphics setting to the lowest and see how much your DPS improves (maybe a lower resolution). I think he is right too. I saw my DPS decreasing even more on some new instances with many visual effects that increased my ping. Also some old maps have lower graphics and you have dummies to compare. Heiron is one of those. 

    Ahh Actually I have stated at the top i put my graphics of the game at lowest already^^; 

    30 minutes ago, Mempo-KT said:

    Also, I know Intel/Nvidia have good multicore processors and great cards, but if you want Aion to run as best as possible I recommend going AMD.


    The next generation of consoles is being built with AMD architecture in mind as well, so choosing AMD over Intel/Nvidia will "future proof" your PC upgrade as well.

    That's a really nice point you gave, I am gonna save up for an AMD graphics card thenn.

    1 hour ago, Vessttemona-KT said:

    Basically, is all about skills rotation, you just need to find the best one for you, keep in mind always to use flame fusion on mobs as it reduces fire resistance, a lot of sorcs dont use it. and if you have at least 3 of your nukes on cd ( Glacial shard, Aethrflame/Flames of wrath, Storm Strike) its good to use Empyrian Wisdom to increase your MB for a few seconds and do more damage with low range damage skills such as flame bolt and flame harpoon.

    Yepp I do that too, I guess I am doing it righ then after all :/ so it's jus my ping/fps sigh.  How depressing I can't reach my full potential...I should just..play once I get a good pc then.

    1 hour ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    Yes. the rotation is really important in sorcerers, but if he/she is already weaving, probably knows a good rotation. Trust me, ping is really important too. I checked that myself doing DPS with a another player in the same class. He had 10% more DPS than me. When I compared on ARM I saw that my skills did more damage (so my stats were better) but he did 20% more skills than me in the same time. I did not waste time. I just had more dead time between skills because of the ping. 

    Also with a friend we saw the same. She was in Mexico for some months. When she played there her DPS became really great. But she came back to the usual 200-250 ping from our country and she lost 20% of her DPS. Same rotations, same gear or even better. Just the ping. And she played with a sorcerer. The situation is even worse in glads and sins because you have a lot of small amounts of time between each skill just to reach the server. 

    This was quite informative too, Thanks for this o: 

    2 hours ago, Azzmaria-KT said:

    To do a good DPS you need to know your skills and practice with different rotations. But apparently you are doing that now. 

    But there is another big issue. Your ping is too high!. I saw that a ping between 200 - 250 will result in like -20% to -30% of your potential DPS. even if you know the rotations and you are weaving, at that ping you have so many "lost clicks" (when you click in the skills but nothing happens) and a great delay between your clicks and the real action. That wasted time means that at the end you are doing a lot less skills in the same time than the others. I think that with 400 you are having just half of your potential DPS.

    So. first at all I suggest to you to forget the idea of having a great DPS. Also try to use some software to reduce your lag and improve your conection. Even if you do not see a great reduction in your ping you will have less "lost clicks". Forget the idea of PvP. it is almost impossible to fight other players with 400 ping

    And some people could suggest to try to choose games with servers closer to the place where you live. But I know that sometimes we want to play in a more internacional comunity. For that reasson I play Aion even with 200 ping. 

    Yepp I am not pvping at all, infact I am not even doing siege cuz my laptop starts having a siegure (get it? siezure..seigure..o-okay anyway) ...Yep I prefer NA cuz all my friends are here :( 

    Question, if I forget about having great DPS, won't I be seen as a 'useless sorc' for not outputting the DPS I am meant to be with the gear I would be having/stats? :/ 

  3. It would be really cool to see this happening. SMs may be OP as it is, but their pets do deserve some kind of evolution after ascending to the Archdaeva tier...even with a lil bit of a stat increase/ability increase too, it just fits it somehow.



  4. 7 hours ago, Lenalyn-DN said:

    Wait so... someone is complaining about a 400% exp boost? What in the world happened while I was away? >.<

    I got to 73 before Fissure  came out, so trust me, leveling in this game is not hard right now.

    How did you do thisss...amazing.

    But also, I gotta admit, it is worth it to make reaching lv 75 hard because, it is a long-term goal which one can look forward to, apart from the fact it appears to be a mindless grind, which is also true, but once level 75, it would feel amazing, all that grind will make one feel so satisfied. It is also a very important level since one unlocks the elemental forms, which is a game changer.  However, I have to say, for levels beyond, that may release in future patches, it would be nice to decrease the exp required if reaching the level cap won't have anything special behind it or if it is not the final level of the game.

  5. Do you think we will get a new class someday that does not involve using a weapon but using just their body for various forms of martial art moves and using different skills etc? I have read about a monk as a class once upon a time that fits this category. I can imagine more stats added onto the armours considering the fact a weapon will not be used.

    I see a lot of karate outfits, boxing outfits etc, and yet we have to wear them knowing we will be using our swords, polearms, spell books, harps etc while using them. Sure those are just skins but it would be a step further to make them more meaningful too though this is just a side note, primarily speaking it would be great to see such a class to even exist in this game.

  6. 13 hours ago, Shaidessa-KT said:

    Try dismissing your pet/minion. I only fall through when I have a non-flying one out.

    It's an irritating glitch, especially in a TIMED instance.

    Nope I don't summon pets either, I just keep falling off as it i go up the elevator. It jus glitches with random up and down movements. I think it has to do with low fps of 10 to 25 but still regardless...this shouldn't happen.


    15 hours ago, Violeta-KT said:

    Elevators in video games are notoriously buggy, it's the reason skills and in some cases jumping are disabled when riding elevators. As for the Aion specific glitch if you are experiencing it enough to be frustrated by it you might want to check things on your end. After over 100 FoO runs I've had the glitch happen once and it was my own fault for afking at the edge of the elevator after getting to the top.

    I wish ncsoft realizes how glitchy elevators can be in general then...especially in an important instance like this.  I just want that fat boss to run to the elevator instead so it falls down the elevator and then I can pew pew pew >_>


    (tried to put your quote here after going to the edit but not allowing me somehow), alrighty I will try your method too.  I think I have tried it already but, still I don't quite remember. Thanks for the tip o/

  7. So, for the past few months, I have been struggling with Fissure of Oblivion JUST to reach the last fat boss....BUT I CAN'T...WHY? because that elevator was not programmed properly....I see NO problem with the elevator in Sanctum, or in Link Gate Foundry....WHY for such an important leveling instance like Fissure Of Oblivion, should there be a problem??? I have reached a point where I lost time completely just because I keep falling off the elevator.

    I have heard of tips like 'keep jumping, keep walking forward, it will work' on the elevator.  This is not effective always, and besides, why should one rely on such methods when one can just fix the elevator in the next maintenance? Unless I am not aware of something for why this has not been fixed for so long.  

    I'm really tired of spamming fissure when I have to waste time in between due to that damn elevator.

    Please do fix this.

    -A frustrated Aion player.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Nyali-DN said:

    I actually like your suggestion about Apollon/Frigida gear. :P Would have been a better idea, indeed. Well I hope you're not one of the few thinking that way. I remember when it happened with DD gear and nobody ever ran DD anymore... It was quite sad, because I wanted to get that set so badly but nobody wanted to join it anymore since they got their set via an event in the past. X3

    I wish I was here during the DD times. I woulda wanted to run it....I still do now just for fun cuz I have never tried it before. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Nyali-DN said:

    It's not a surprise that they did that, they did it with IS gear, then DD gear and now BoS gear... But I personally didn't expect them to do it THAT early! Some people hit level 75 during the last few events, some just got geared up since they nerfed CoE finally... Imo it's way too early to do it and it kills the PvE content. No reason to run the end game instance when you can spend some money and get it w/o moving you butt into BoS itself... *smh*

    I kinda laughed when that happened xD cuz I saw it coming unfortunatly (or fortunately but mostly unfortunately cuz decreases the value of BoS)

  10. 10 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Since you're a master in alchemy, I'd recommend crafting Superior Wind Serums. They sell at about 65k each on DN-A. Also, the Temporal Stones, which sell at about 1.5m. Then, of course, scrolls will always sell, but there is not as much kinah to be made from those.

    Aside from your alchemy, there're not a lot of great ways anymore. Greater mythic supplements, omega enchantment stones, and tempering solutions sell well, but those are things you will also need if you intend to actually play the game to its fullest potential. Also, chronos stones sell at around 3.5m a piece. These are used to craft high number manastones, so if you plan to just buy the manastones yourself, you can sell those chronos stones. (You get chronos stones from disenchanting archdaeva gear, so run PVE instances, like Adma, Theo, AoE, CoE, etc) Apollon gear will always sell, so do your weekly CoE runs; you can also break the gear for chronos stones if you prefer. Spirit Stone of Eternity sells very well for the same reason that the chronos stones do; you get those from world drops, UA Barracks instances (Miren, Kysis, Krotan when your faction owns those forts), buying from the NPC at your landing when your landing is level 5, and a few other methods. Then, of course, pray that you get lucky during events and get items that are worth millions.

    (Sorry if I dumbed this down too much. Not trying to be condescending, just making sure I explain everything as I'm not sure what was available when you last played.)

    You're one of my fav chanters. So polite and sweet.

  11. On 9/22/2017 at 1:15 AM, GenericUser1872 said:

    dont bother getting lvl65 mythic abyss gear. it's impossible to enchant with basic affordable black enchantment stones


    On 8/11/2017 at 3:54 AM, HealingSquid-KT said:

    Ohh there is no edit function so sorry about double post. I also noticed when trying to enchant my IS gear from 10-15 it seemed next to impossible with the old stones +supps so maybe you need to use only omega which means their really is only new gear anything other then that is a waste of omega and sups.


    On 8/11/2017 at 5:42 AM, Fest-DN said:


    Squid is correct. With the new enchanting system making both Enchantment and Shining Enchantment stones effectively worthless. The only gear you should get is the set you intend to keep.

    If you’re on a budget/low level you can start by picking up your full level 70 ap set if you don’t want to go all-in for the 75. Since getting to 70 is pretty easy you won’t have much/any level penalty on your gear and the stats are similar enough to the 75 to get by but if you ever want to upgrade it to the 75…you’ve got extra enchanting tagged on.

    Ahh guyss, Shining Enchantment stones are AMAZING for enchanting non-archdaeva gears. Trust me....I enchanted my full dark lord set in like 5 min with less than 100 Shiny Enchantment Stones. You don't need an omega from 10+ onwards either, just Shiny Enchantment Stones awayy. I used less than 100 shiny enchantment stones to enchant the entire set easilyy. (Also yes throw all black enchantment stones, those are useless but never shiny enchantment stones)

  12. On 8/15/2017 at 10:49 PM, Hinotori-KT said:

    May I ask what are you crafting? Because most materials are now sold directly by NPCs:

    Spirit Stone of Eternity: Sold in stacks of 100 for ~11m kinah whenever you have your UA Landing at L5 (one bundle per day, can be purchased by any toon but can only be opened by 66+ toons). Also guaranteed drop (in stacks of 5) from named bosses in the Upper Abyss.

    Where is the npc that sells that spirit stone of eternity bundle? o-o 

    Also besides the named bosses, is there another way to farm them out?

  13. 5 minutes ago, Ksara-DN said:

    I don't know these people who came from TIAMAT, but I saw what they did.

    I am here in AION for eight years now and I'm sad about the NERF in SM (I'm not competitive anymore).  I'm sad  with this Hackers.  I'm sad  with the   class are so unbalanced and we now have bad leaders with a bad reputation.

    Thinking about all of this I really do not know what's going to happen, but I think AION is already a lot less than it could be.

    Well. I will give a suggestion for the NCS, but I do not know if they'll read this here.

    Five minutes before SIEGE begins the players should choose among the top ten in the ranking. Who will lead the SIEGE

    This would be a democratic and good solution for all.

    I felt the same about the voting system, it should be implemented, however I suggest it to not be done 5 min before siege, cuz it will startle a panic attack possibly. Rather a vote amongst the top ten, and for it to continue for a year, and then to vote again for the next, based on how things progressed in the year. 

  14. 6 hours ago, Delicat-KT said:

    Whatever + your weapon is at, when you purify, you'll lose 5 levels, so if you're going +10> 5.8 hits and you purify > You'll have +5 purified version. If you go +15 > You'll have +10
    You get to keep your manastones + godstone, however, I can't say if i remember about fuse..You might be? Just double check first. 
    Also! If you have a weapon skin on it, you'll lose that too


    6 hours ago, Bryos-KT said:

    You keep the undercombine as well.

    As for the skin, you would have to be crazy to skin those weapons over. >.>


    So this applies to when aion 5.8 comes where I can purify the apollon +15 gear for an enhanced harvestor gear part corresponding to it right? or does this only apply to when you purify a harvestor to Enchanced Harvestor?

  15. On 9/23/2017 at 1:24 PM, GenericUser3640 said:

    ahserion bow fused with 75 ap bow this pure pvp bow and the best pvp stats ever for now i have SFL bow fused with 75 ap it higher in stats but not higher in pvp stats 

    Where can I get the Ahserion bow? 

  16. Hey guyss, so what macros do you guys know of for the classes you play that is really convenient for you? I'm just curious, possibly others might be too.

    Here is the format to put the macros you feel like sharing :)



    Macro 1 name:

    Macro 1 code:

    Macro 2 name: 

    Macro 2 code:




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