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  1. I can ping to the server low ping and stable but when ping in game the ping appears much higher than ARM's ping ?
  2. We're not talking about there should be a classic or not this just talking about a server we want it to be. Lore : Shugo Brown lost his lover during Berita incident his heart is broken but it's not stopping him from trying to get his lover back.Despite many years have passed all of his experiments failed until one day he able to create a portal though time.It's his mission to stop Berita's invasion and following disasters after that.Will he able to save his lover ? It's your duty to help Shugo Brown to save his and your own destiny.And maybe chance to erase your enemies for once and for all ? Server setup discussion base on version 4.0. First we need to look in the past about master server changes master server has serveral things changed from original server. -Stigma renewal to 4.8 - Well it was looking good but it kinda limited our freedom to choose stigma more than when we had 12 stigma and since everyone missing classic I say we should keep it to classic) -Skill renewal - Maybe or maybe not don't care about it that much. -Hard leveling - No no no we want original level exp rate of 4.0 and without double exp need for lv 65 too. -Breakable gears - No we ain't going to replace 5.x So what's custom feature to 4.0 server ? -We want custom chain skill from 6.2 I try to play without one and it's really hard. -Character Creation from 6.2 I admitted the hairs from 5.0 got problem but people want more hairs. -Luna craft from 5.0 -Ancient mana slots able to socket normal manastones from 5.3 -Auto learn skill from 4.7 -Campaign quests that giving basic eternal gears (worse or same as kahrun eternal). -Add GP system from 6.7 prevent someone hogging rank. -Cross armor remodel eg remodel clothes on plates. -To auction a house,masion,estate and palace you needs to pay guest petals too. -Able to trade silver,gold,platinum,mitirl medals. -30% capped magic resist. What I didn't included ? -Aethertech class it's unpopular class nobody at the times of 4.5 plus the class is really slow.Plus it's like mini transformation people just hate they can't see their own skins. -Omega and Tempering Solution they're p2w. If people don't like this version of Aion then I don't know what to say
  3. -No live stream because Hime and Gideon lied in 6.2 patch that GST going to update after the patch I don't think they want to answer this question or simply we still talking with developers. -No update to transparent scroll price and we going to keep 5 skins to GST during the fact they would rather shut down the server more than make players happy even talking to Cyan is useless because he doesn't even reply PMs anymore. -No new events even there's one they going to nerf rewards because they want players to pay more. -Cyan,Hime don't care if Aion alive or shut down because they still got work on other games like L2,BnS which producing more money than Aion. Then please shut down Aion if you don't want to work on Aion then let other publisher do it,what's the point keeping servers open if people cursing you everyday for your bad jobs ? You've got jobs from other games if you don't love Aion anymore please tell Korea we're not profitable anymore and shut it down. Let someone who wanna manage Aion do it. If what I say isn't true then show us a sign that you still have love for Aion by fixing transparent scrolls and skins in GST. If you don't just step down nobody will blame you if you step down.We want someone who love Aion to manage game that we love. Thank you. I'm being honest and tell you truly from my heart.
  4. Server upgrade & name reset

    LastSamurai wasn't a bad name too or just Bob If you know my reference
  5. recommendations for new game to play ?

    I don't know about awakening but who got more AoEs ?
  6. I miss skins :(

  7. recommendations for new game to play ?

    Which BDO class is good for solo and pve ? Ranger or Witch ?
  8. There will be a new server opening. There will be an asmo infested server. There will be a merge.
  9. recommendations for new game to play ?

    Ragnarok Online Pristontale AIR (I recommended this one because Devil tried to play but he can't lol xD)
  10. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I almost agree with you with everything until the bots part. Bots ruined the game they never benefit anyone excepted themselves.I saw bots destroyed a game I loved.I hate bots and will report every single bot I see until they've gone.
  11. Plese bring AION back

    You're basically asking for Aion classic o_o
  12. Kill botter businesss and sell kinah directly via bcm. Check Russian shop here https://ru-new.4game.com/webshop/aion-ru/ Stop being an idiot and overpriced everything and sold nothing,sell cheap stuff but sell mass to all people.
  13. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    To say 3.0 was big because f2p is a bit too much underestimated 3.0 It's true f2p helping popularize of 3.0 but the patch itself good too. Aion 6.0 was f2p in Korea but it's not big because patch 6.0 suck.
  14. Or tell me which ping reducer working with private servers
  15. I'm not complain I want to quit Aion for a good reason o-o I hate transformation,I hate luna skins gone,I hate my beloved AM/EF gone,I hate my scrolls gone,I hate they made weaving useless.I don't even know what I'm hoping for
  16. Please make all elyos quit in KT so I can finally quit Aion too,I'm willing to settle in other games like BnS if all elyos on KT quit Or better yet make a new server make it asmo infested and merge to KT again lol
  17. Learn from the Russian sell kinah box in BCM

    They already bought kinah from botters,hell they can even buy luna and farm kinah from luna craft. I see no different between getting kinah from botter or NCsoft excepted NC can get money and try to improve the game (if they willing to) while botters getting money means nothing to us. At least I see 2 regions selling kinah directly TW and RU I don't see how kinah boxes going to hurt NA when people already p2w kaisinel xform.
  18. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    Holy cheese o_o another topic about Aion classic. -First of all I completely agreed Aion Master server basically became Aion 5.0 but I wouldn't considering master server as a true classic since it has many changes as moomoo mentioned. -Second I don't think anyone miss hard leveling of 5.x or 1.x I miss 3.0 most because it's a patch where everyone was here NC still care about us there as no dps meter,everyone was welcoming and most important we still have scrolls without nasty transformation. -5.x bring good things too such as luna caft and custom chain skills but they removed luna craft so it's kinda dull -People miss whole 4.0 patch not a single map like Katalam the lastest Korea update telling us they don't understand what we missed. -Aion can't get new players if I'm a producer of Aion I'll try to get old players back and best way to do that is launch Aion 3.0 classic where it had the highest pop and create alternate 4.8 as another timeline if the classic proven successful.
  19. Skins are "End Game Items"

    Ok to be fair I think GMs are just employees who don't play the game they really don't know how the game works and I think before employed them they should educated some basic knowledges about the game to these workers but the company just too cheap to do that (Just imagine yourself as a GM of some unknown games even you played a lot of games if you work for a game that completely unknown to you,your works going to suck too)
  20. Skins are "End Game Items"

    Hmm I wished you air conditioned or some ice age
  21. Skins are "End Game Items"

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.
  22. https://4gameforum.com/threads/733492/ plus cheap transparent scrolls Thank you.
  23. @Cyan pass this suggest to development team or korea please
  24. Whose ideas are these stupid GP base quests?

    Just comment about open world pvp it's true that Aion is PvPvE game but they completely forgot now it's just PK game not so much PvP if your opponent is completely helpless and can't fight back o_o Just got an idea from the lastest update gears that specify can use be on certain maps,maybe it wouldn't so much of pk if Aion is limited gears that can be use on certain maps. But a lot of people doesn't want pvp they just want PK someone that's all