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  1. As you can see here 2017 was a horrible year for Aion the sale is really terrible we all know 2018 is the launch of 6.0 but what happened in 2017 and 2016. According to history on aionpowerbook 2017 was the that 5.5-5.8 launched but if we remembered 2016 sell more than 2018 which considered as recovered year for Aion. Late 2015 was the launch of 5.0 and entire 2016 was the patch 5.1-5.3 so hard leveling wasn't a thing that killed Aion in 2017. 2014 was a golden year for Aion 4.8 launched on December 3 2014. So what happened to 5.5-5.8 patch in 2017 ? I believed the leveling is made even easier what I noticed and believed it was the cause is FM,BoS and introduction of essence cores and minions. the instances is probably were too hard for anyone to complete,minons and essence cores is a heavy p2w form. So p2w and too hard instances were probably things that killed Aion in 2017.
  2. And project TL is only incoming PC game,I don't know if Aion Legions is US legions of war or not but it seems 3rd mobile title is incoming.
  3. I'm talking PvE situation. With ancient xform and vaziel wisdom(boon of quickness overwrites vaziel) last 20 seconds and reduced MP there's no reason to use boon of quickness ? Ice Harpoon overshadowed by daevanion version of freezing wind with 0 cast time vs 2.5 seconds. I'm thinking to replace them with arcane thunderbolt and elemental ward.
  4. I'm not just talking about NA but also p servers too I don't know about EU but it seems asmo dominated too. Ain't we having enough of asmo dominated ? I mean it's been 7 years already since asmo surge started in 2012 o-o
  5. Hi I believed almost everyone here displease with update 6.0 because a lot of stuff they removed during 4.8 and 6.0. I believed 90% of Aion players are old players that experienced old patch like 4.x or even older back to 2009 only 10% or less are someone who never played Aion before. I come to think no matter what update 8.0 will bring I won't be happy with it until they bring stuff that they removed back. Stuff that they removed are NPCs that sells emotes,dye,clothing,tradable items such as white items,unlimited remodelable armors,luna skins crafting,gathering,old crafting some old maps and instances. Aion 8.0 should not focus about new stuff but it should focus on bringing old stuff back that's how Aion will stop all p servers surging and bring all players back together. Somehow Aion 7.2 already admitted damage they done in 4.8 patch by bringing Katalam and Danaria back now they needing to undo damage that done by 6.0 patch. Not everything needs to be back but everyone can agree 6.0 was over doing delete contents.
  6. I know majority of people place their left hands on left side of keyboard while right hands some placed on mouse or right side of the keyboard. I wanna know what majority do with their right hands As for me I place my right hand on my mouse because my mouse has some macro and I like to move camera a lot during battle.(Somehow I think it might wrong) What about you guys ?
  7. Do you even like 7.0 ? If yes then I understand your reaction but if no then why oppose someone who try to change this shit for a better place ? Why I have to post every facking week ? Because no one answer my call ? If I don't post then we stay in same shit nothing changes ? We upset with 6.0 7.0 then post on forum is only way to express our opinion and send it facking straight to Korea. Do you really believing Aion will survive without newbies like this ? Are you going just wait it end like lineage1 or wildstar ? Because I love Aion that's why I'm facking posting this.Do you think it's funny to deal with the shit cheesecake and the gang doing to me everyday ? It's not fun it's cancer in my brain. If you don't even like 7.0 why oppose me ? If you want to change Aion why not help make our voices loud ? Cause you know telling people to shut up about how unpleasant about 7.0 is not going to turn this shit hole game a better place. Cheese for once time just facking shut up your ass.
  8. Ok brutallus thanks for post counts I have enough fun chatting with you but I need to go now cya later bye.
  9. I don't know about Korea and I don't think. Stop using master server already when nobody talking about it. What I talking is relaunch 4.0 with modern mechanics and redevelop contents there as main server replacement. It's not meant to be another server it meant to replace all 6.0 7.0 servers.
  10. Just open your mind because it's a problem from Korea. Until Korea admitted that 6.0 and beyond is a mistake we won't get newbies.
  11. Newbies problem doesn't occurred only in NA but also Europe. So if NA management fault why this problem happening in Europe too ?
  12. Simple question if Aion is newbie friendly ? Where're all newbies now ?
  13. I don't think it's our management problem only the core problem is from Korea. You don't even know what's master server,master server is a pvp server that based on version 2.0,I'm talking about relaunch 4.0 with modern mechanics can you see the different ? There's a lot of things I like in new version too but it's easier to relaunch 4.0 than fix mess up they did in 6.0 and 7.0. Why you think we have no new players in our server right now ? Because the game isn't newbie friendly at all and without newbies Aion can't survive. Almost every old MMO right now if not all now relaunch themselves with classic version(for recent check https://mmoculture.com/2019/10/lineage-2-essence-new-accelerated-server-for-classic-pc-mmorpg-launches-in-europe/) I'm trying to show what's the problem it's just not mismanagement it's problem from Korea.
  14. @Brutallus-DN -Players need rewarding for explore the map not nothing returns. -It's very common in any MMO that people buying gears from broker or NPC to upgrade their damage but Aion think quest gears is enough ? -Stigma is not just important quest it's not optional it's a requirement to play the game that's why it should be campaign not blue quest. -Who the fack will ask LFG if equip/unequip stigma by yourself is working ? -Dyes are extremely common with what price 5kk ? Can a newbie get 5kk without alchemy event ? You need x6 for entire armor that's like 30kk even you 80ed you don't have 30kk. And some quest gears have cool skins ? Do you even use it ? If no don't tell other people to do so. -About FM if someone died you just wipe and restart over you will get to the point you want to quit it if it happened more than 5 times,about asmo that's why I said might. -Nobody call anything about master server,I want Aion to improved not in current stupid stage why protect this Aion version that you ain't even like ? Just to oppose me ?
  15. Let pretend a new player who doesn't know about Aion come and try out Aion for first time (even it's very rare for a new player for an old game from 2009) Let pretend it has BDO cutting edge graphics too. They started from lv 1,oh first map Poeta it's nice feel like they wanna explore but no the game forced you to follow linear you don't explore anything there're so many mobs that unrelated to quests it probably took 30 mins for a new player for this map. Then they come to Sanctum time to make money from items they collected in Poeta,but no everything is untradable they try to buy gears because it's logical in any games that players should buy gears to be more powerful but no only gears that selling is lv 80 or old gears from old version 5.8 which newbies going to buy anyway cause they thought it's more powerful they probably buy 5.8 gears lv 66 because it colored purple and cheaper than lv 80 gears. Next they going to Herion try to level and explore the world but no the map is linear like Poeta and killing other mobs is not rewarding anything beside wasting of time. They leveled to lv 20 and feel their chars is very weak because no stigma,no stigma campaign anymore just blue quest no introduction nothing 50% of new players here probably gave up Aion here already. Let pretend they learn about stigma they probably won't learn about stigma master because nobody told them and wondering why every time they changed stigma it's cd 5 mins at this point they probably don't even know what luna is for and why they have to do it since leveling themselves is much faster. At this point our new player probably want to change costume color or change skins they starting to shock when they found out skins in GST is only about 10 and most of them suck and even more shock learning that dye color needs to buy with real money shop only.(While in other games dyes/skins is at least questable or free) When they leveled to Cygnea they might encounter an asmo/asmos at this point and got one shot and they can't fight back some wasted money buying 5.8 gears another 50% left at this point. Laklum 25% left of original new players they did campaign and got Laklum gears some got asmo killed along the way first instances they do is BoS this supposed to be the easiest instance for a starter but no this was infact once hardest instance of 5.8 and can't finish without youtube even with youtube instances took 20 mins to finnish.Another 25% quitted at this point. Another 12.5% left they went to try FM first group instance and group wiped many times because newbie made a mistake they got called noob and got kick out from the group.They don't even have a transformation at this point only using speed potion.How many % left I let you think yourself..... You see the whole 6.0 problem is continue of 5.x problem. NCsoft made elite gamers happy by creating hard and harder instances that nobody could done and made them easy but not enough for newbies by nerfing them. Who the fack will play Aion after all of shit above happened ? Even Aion has cutting edge graphics like BDO it will not save Aion. 5.x gave +10 purple gears because nobody can done the shit. 3.x 4.x has any issues like this ? No because instances can be done by anyone without youtube so they don't need to give super gears. 6.0 and beyond hates new players if they don't fix problems I listed don't expected to survive just close current version and open the classic. Or admitted we did a mistake and relaunch 4.0 but with modern mechanics like Archeage did and start over and everyone will forgive.
  16. I'm thinking something like this o-o https://aiondb.ru/tools/stigmabuild/1644 Am I going to do familiar damage to full cannon or this just much weaker than full cannon ? I just can't bear charging skills on gunner anymore it's too boring even SW and AT don't have as many as charging skills as a gunner.
  17. Ice Harpoon and Boon of QUickness useless ?

    I've talked with you in game but you gave me an idea how to use ice harpoon effectively. I'll mash ice harpoon and BoQ together and spam along with flame harpoon should working wonder (Not going to use BoQ with big nukes because that will drained mana like hell o.O)
  18. Ice Harpoon and Boon of QUickness useless ?

    Yes but I tested to dps without ice harpoon,ice harpoon does good damage but it has high cast time 2.5 seconds comparing to raging inferno similar damage but 0 cast time. If ice harpoon's cast time 2 seconds or cd to 10 seconds with increased damage I won't mind to use it,right now I considering ice harpoon as a junk o_o The time you casting ice harpoon you could recast flame cage instant skills like summon rock,frost,wind spear or even refracting shard for MP I found out I really don't have time for ice harpoon but somehow I admitted the 2 stigma I purposed to replace isn't that great either ._. TLDR : Sorc just got too many better skills to use more than casting ice harpoon. PS if you interesting I could pm you of my newly made skillbars and you will understand why ice harpoon suck
  19. cyan blocks all people who use bots is not fair

    Yes banned botters is fair.
  20. Ok fine luna doesn't need to come back but every luna crafting skins need to add to GST.
  21. What you do with your right hand ?

    I learn valuable lesson from this. Even I can't do jump shot(not worth my time) but I should use arrow keys instead of mouse and separated chain skills(including repeating skills) from normal skills. Time to remake skill bars again
  22. What you do with your right hand ?

    Another note according to jump shot as a ranger. It seems custom chain is giving me a headache with jumpshot when I try to jump if that skill is chained it will be interrupted so I think it's ok to use custom chain but need to separate chain skills from normal skills.
  23. What you do with your right hand ?

    It's pretty easy to do jumnp shot as a sorc o_o I'm trying on ranger and it's very hard To do it on a sorc or any classes with casting time(charging impossible to do) just jump before 90-95% of full bar you will cancel the animation you can use arrow keys to run up down or strafe left or right some skills with very low cast time can jump early as 60% cast time. I can't do jump shot on ranger yet I don't know if it's my ping problem or not but I noticed when I do jump I auto weaving o_o
  24. What you do with your right hand ?

    Hmm I understand the purpose of 2 hands on keyboard already. It's not for using more skills but it's for jump shot I can moving and using skills easily while my right hand is on arrow keys ;o I remember something like more damage formula if you moving while attacking.Too bad I can't do this with charging skills
  25. I wanna try Aion in dolby sound once because my family just bought a home theater so if I connected my laptop with HDMI I can play Aion in dolby sound ?