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  1. 4.x hair has much more details ? o_o
  2. https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/technology/trade-war-the-internet-is-splitting-in-two-amid-us-dispute-with-china/1377430/ My comment So we will have China's internet and US's internet will we see English version of Chinese apps and game servers ? o_o Will they censored internet like mainland China ?
  3. Kaisinel transform

    Holy cheese congrats o_o Now you can hide your acid thrown character in kaisinel transform
  4. Lore Question

    Sorry but this sound like Donald Trump's speech o_o This is why US having trade war with China.
  5. Weaving in 6.5?

    Additional comment regarding about weaving o_o I guess that's why DW glad die out because they don't have devotion which I'm glad it happened but I also sad that spear glad also die out too
  6. To be honest I'm pretty ok with face revamp but I don't like the fact they removed some eyes and a lot of old hairs lost detailed like example image I show you can't make truly blonde hair or blue sky eyes in Aion 5.0+ anymore.Like we don't like the fact that they removed Katalam Danaria Tia and Sarpan and replaced them with single map Cygnea (I forgot name of asmo one),everyone will be ok if they keep old maps with 4.8.Same to 5.0,everyone will be ok if they keep old faces old hairs with additional of new ones but that didn't happened. Oh I don't have to tell you this but 5.0 made one motion totally broken your neck which it haven't fixed even now.
  7. Weaving in 6.5?

    Maybe using old gloves + old weapon + flurry then it's possible to reach the cap o_o Anyway this is just my personal comment I haven't test or try but I think weaving during devotion worked but I think it's not worth my trouble if devotion last 20 seconds like vaziel's wisdom then I might consider doing it. From my experience weaving during 5.x time when you weaving you automatically entered zombie mode you won't care for buff or timing it you just weaving all time if I have to timing buff and weaving it's just too much trouble (thinking weaving with ranger and focus shots it's like that too much trouble you will have better health if you just spam).This is where we come to 20 seconds devotion you just weaving all time and and spam devotion without needing to look duration of buff. Or maybe just add auto attack passive and remove weapon attack from devotion I'm leaning to this more than anything because I believed someone shouldn't do extremely dps just because of their pings we should reduce space between high ping and low ping as much as possible.
  8. You still saved the old image of your old char even now ? o_o Must be painful to see your old awesome char with now dumb looking char ._. (You might thanked god for transformation system now) Vote for classic server today
  9. 7 months ago...

    Check at 58:55 and I'm completely dunno who is the guy
  10. 7 months ago...

    They got transparent scrolls too ? hell yes
  11. If you use the right tool you can ping EK I'm surprised it's still there
  12. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    Holy cheese o_O What we could enchant next ? This is all back to 4.7 again ._.
  13. http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/earnings.aspx Lineage 2 and BnS are the best sellers. Incoming close of Aion ? Expect soon ? Maybe it's time to launch Aion classic server like Lineage 2 did ? If you noticed ever since Linage 2 launched classic servers the sale rises more than 25%
  14. Just noticed today when I go in with someone else he didn't appeared inside so I guess now it's an instance zone ? o_o
  15. Dual clienting?

    Battleping working with 2 clients I can confirmed because I'm using it
  16. KT turn to down ? o-o

    What happened ? server down today
  17. If it giving only pvp related items I won't go there but since pvp giving pvp gears ? it's always pve giving pvp gears lol
  18. To be honest I think that 25 camps is too much in one single map. I don't know what Korea think but in NA majority of people don't like pvp or else groups of 5 star army wouldn't happened to hunt PK individual of rank 1. Katalam map were popular in the past because it can't be camp you need to run very long distance between camps but 25 camps in one single map make it a great PK map. Why can't they do simple thing such as battle royale like BnS and open 24/7 everybody would love to join it.Equal gears equal chances. From information I have now I believed it will be a failed patch because this patch was developed under impression players were like Katalam map.
  19. Russian said it's Inter-server PVP zone My opinion about this is it will be pvp version of fast track server. Why fast track not a normal map in each server ? I think because Aion pop now is much smaller than it was in 4.x in Korea the map that this big will be empty if each server got their own map.Still I want to see rewards from this map first and wanna see if they going to do something about nasty transformation.You can talk about everything but transformation is an elephant in the room that everyone knew.
  20. Thanks for bring more info Anyway I don't think developers really understand what players wanted.It's like they heard players want katalam map back so they bring it back but little they know people love like whole 4.0 patch not just one map. Anyway this map going to fail if they didn't added camps like Luklam and didn't added ultimate gears for rewards and they should add legendary contracts for rewards too. If no no or just katalam battlefield then this patch failed already.Even it does what I said it's not getting all players back during the fact transformation system still suck.
  21. Joking about transformation though but still it's fun to watch
  22. Ever since removed of heal boost on daevanion recovery spell make support chanter now useless ? HB now only affected word of life,heal brust and healing light which 2 of them has too long cast time.I don't think if HB affected only word of life going to worth stats on armors/weapons. I see a chanter now nothing more than a dps with mantra with support attack speed buff.Am I seeing chanter wrong ? I'm thinking to go full dps stigma chanter with Soul Lock,WoI,Annihilation as 3 green stigmas.
  23. There're many skills in NA/EU 6.75 that don't follow Korea changed such as sharpen arrow should increase crit 500,bloodslash damage nerf.It didn't happned. I personally believed we will follow RU skills change.CD of WoI is 10 seconds so word of life is probably useless since you got -500hb from WoI. Soul Lock maybe it's not that good for pve,What about Splash Swing ? The damage seems extremely high for a chanter ?
  24. One more question about 7.0 Word of Inspiration. https://aiondb.ru/skills/chanter/1579.html I can't find duration of this skill. According aionpowerbook this skill suppose to apply to yourself only and toogle. But on RU database (Which is 7.0 already in RU version) said it's a group skill. https://www.youtube.com/embed/V4q1Zv8fCEA?controls=1&fs=0&rel=0&showinfo=0&color=white&theme=light The video showing this skill is a group AoE skill but it has negative effect -500hb (Yeah clerics going to like you if you use this skill and get -500hb on cleric )
  25. I still got one more question,leaping flash or annihilation is better stigma ? I used to like annihilation because before 6.2 we don't have enough skills to spam plus weaving still a thing. But now weaving gone and skill CDs is shorter and we never run out of skills. Is leaping flash better way to go ?