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  1. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    It could be like when they added black enchantment stones and turns all white gold blue purple stones into useless ones Primary manastones is just a combination of 2/3 stats,they could simply add such as like mb+27/crit spell+7 manastones instead. Essence core could simply resell into kinah or AP to NPC. Believe me they didn't say remove archdaeva just remove status they going to remove most of the features if not all of archdaeva. But don't worry we got 6 months to prepare for this just keep stay tuned with the news
  2. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    @Raefu-DN Manastones is a form of point allocation system
  3. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I'm concerning about primary manastones if they removing this physical def and crit spell will be gone too
  4. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    Well if you look at a cleric which is purely support class can do DPS more than SW and nearly gunner. I monitored every class DPS by myself cause I have every class and same gears.I do believed good rangers that u said can pull high DPS could even pull higher if they playing different class.I also believed this is not 3.0 era where tanks just spam taunt with shields and chanters just keep popping buffs every 15 seconds. The whole point of this is 2h physical weapons need a buff.
  5. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    lol that's explained a lot well the main hand is the best then
  6. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    Increase dagger/sword base dmg = enchant the weapon ? it's interesting tho. However I must say using attack manastones on non dual wield class is kinda pointless but using power manastones giving hugh benefit because physical def you gained from power manastones (ranger can be tougher than AT because of powers) Kinda off topic but I would like to know if mobs/bosses attacks/skills are all physical or magical because whenever I using cloth class I took hugh damage from boss skills than other people however if it's physical then why archdaeva version of perfect parry can't parry boss skills ? I hope you can shard some lights on this
  7. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    There're requests to Gameforge in EU to skipping 5.8 entirely and start working on 6.0 now. Which kinda make sense since they going to kaboom all archdaeva related stuff in 6.0 But you know they can't work on 6.0 patches right now as well as the patch ain't finalized and release in Korea. I kinda agree with them we should release 6.0 as soon as possible and save Aion.
  8. Why all 2h physical weapons are bad dps ?

    Hmm you mean DW dmg got reduced in pvp ? but not pve ? please correct me if I understand wrongly moomoo
  9. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I see thank you for information hope u will translate when they giving more details to us
  10. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I got some questions regarding this -If we remove Archdaeva this means we will remove archdaeva skills ? essence core ? all tradable items ? more stigma slots for new skills ? every skill going to back to level on itself as old style when you level ? What about aetherforge are they going to destroy them too ? -New map that share both Elyos and Asmos this is very much bringing Sarpan 6.0 will bring a new level cap so new map will be a leveling map,according QA what players want few months ago they want to play without invading enemies so I'm sure safe zone will be there. -New items I bet it's all going to untradable -Balancing skills and adding new skills I'm sure each class going to get 2-3 skills it may be old arch daeva skills and come in stigma forms or completely new skills. -New instance where everyone is enemy no idea and kinda no point since it's same as chaos arena. -New xform I hope cool down is really long and not usable in leveling maps -Free to play they may follow gameforge model.
  11. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    Maybe Ereshkigal just frozen Berita and push him down to the floor. And maybe Berita will come back like T-1000 in T2. Silly I know I just joking.
  12. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    Aww so sarpan and tiamaranta will not back too T.T Just want old raksang and old am/ef back
  13. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    Nice catch but if Berita is there ? what about Tiamat ? Since 6.0 is going to be a patch about bring old stuff of Aion back so maybe Tiamat too ?
  14. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    So in 6.0 we kill Ereshkigal or make her escape like berita ? o-o
  15. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    Define what's new Aion please. Aion 2 ?
  16. NEXT AION 2018.1.17

    I just noticed first background being vertron or elten and BT and third one katalam or levinshor ? Are they going to remake them like poeta? o_o this means katalam will finally back ?!
  17. This year rewards are very good
  18. Hello Aion family. Wednesday, December 20 Live server update guide. [Miscellaneous] 1. Fixed the problem of intermittent client shutdown under certain circumstances. thank you. http://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleID=5717&page=1 wtf @_@
  19. Only second to Korea... Considering -Slowest update in all regions -Keep nerfing rewards,events,luna -It's not completely free u need to buy goldpack to play the game -The most expensive crash shop -Ping reducer programs ain't supported But what they have is... -Communicate with players -QA video with players -Daevacare program -Hero trials quest rewards -Wide selection of stuff in shop and update weekly But if in end the thing that might matter most is they do ban hackers and bots.
  20. http://aion.plaync.com/board/tazz/view?articleID=341 Sneak peek part 2 update tomorrow stay tuned
  21. [Aion 5.8] New Shop Clothes

    both male and female outfits looks really good
  22. To make rotation of your magic and physical class Magic = charging skills first -> DoTs second -> direct damage skills Physical = instant skills -> charge/cast last(avoid to use them if possible) Just a guideline for anyone who wondering what u should use first
  23. Some skills extended auto attack cd but it doesn't stop auto attack. Skills that has this behavior I can confirmed 2 skills are blood pact and sure strike. I believed there're more skills that behave like this I'll try to find out more my advice for now just spam these skills don't try to weave with it.
  24. Extend auto attack cd of some skills ?

    Update about temp After many tries and errors it's best to weave every 2 skills however dps is same as weaving every skill but it's more fun and not feel ur char is too slow.