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  1. More Class Selection Help please

    Do you rush to be good ? If you patient enough to watch your character grows to 75 then AT is worth it. If not then keep SW and Gunner but after lv 70 they got nothing to increase their dps anymore and it's very boring. Another plus for SW and Gunner you can farm IS/DR skins with the classes which skin itself is really cool.
  2. PIN needed

    You only required to input the PIN when u firstly login in game when you change the char u don't need to input the PIN again.Howwever if your characters are in fast track server or instance server it will require you to input the PIN. For short those problems won't occur so much after you lv 66+
  3. More Class Selection Help please

    Yes but that doesn't require you control pet all time,it's like u control pet every 16 sec(sorry if I timing cd wrong) then ur pet auto attack. SM is one of best solo class in game and to be honest one of the easiest class to play (like summoner in BnS)
  4. More Class Selection Help please

    You missed understood about ranger,ranger is not lowest dps class I just said it's lowest of all 4 classes u've listed. May I ask why you hate SM ? AT is low dps if not lowest with Templar until your AT is lv 74 (or buy essence cores you wouldn't like AT much before that) I suggest you should download aion rainmeter and try to dps urself,who can tell u better than yourself right ? However every class have their own fun there is no such as bad class every class is fun I recommended to play all
  5. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    I've bought AoE sword coupled with ac+5 sword and test against ac+5 dagger with AoE sword dagger/sword produces better result but not much duration test 3 mins against a dummy
  6. Yes I know we will have something for returning user that called "new abbey* But the rewards ain't update game keep updating all time we need to give people new stuff not same stuff over and over. Here's some systems I think of -Class of the month *Example*level AT to lv 66 or higher get free +10 coe keyblade and +10 set of coe armors,level to or higher 70 get free FoO titles + coe accessories,level 72 or higher get free a untradeable pure plume +0,lv 74 or higher get 3x+5 untradeable essence core during 1st nov - 15th nov 2017 (Just example) Let's rotate every class for an entire year this will boost numbers of class that lacking of players. -Rewards for returning player for each month This will work after u got class of the month running,give them some fancy stuff each month that keep updating like skins,skill skins,motion,titles,wings ah yes I know there're events for this but a lot of events u need a lot of chars or gears or knowledge how to do the event.Just not for everyone. -EXPing This is the boring part,I say shugo pink quest for archdaeva instances was a good idea but exp is outdated they need to double or triple of exp even luna exp is updated u know and FoO exp going to update in 5.8 too why not shugo exp ? -Speical buff from a class u have in group Some class like sins,rangers,gunners,SMs are unwanted in group because of short range,melee or just low dps,I say we should add special buff when we have those classes in a group like SMs = exp 10% more,gunners = attack speed up 3%,rangers = 10% less boss dmg skills,sin = 10% more drop rate something like that. That's all ideas I got for now thank you for reading hope you enjoyed
  7. How to get people and keep them playing aion

    Basically u just tell them to join a legion o_o I never see anyone welcome newbies in game beside they told them to nyerking quit the game and uninstall aion =_= I still think giving gears according to level is properly way to keep newbies playing.
  8. Class selection questions

    A gunner has more dps than a ranger by a lot if u using a cannon and cannon stigma as your main dps. Cannon is not slow and boring as you think you can almost use it instantly (charging requires 0.4 sec charge time before it can release) If you using dual pistols u will find yourself do lower dps than a ranger. More answer to ur questions -Sorc has highest dps,next is SM with pet stigma if u can keep ur pet not die,then gunner,then sw and last is ranger. -Don't try to support and dps in same time as SW it's just too annoyed let it be cleric job and chanter job,you can try solo heal in an instance such as AF for fun but that's about it,however I think keeping group mp and throne song up and dps is more important than healing as SW.
  9. How to get people and keep them playing aion

    And how exactly people going to play with newbies if they don't have gears ? Before 5.6 everyone thinking mythic +10 gears is too OP for lv 55 it would be good if we continue this tradition with lv 66 70 and 75 gears
  10. For a Sin 2 Daggers or Sword/Dagger or Dagger/Sword?

    I'm sorry but it's like being told to use Mace/Mace on dw glad o_o Mace is really slow even dagger/mace setup it's still slower than dagger/sword even it said same speed but u can notice it. Not like I'm totally rejected idea of S/S but I would buy some cheap sword to test speed first if I'm happy with it before do real investment.
  11. It's a weird bug when I leveling my ranger in NTC I found out my ranger doesn't do auto attack when I using skills and when I log my lv 70 ranger and test against dummy my ranger auto attack with every skill excepted shackle arrow it's really weird.
  12. I tested with charged Kinetic Slam(archdaeva version) and my dps increased somehow I found a couple problems,I do not wish to use mp skills at all cause it's slow and low dmg and when I use it I'll lose dps.I'm thinking to get life support trigger and enchant it and unequip ravager cannon.It should help me with mana problem and and I can keep dps without mana problem.
  13. Hi I've got a house and decide to buy innocent aris guestblooms to make money before merge. Which is making best money ? clothes,leathers.chains,plates or weapons ?
  14. I can see usefulness of rage when u got a temp tanking for u and glad got a lot of skills to spam it's hard to run out of skills as a glad if u're weaving but does it worth with 53 attack ? or better use robust chain ?
  15. I always use Kinetic Slam as fast as I could (it can't be instant since it needs to charge at least 0.4 sec before you can use skill) and I never run out of skills,should I really charge it ? even arch daeva version of it doesn't feel worth it since charge time doesn't faster and attack speed buff only last 5 seconds.I'm playing all classes and I feel AT is the weakest in pve.Am I doing it wrong ? I can't test it myself right now cause I having exp buff and I'm saving it.
  16. Aion October Preview

    Sweep = Roll dice ? arcade didn't work out ? o-o Halloween themed event ? destroy pumpkins inside instance = Linkgate ?
  17. New type of weapons ?

    How about create some new type of weapons for people who got high ping and unable to switch weapon fast ? and the rest may interesting you. For example Gunner : Cannon Pistols : Can use both pistols and cannon skills with faster speed than cannon but slower than pistols lower mb than cannon but higher than pistols. Templar : Shield sword : Can use both shield and greatsword skills attack and more dmg than sword but lower than greatsword. Glad : Double scythes : combination of dual wield and spear faster than greatsword but same attack speed as dual mace. Ranger : Double crossbows : ranger version of sin dual wield,allow you attack faster than bow also low dmg but can weave 2 hits per attack. Sin : Katar : 2hand base attack speed 1.6 fastest 2h weapon ever sin version of glad's spear. SW : Electric Guitar : 19% attack speed and no cast time boost sw version of cleric dps staff. Chanter : Knuckles : Chanter version of dual wield. Cleric : Wand : Cleric version of harp combine with cast speed 9% + attack speed 9%. Sorc/SM : 1h staff : Lower MB than tome allow to use some kind of defense items for sorc/sm. AT : Auto switch : allow you to use auto charge skills with 19% attack speed and lower MB than keyblade. That's all my idea for now Just think this will make aion more interesting,,thank you for reading.
  18. What projects that our producer mentioned could be ? 1.New Server - It's quite possible since we will reduced server from 5 to 2. 2.Instant level to 65 with uber gears that u need to pay for - BnS got this long time ago so aion should have this too. 3.New abbey - Suppose to help us gearing easier and more exp quest better than before. 4.Aion mobile game - No idea at all. 5.Massive update to BCM - well a good shop is the one with a lot of selections. My concern is at 1 if they really planning to launch a new server the biggest question is how they make sure it doesn't become berita 2 ? My suggestion is if they launch server in texas again it does not bring any new players just same people who reroll what about launch server in Oceania or SEA ? or at least west coast server in CA. Let's pretend this server will launch soon,How to prevent old players to reroll in new server ? my suggestion is make 2 events differently for new servers and old servers,new servers could launch with homebound event and old servers could launch with something lv66+ event with interesting loots.How to make sure there won't be too many of asmo or elyos ? Implement a system which auto buff exp 100% drop rate 100% when one side is not favored in UA. That's all from me now If anyone can think which projects that the producer talking about try ur guess here.
  19. Can't denny this possible since we had MxM advertised in Aion website and asked people to signed up on MxM to received a skin in Aion
  20. Jan 2018 expected aion 6.0 in korea ?

    Ah yes and add reflection on skins.
  21. I'm going to comment on silence and slow dmg skills,they're useless better weave urself with pulse. As for attack speed gloves and harp I'm not rich enough to buy them and I'm kinda happy enough with attack speed scrolls only for normal mobs as for boss we got SoD or WoW to boost that.
  22. Is silence and slow worth to use in pve rotation ? or better switch to charge skill powerful one such as frog and unicorn ? I'm leaning to slow and silence cause it's instant btw I'm using no attack speed gears since I think pve attack and stats > attack speed I'm not notice it that much when I using it in pve.
  23. Umm early next year ? it reminds me of infamous early next spring Keep an eye for another projects ? Aion related ? New games ? More stuff in BCM ? Not limited sale ? Perma add ? If yes nice
  24. Normally when I crashed I need to load aion for very very long time but now I can login back fast ? Is this a new feature of 32 bit ? or just temporary ?
  25. it's so beautiful where's this place I never see it and finally found all 3.0 fabled kahrun armors leathers chains clothes plates