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  1. Some of us still using stoneage computers,sometimes problem related to overheated or bad router or may require to restart computer a lot of times. The problem can't be fix within 10 mins,this is mainly for solo instances so yep nobody got hurt by it right ? Make it happen
  2. Clerics PVE DPS - Chanter Staff or Mace?

    I say mace. Have u try an attack speed scroll on mace ? the speed just as fast as staff. There's no reason u should use chanter staff as glad shouldn't use magic mace on dual wield setup despite mace have higher attack than sword. If developers want clerics to use staff they would make new magic staff lone time ago.
  3. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    I see some games has implemented something like if the character too strong than they suppose to the game will ending instantly and can't make any more progress. So yep why don't aion do the same ? For example - Killing DR boss too fast in CS the instance fails. -Going some places where ur character can't or suppose to go instantly death.(like killing sky in old poeta) -Too much dps than a normal person can do,boss enraged and wiped group. Well anything like that
  4. Non-weapon using class someday?

    chanter = monk of aion already o_o unless they combine sin and chanter chanter is closest to monk class.
  5. Gunslinger & Cannons

    Actually incendiary shell a cannon skill has cd of 4 sec can almost 1 shot a mob in NTC.(I haven't do stigma quest at lv25 feel it's not needed and direct shot pistol skill is enough to kill everything in Haramel already) But yes switching weapons is needed for gunner if u don't like to switching weapons then gunner isn't really ur class.
  6. Gunslinger & Cannons

    Just a quick note. You can use cannon at lv 20 but cannon skills actually come at lv 25
  7. Afking luna and find out got DCs many times,is this issue related to update today ?
  8. Housing part is most likely abandoned there're a lot of us who care and love housing and need it to be improve. These following questions should be send out as survey -Do you interested in instanced house,mansion,estate,palace ? -Do you mind if we increase level requirement for house,mansion,estate,palace ? -Do you mind if housing is 1 per account instead 1 per character ? -Do you interesting to subscribe to prestige pack if we included no soul sickness in it ? -Do you want more furniture in BCM ? Please send them for sake of housing thank you.
  9. Anyone still got them ? Post it here please
  10. Abbey - gone or coming back?

    It's goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wait until 5.8 then maybe we will see it again
  11. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    The point is we can't ban them maybe because they're money whales or whatever reasons are. That's why we need this.
  12. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    I see I never did KB so I don't know what're u talking about sorry about that. However if you ever tour poeta you will see killing sky or can't breath ground isn't somewhere where people can go easily Let take fallen poeta as example you create something like killing field that people needs to access artifacts(the thing u need to kill for xp)and only allow only passage is kill mobs. Beside only thing that could happen when u cross those fields are u just die no ban or anything o_o It's like agro mobs and died and cleric can easily loci u
  13. Allow cleric/chanter to dual wield maces please

    Look at this website as an example. http://aion.mouseclic.com/wiki/skill/1525 Flame Spray got cast time 3.5 sec and motion time 0.467sec Cast time affected by cast speed,motion time affected by attack speed,motion time will start after skill is casted. In this case you need to wait 0.467 sec before you can use next skill. About cleric part. Just being caster class doesn't mean they don't get instant skills. Clerics got a lot of instant skills that's why people like to dps with staff(attack speed) but nowadays it seems the game forced cleric to dps with mace.
  14. Cleric : cast speed + attack speed mace = best of both world. Chanter = glad with ability to heal and buffs. Why not ?
  15. Allow cleric/chanter to dual wield maces please

    Because animation of the skill,faster attack speed = faster animation. It's the reason why a lot of dps clerics choose a staff over a mace if they could.
  16. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    How it hurted normal players ? please explain because I don't understand o_o I don't think there's a legit player who can 10 hits in 1 sec or move above sky or underground. We talked about enforcing laws and orders for years and that didn't work out during many reasons we already know. So how about solution that nobody got hurt ? Sure the system isn't perfect but will it better than now ? absolutely.
  17. Eg.ice chain doing dmg more than flame bolt even tooltip said flamebolt has more dmg. I really don't know if I can believe tooltip anymore or I have to test every skills to see their real dmg ? The test were tested against a dummy. so nope it's nothing to do with pvp modifier.
  18. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    Actually we can implement to pvp too Doing 10 skills in 1 sec = instantly killing urself. Sure the hack will adept to new anti hack we will keep more restriction to the point there is no point to hack in game anymore
  19. Chanter Questions

    Interesting knowledge about chanter,I wonder if it's worth to make crit/mb set for chanter. Will promise of earth effect make up for losing of attack ? and can promise of earth crit ? if they do is it affected by crit or crit spell ?
  20. Sorry my memory failed me it was delayed blast and flame bolt
  21. Overall DPS rankings by class

    But doesn't mean u just use dual wield and spam skills,u need to weaving with it too or else dw just suck.
  22. Overall DPS rankings by class

    For boss yes they should use dual wield
  23. Overall DPS rankings by class

    For me the second number in(__) is not accurated dps,I found out myself from gunner when I'm fully charged every cannon skill I got 10k dps when I spam cannon skills without charged dps is 6k-7k but over all dps is same. However the list of dps from highest to lowest Sorc Sin SM Gunner Cleric Glad (dual wield) SW Chanter Ranger AT Templar Note here the time I testing dps all of my chars lv 72 so dps might change when they got 5.5 skills,the different for each class is minor sure Sorc and Temp dps is hugh different but for some class like gunner and cleric the different is minor.
  24. HOLY BCM!!! O.O

    Thank you thank you thank you :DDDDDDD
  25. More Class Selection Help please

    Do you rush to be good ? If you patient enough to watch your character grows to 75 then AT is worth it. If not then keep SW and Gunner but after lv 70 they got nothing to increase their dps anymore and it's very boring. Another plus for SW and Gunner you can farm IS/DR skins with the classes which skin itself is really cool.