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  1. I think I might give a shot is bns gunner same as aion gunner ?
  2. Here's my list Sorc - Purification Melody - free mp for myself every 8sec plus dispel SM - Summon: Punishment Energy - 3k summon add a lot of DPS Bard - lv 70 gunner skill - 10% pve attack + 10% attack speed perma why not ? Sin - lv 70 gunner skill - 10% pve attack + 10% attack speed perma why not ? Ranger - lv 70 gunner skill - 10% pve attack + 10% attack speed perma why not ? Gunner - Summon: Punishment Energy - 3k summon add a lot of DPS Cleric - Protection Ward AoE shield +50% heal why not right ? Chanter - lv 72 cleric skill - AoE heal with 3s cd plus fast cast 20% unrejectable if any skill better AT - lv 70 gunner skill - 10% pve attack + 10% attack speed perma why not ? Glad - Bloodwind Slash 2.5k attack repeatable 3 times 8 sec and AoE ? it's best for glad Templar - Mau Blessing attack speed + 26% plus physical attack 30% Well that's my list thanks for reading
  3. Spear of Gust ?

    Useful or useless ? in pve dps ? Non upgrade version would be pretty much equal to ice harpoon. Or I better use point to upgrade soul freeze instead ? o-o
  4. I got a friend and she refused to xfer because she believed if she xfer without race conflict her chars will be banned So can anyone confirm ? Thank you so much for answer
  5. Add a no SS previlege on prestige pack users

    Agree so they leave houses for house lovers not just somebody with empty houses.
  6. Aion September Preview

    It's good but I prefer black cloud costumes preview more >.>
  7. Yes I'm aware there's a topic about it already and it's located here However I created a new topic because this is a very interesting feature and I want directly response from Cyan. Supposely this abbey should come with 5.6 update since korea included this abbey with 5.5 update. I don't understand korea translated page much excepted we can upgrade plume +15 gears lv70 and normal and premium quests. Are we getting new abbey soon ? or it will come with 5.8 ? or we will skip this abbey ? Thank you for your concern.
  8. BT bosses buffed ? no longer possible to solo ?

    Nope I'm pretty sure it was normal mode
  9. Quickbar Bindings for Cleric?

    wow I never bind C key cause I thought it using as quick looting and chat with npc fast. somehow ur alt and ctrl + numpad giving a lot more new ideas
  10. Templar PVE sword/shield DPS in 5.6

    I tested this with dummy with no chance to proc buff the different between sword and gs is minor about 30k different. Plus with boss spamming skills I doubt if you could block and keep buffing effectively.
  11. No it's not,cast speed do not affecting charging speed of gunner and AT,Momomo already show cast speed ain't affecting AT and gunner skills.
  12. It seems charging skills are forcing u to charge 0.4 sec before allow u to use them. Is this working as intended ?
  13. Questions about cast speed

    I made a newly cleric today and got 16% cast speed mace. The animation speed on 16% mace is not that slow o_O I remember when I tested staff vs mace and it feels staff is faster than mace. Could this be illusion of staff it has long animation but with attack speed make it look fast ? While mace has shorter animation but without attack speed make it slower ? Or cast speed has affected on animation speed too ? but I remember when I use title + candy it doesn't feel so fast as 16% cast speed mace ? or 16% base cast speed is not equal as 12% cast mace +1% title + candy ? Someone has any idea ? o_o
  14. Tell me ur faction and which server u going to xfer to too
  15. -Server faction balancing? I don't know about new IS but I'm going to say about new SL people now trying to get out of SL because OP asmos from BR,Any plan to stop this panic ? Any plan to resolve imbalance post merge between elyos and asmo ? -Housing concern How you going to deal with people with a lot of alternates that got a house for every char ? how to stop business buy houses and resell the house Here's here some of my ideas *Make house/mansion/estate/palace bid only by lv66+ archdaeva* *Make 1 house/mansion/estate/palace for 1 account and share benefit from it such as no soul sick crafting bonus to whole account* *Make house reseller get no profit only return base kinah such as house get only 12kk when sell mansion 112kk estate 335kk to stop house resell business* Thank you for you concern.
  16. https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/2153-Tower-of-Challenge-nerf-do-you-want-people-to-quit/?pageNo=1 It's look like in EU they going to start a riot against gameforge. Gameforge better do something before it out of control.
  17. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    To be honest considering the situation here,IS will be left for dead both asmo and elyos sides in siel is at limited already. There's no point creating one healthly server and another one dead,Just merge all 5 servers together. And make 2 channels for housing in oriel/penon.
  18. Why our shop is slower than EU ? >_> they update every week we once every 2 weeks and rotate out old stuff too. New stuff keep coming,how u going to add all of old skins + new skins if u just add a new skin every 2 weeks
  19. New Server Name Suggestions

    Lyo/Merly For my friend merly
  20. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Bad decision to force us to pay NC or delete our chars. Why don't you just do what you did in 2012 merge ? instead getting easy money like this.
  21. Hair styles

    EU shop is much more advanced than NA one
  22. Bring Victor Shugo back

    http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Victor+Shugo We want mythbuster of AIon to be back.
  23. I use it on essence core and break it at +1 I use tempering on 3 plumes and failed everything Is it just unlucky ?
  24. Aion fail :/

    I say this problem may causing from ping reducers and programs such as Aion Rainmeter. Cause once I uninstalled these programs I'm able to run Aion in 64 bit mode.
  25. Cyann about our requests to add items in BCM

    ok thank you for quick response