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  1. AIon 7.0

    https://aiondb.ru/news/441.html Templar magic skills turn into physical damage. Focus shots ranger become instant. Bene (-1500 attack)and Sacrifice Power(-1500 HB) is now passive but still stigma ? No more hybrid clerics
  2. Server merge plz

    Are you sure that KT needs more Asmos ? o_o Asmo dominating in every server.Somehow I agreed EK should do something about it. I think it's better to allow free xfer everyone from EK and then force transfer the rest of the players.
  3. Auto follow broken ?

    Both characters are on mount with same speed I used to do it before 6.5 and it's working fine so I really don't know what's wrong Notice don't see anyone with dual client since 6.5 so I wonder
  4. Auto follow broken ?

    I tried to dual clients and my otjher character wasn't follow even it did it stopped so many times. Is this bug or working as intended ?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    LOL transparent scrolls bundle is back in gold sand shop with price of 3 ingots for 10 scrolls limit 1 per week GEREAT WORK!!!
  6. Long live Yoko Shimomura https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_Shimomura
  7. Should Aion open Classic server too?

    Yes but I vote for 3.0
  8. Auto switch weapons

    Let our characters auto switch weapons when you use a skill that totally need a different weapon than current one.Like a gunner switch from pistols to a cannon. If skills that can use by multiple weapons,let us set default weapon for that skill.Make it happen please
  9. Auto switch weapons

    Yep because shift+z have like 1-2 second delay,I know you can switch before you actually use cannon skill but that's just not worth it.It's benefit to many classes such as templar greatsword,sword/shield,glad polearms/sword.shield even ranger where you can auto use counter attack with daggers and switch back with bow (Even sorc/sm can benefit from this by using MA weapons on CC skills and back to magic attack weapons when using attack skills)
  10. Is Roaring Judgment worth using in PvE?

    Let them know if they want 20% more attack/cast speed stay within 25m o_o 20% affected youself greatly even in solo (Unless you already have ultimate weapon/legendary transform)
  11. First you need to read this about Aion2 https://mmoculture.com/2018/11/nc-media-day-2018-aion-2-and-blade-soul-2-officially-announced/ First thing that NC decided to eliminated from Aion 2 is Asmodian faction,NC probably realized by now most people don't like how Asmodian looks we can see in past attempts such as give Asmo human skins and declawed and shaved manes.Right now only different between Elyos and Asmo is glowing red eyes I think they might try to eliminate that too if Aion 2 proved successful. Second thing they decided to eliminated is classes,everyone can use any weapons now I imagined a sorc able to use a spear and heal just not as good as real physical based character.I kinda support this idea giving players free choice how to play their characters and eliminated needs of alternate characters so people can focus on character unless you're a skin collector. Last thing is Unreal Engine 4 ofc any updates to graphics is good they might just copy poeta,sanctum etc from Aion PC and enchanted it with reflect,shadow,ray tracing but I don't think they going to remake entire towns or maps if they did it's just partial. How it will be affect Aion PC ? Let assuming Aion 2 Mobile is a huge success the first thing they will do is -Eliminate Asmo faction,the lore maybe go back in time when everybody still same race but divided into 2 factions(Continue story from Aion2) -The classes still there but allow every class to use any weapons and every skill working on it.Maybe they will introduce stats system that divide characters into magic and physical. -Port Aion 2 Engine to Aion PC more beautiful graphics and use less powerful pc that needs to play Aion. -Removal of transformation system yes this system sucks and will be remove soon or later it just proved itself it doesn't work no one like it,it will getting removed but NC will introduced other P2W stuff instead but don't worry it will be remove. It's just how I think will happen to Aion if Aion 2 is success What do think ? Leave comment below.
  12. https://cmsstatic.aion.gameforge.com/AION_Patchnotes_6.5_EN_FINAL.pdf Oh well September
  13. Birthday

    27th April ? Happy Birthday
  14. From video it clearly there're NPCs where u can buy old skins before 6.0 which you can farm tokens in instances but I dunno if NA going to nerf it or not or this just totally custom changed to RU region only.It has so many skins but I don't think it's all we lost.If this didn't happened in NA you can go flame DevilNest-KT since he provided me the video (joking thank you devil :P) Anyway Happy Sunday Meanwhile I'm downloading retro Aion because my favorite skin previewer on youtube advertise it daily
  15. 1st April 2019 NCsoft admitted transformation that introduced with 6.0 was a mistake they planning to remove it in 6.9 in future update for NA/EU region and will bring back scrolls system from 5.8,in other news after destroyed balance of Aion and rejected every request from players.Cyan,Gideon,Hime together is now watching a sunset in a faraway planet they claimed they restored the balance after destroyed Aion universe's half population.Watch Aion's Next Chapter,Aion : Endgame soon.
  16. WTF ? WTF ? WTF ? https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/521-question-thread-quick-question-short-answer/?pageNo=15 We just got NA exclusive
  17. http://blog.ncsoft.com/?p=41927 Game Design Level Up # 14 Will it be time to subscribe to games ?! <Lineage M> introduced a flat-rate plan in March for the blessing of Einhasad. 'Blessing of Einhasad' is a buff that adds experience points. If you hunt monsters in blessed state, you can earn more experience points and earned money than usual. 5.8 Model but failed on Aion So basically if you don't want hard leveling (5.x Model so they can keep selling berdin stars for more exp) then you have to subscribe as a form of transformation system by buying contracts and transparent scrolls.The transformation system and daevanion skills are direct results of easy leveling that we all have to pay.They don't want to totally negated free players because free players are meant to be victims of paying players.(Sure they're free players that can owned paid players but that's minor) and this is why subscribe base model was failed before 3.0 because there's no victims for paying players. My personal preference ? I would rather hard leveling and removed of luna and turns daevanion skills into normal skills or arch daeva skills like 5.x.I rather to play as my own character then forced to be transform,I would introduce partial subscribe base as auto generate of AP,Event items,kinah while offline(goodbye gold sellers,basically NC sell kinah themselves),Let them sell berdin stars again.That's the price I can accept rather than punished the whole community with transformation system. Soon NC will realize that transformation system is not working for most people and they will come up with something else.
  18. Roll back the game to 6.2 until you fix the issues

    Umm no I love craftable daevanion skills,and I don't want my temp and sin suck again o_o
  19. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Fking bullshit patches,u still have shitty 5 skins in GST without transparent scrolls in GST ? I'm outta here.
  20. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    1. Adjusted the stats for monsters level 76 and above. All monsters lv 76+ are tougher ?
  21. Suggestion for templar and AT

    Hi 6.7 is coming and they buffing a class that needed most buff such as sin,templar and AT sin seems good enough buffs but I don't think it's enough for templar and AT So here is my suggestion about 2 classes. -Templar -Make Punishing Wave and Sword Strom CDs to 30 second (Sin got their AoE reduced to 30 sec why can't templar right ?) -Make Punishment AoE repeatable 3x 15 seconds cd (More reason people to go for greatsword) -Make Avenging Shield Blow a normal skill 2x and heal 50% (So everyone needs to switch to shield once a while if they want HP) Yep this stuff neat for temp but does not make them OP like they were in 5.8 Punishment damage is very random,Avenging Shield Blow is not OP at all when comparing to ranger HP/MP recovery which also non conditioned. Aethertech -Make Kinetic Slam a cast time skill 0.8 sec and reduced damage (no one like charging especially melee range and 12 sec cd) -Half Rain of Knuckles animation I can't remember what's current RoK animation but I think it's something like 1+sec it's one of the slowest skill for AT make it half animation time will make the class feel like a lot faster. With 2 changes it will make people feel a lot better with AT and more people will roll on this class. Well I don't really know how classes will be affected by 6.7 but I believed with a bit extra tuned will make every class desirable. Thanks for reading.
  22. And archer class and maybe update graphics engine ?
  23. Please Aion update to cry engine 5 Goodbye expensive RTX series.
  24. It's boring and take time should let people speed up on it so people can have time to do something else on Aion beside luna.
  25. 6.5 !?!

    Skins in gold sand shop ? or luna skins back ? transparent scrolls ?