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  1. https://aiondb.ru/news/493.html SW's frog The skill is now normal, not rechargeable what does it mean ? No longer stigma ? No longer charging ?
  2. http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/earnings.aspx Aion sale is same as Q1 as well as the lowest sale BnS sale is dropping Lineage 2 is same Lineage 1 sale is more than 142% comparing to Q1 Mobile sale increased 13% Now you understand why they don't care about us
  3. Which you think is correct way ? I'm talking about major core of the game not just transparent scrolls and skins in BCM that we keep asking and they kept ignoring. Honestly I think they need to bring luna skins back if possible bring all maps(Not all but most)that they deleted or instance portals that they deleted and set mobs inside lv 80. Abyss don't need to come back but Ingggison/Gelk sieges need to come back along with skins that farmable with siege.NPCs dyes crafting organizers that got deleted need to come back too.Kinah needs to tradable again,all white must be tradable.Leveling needs to be a bit harder and daevanion skillbooks should be tradable.Transformation can stay but needs to be toogle between your chars and transform. Which is your way you think they should do I wanna know
  4. PS.Aion don't have something like wow patch that can increased the sale like Lineage 1 maybe a classic server with modernize mechanics or battle royale will work I don't know o_o but as I see now current korea patch 7.2 isn't the answer will wait and see what next patch bring
  5. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    I don't understand the video much but crit modifier of each weapon is long time knowledge we know before 6.2 o_o Which is why I'm thinking now I shouldn't buy a spear skin from broker but oh well at least I still can AoE. Somehow it made greatsword templar very stupid lol but crit manastones are expensive oh well
  6. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    How sin and gunner are most beneficial classes with crit ? Every class needs crit even cleric o_o
  7. Here's a list I can think of benefit classes Glad : Ability to use AoEs with shield. Temp : Shield with punishment. Ranger : Counterattack with bow. Gunner : Cannon using pistols skills such as MP chain.
  8. Giving penalty damage when using a weapon that's not originally support by skills -25% For example ability to use great sword with shield skills with -25% damage in case of templar. This feature would be really helpful for a gunner where intensive switching weapon is must between pistols and a cannon.It will help these who can't switch weapons well but there's still a purpose for those who still want to switch weapons for extra damage.
  9. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    Oh really ? o_o I hope this is the first step of getting rid of all charging skills. I think all charging skills stupid and should be all casting instead.
  10. Newer mobile games like https://mmoculture.com/2019/07/ragnarok-online-gravity-announces-new-ragnarok-title-for-south-korea/ and world of dragon nest will have a feature cross-platform between PC and mobile.Why go full mobile when you can satisfied both worlds by going cross-platform.I think this is the way Aion 2 should going. Same graphics engine on mobile/PC but lower resolution and texture when playing on mobile(Same method as Nintendo switch when docked and portable modes)
  11. Aion 2 why not cross-platform ?

    5-6 years ? even original Aion didn't take that much time. I even wondered why don't they just developing BnS 3 since BnS has much more success than Aion. Plus if 5-6 years the Unreal Engine 4 would be old already My wish for Aion 3 would be they keep original cities of Aion like sanctum,poeta,elten,herion,theo,inggison like 1000 years passed and desert grows into forest,theo got ocean once more and maybe origin of abyss.
  12. Let's talk about 7.0

    Lol the only wrong with transformation is we don't get cheap transparent scrolls while every other region have it.
  13. Aion 2 why not cross-platform ?

    Oh this I thought they canceled and remake it as Aion 2 (Mobile) lol
  14. Aion 2 why not cross-platform ?

    I'm sorry for asking but where's the source that developer's team said 4th Aion title coming (Aion,Aion Legion of War,Aion 2(Mobile),Aion 3?)
  15. Well but this question I really dunno But let's talk what I would like to tell you about I've been thinking if it's possible to keep transformation and concept of 6.0 without ruining players experience. First what I'm going to keep from original 6.0 updates -Skills renewal -Physical/Magical/HP damage formula -6.0 Hairs What I'm going to altered -Old weapons/armors should not be useless I'm going to add mew formula physical/magical damage on it also defence and also keeping attack speed on weapons/gloves too.(Also new gears have 19/8/22 weapon/gloves/boots since from the start) -Nerf ancient/legendary attack/cast speed to the point that people feel enough for reaching speed cap and removed white transform completely. -Not removed scrolls and usable but once you using transform you will override scrolls. -It's luxuxy to see transform you have to pay for extra cost for transform scrolls to see your characters transformed into animals/mobs if normal transform you just being you -Instead deleted 8 maps I'll keep them and making leveling progress harder (each map for 5 levels) but more rewarding for people who actually doing the quests instead afking luna such as giving selectable daevanion skill books,skins,plastic surgery,cubic,free upgrade inventory space,abyss points,GP,gold ingots and gold transformation contacts.(How anyone can resist this ? ) -Housing at level 20 becoming a require quest that you need to do to become lv 21 -Tradable kinah and gears (that world drops or craft) but instance one still untradable and tradable daevanion skill books. -Keep luna crafting as it is in 5.x. -Leave crafting there Well I still keep skills renewal/new formula for damage/defense/hp and even transformation but much more positive feedback I know it's a dream maybe someone at NC will read and give them some idea
  16. A lot of classes can easily break 50% attack speed with ancient transform and 19% attack speed weapon,a class like chanter,AT,ranger can reach 60% attack speed easily. I say we should remove the cap not just on kaisinel but remove it on everyone that able to break the cap by any mean necessary. I feel stupid every time I play on my ranger and found out I limited by capped 50% when I can potentially reached 80%
  17. SM Best Xform?

    Interesting o_o Does it mean some 0 cast skills are affected by cast speed ? Is it a case of ranger too ?
  18. Weapon speed does matter ? (Templar)

    Ok I got frigida transform(23attack/17cast) today o-o I tested it on my sorc,sm,sw,gunner the result is astonishing. Sorc - faster spamming wind spear can chain skills like flame harpoon faster also fasten freezing wind very satisfied more than pure cast(But then again pure cast I got is ancient so I can't really tell the different until I got 27% or 35% cast time) SM - a lot faster soul torrent skill chaining is faster I actually run out of skills with the transform SW - Best experience ever best combination of attack and cast speed I actually run out of skills on SW for the first time. Gunner - I'm not sure how to tell I got ancient 21% and this 23% both capped attack speed but somehow frigida feels like it charging a bit faster it's just a feeling tho o_o maybe it's from attack speed I'm not sure I give this frigida A+ grade best non ultimate transform you can ever get.Balance of both worlds recommended for sorc,sm,cleric and sw.
  19. I've got this question in my mind ever since my doubt with templar's punishment which requires to use great sword or sword/shield which has better attack speed. To be honest I can't tell the different between them They both seem as fast as equally. Well thing is I got callous strike so I don't need to proc block on shield to use break power. My skills are never run out on both sword/shield or great sword. So what I'll pick ? I choose great sword because dps on sword/shield will be nerf with incoming 7.0 (nerf dmg of bloodwind slash) Punishment will be upgrade to 15 seconds cd even punishment damage is rng but a lot of times I did a great damage with it if I don't use punishment at all I'll lose damage with 7.0. I don't have a spear on my glad yet but I guess I can't tell different between them but I'm leaning to spear because it does look better than great sword
  20. https://mmoculture.com/2019/07/ragnarok-m-new-start-quick-look-at-third-mobile-mmorpg-based-on-ragnarok-online/ My comment : How many RO M they need to make,funny all 3 games coming from same company.I watched gameplay of RO M New Start and it's feeling like nothing like original RO it's just a 3D game with RO theme. Make proper PC version of RO already just update the graphics and keep gameplay the same.Ofc take care of bots too.
  21. Weapon speed does matter ? (Templar)

    Something misconception about attack speed,ping and charging skills. Attack speed will not help you spam skills faster directly,what it will does is speed up animation of skills and allow you use next skill faster. Ping does not speed up skill animations but it help you spam skills faster,the lower your ping is the faster you can spam skills. Charging skills for Gunner and AT does not affected by cast speed neither it will reduce charging time it only affected by attack speed like it does for normal skills it just speed up animation of skills faster. Thank you for reading
  22. https://myrepublic.net/sg/project/aion/ Nice try o_o But I think they can do better. https://wondernetwork.com/pings/Singapore/Austin
  23. What if 4.8 didn't happened will it lead to creation of 6.0 ? First what happened when 4.8 launched was people unable to get to lv 65 by Cygnea quests only that's because NA version had double exp needed to lv 65.While in EU people got no trouble to level to 65 when 4.8 did happened,In NA you need to do BM quests to get exp in order to level to 65. What made people so upset about 4.8 ? Cause massive leaving from Aion ? People were upset about 4.8 because deletion of 4 maps Sarpan,Tiamatrantra,Katalam,Danaria.They upset because NC took away method they needing for leveling and gearing such as removed kahrun coins,remove Katalam,Danaria made getting basic pvp gears much harder.Only if they keep Raksang as group instances that rewarding kahrun coins and keep NPCs that selling Kahrun gears,keep Am/EF instances as portals,reduced exp needed for lv 65 and if Levinshor camps wasn't so bad the backslash wouldn't be so bad Second wave 5.0 Why so hard to exp ? I understand 5.0 is developed from master server but I see they wanna sell exp potions too but road to lv 75 is too hard.The luna instances were needed because the leveling is so hard they need more exp.If they increased luna exp and instance exp quests that introduced in 5.8 were introduced in 5.0 the backslash wouldn't be so bad and it will not leading to creation of 6.0.Tradable gears was a good move but they should introduced 100% enchantment rate with omega with 5.0 along with omega from luna (This originally introduced in 5.6) and never ever let people enchant gears unlimited to +30 or more 6.0 consequences from the past. If they alternately did what I said 6.0 would be continues of 5.x development but because since 4.8 it went down hill and keep losing players along the way.So 6.0 happened because all mistakes they did in the past.At this point I say what Aion should do isn't seeking new players but should get old players back.Aion just too old for new players to interested. 7.0 new future comes ? No I don't think 7.0 will change anything if I'm NC I would reverse time to rebuild Aion based on 4.7.I don't mean classic I mean build Aion based on 4.7 with all modern mechanic. Thank you I just bored yeah I know still waiting for 7.0
  24. i think it's time

    I'd rather them to shut Aion down if they don't want to work for it then let it die,I'd rather a company like GF or Innova took over and restart Aion NA. Nobody forcing them to keep open.Just close it down and let other company took over I'm very ok with this option.