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  1. quitting again

    I tried so bad to quit Aion,were playing Apex Legends after a hour with 0 kill I uninstalled it and back to Aion lol Still waiting for a game with perfect gameplay and graphics combination
  2. So what we know now is character slots with prestige pack will be 12 not 13 and the pack is not working atm thanks for the update
  3. Thank you for sacrificed your free pass T_T So we all know it doesn't work
  4. quitting again

    Anyone who can play a sorc isn't an idiot Each class got their charms to play there's no such as stupid class. You should try to play them
  5. quitting again

    Me too but I played all classes because learning all classes is fun
  6. quitting again

    Well I heard that Aion suck now because Korea went F2P,so the game is now designing with F2P in mind.
  7. Eh ? bug is fixed yet ? Do we have to keep sub prestige pack if we wanna play extra characters ? 12 or 13 characters ? if 13 can it be on same server ?
  8. Why we can't just take it as EU in this one
  9. Boo instrumental of Two Worlds

    Anyway to replace it with standard version ? Please upload EU or TW file to override it if possible.
  10. Boo instrumental of Two Worlds

    I launched the client and found out it's only instrumental one no singing.
  11. Boo instrumental of Two Worlds

    This is original soundtrack and using in EU version.
  12. Things I do miss from the past

    Hmm sorry for giving a hope I tested again in Lakrum and Herion dummy and the different is minor The reason why first test is different 5kk I really don't know o_o maybe I got illusion and see wrong numbers ? Maybe the shard was inactive I don't know @_@ but new result is showing 12kk numbers so I don't think it was wrong. I really don't know what's going on I'm trying to find out
  13. Hmm I just think what I do miss from the past here's my list. Weaving -Yes I actually miss weaving I used to out dps players that more geared than me with weaving it was fun to dps race against people who has better gears than me but that fun was gone oh well. Luna skins -I made multiple characters and multiple accounts and dress them with luna skins it was fun. Original crafting not Aetherforge -It was actually fun to craft skins and easier to level craft than Aetherforge. Tradable gears -I love to buy gears and gearing my alternate without going actual instances save ton of time. Dyes from gathering -Yeah those cheap dyes need to come back I don't know why delete them. Camps in Katalam and Danaria -So many camps to do and escape if it was camping by Asmos getting basic pvp gears I know Laklum is same but the map is too small no place to escape much. ORB instance -The best source for purple stones for enchantment quick and easy. Ability to see my characters without paying extra for transparent scrolls -No one like to see their characters transformed into something that isn't them. Kahrun Daily/Weekly and Raksang group instance. -It was fun to recruit Alliance just for kahrun boss and racing dps against Asmos and group Raksang was the best killing time instance. Farm AM/EF for skins -Primal Spirit skins are the best instance skins that ever made.I used to farm them 6 months non stop everyday.It's really fun to play with a alliance. Tiamatruntra's Siege -It was fun to race dps there to get the most medals and it's a quick siege. PvP in Eye -It was funny to run in a group to chase a group of Asmos then if we reached their guards Asmos chase us back. Farming mentor quest to buy mentor skins. -I need to pay newbies to help me on quest to get skins lol but it was fun. Events that actually give good rewards -We don't have that in 6.x for long time already.No gears or good skins given. Farming manastones guestblooms that actually profitable -It was the best guestbloom to farm and giving best money if you got magic boost/crit strike. Miss when crit strike soft capped was 500 -Yeah I love it when my skills/attacks crited and I love to see it happens all time. Miss cheap manastones that allowed you to reach capped easily -Hate 6.x for making it so hard and expensive to get stones we want. Miss 12 stigma slots -It had more freedom than our currently 6 and doesn't take all money to +9 them to get more slots. Level 65 unicorn abyss skins -Yeah they're awesome I wish they will return with headgears somehow. When all BCM still had all skins. -I love to buy any skins anytime I want not just limited sale. When Cyan actually listen to us what we want to rotate next week. -He just no longer do that. When we had preview what coming each month. -He just doesn't do that too. When we had Atheria Atlus -It gave us a reason to run instances that nobody normally run. When Ncoin got hacked and a lot of cheap skins on broker -LoL it's just a joke When broker fee is not crazy like this and we still can trade things. -Really no one like broker fee atm. Can't think anymore if anyone got more to add feel free
  14. Things I do miss from the past

    Hmm impressive,I try to weave again today with updated ARM (It's much easier to weave with ARM 3.0 because it show damage log in game you can tell when auto attack happened easily) DPS with spam 12kk DPS with weave almost 17kk And I'm talking about ranger o_o I didn't even properly use focus shots when I weave and now I see how important is Gale Arrow. @DevilNest-KT come learn weaving with me I'll tell the secrets and ofc ARM 3.0 is one of them. Well I'm eager to learn weaving on other class now.Thanks for protesting me on weaving.
  15. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Aetherblaze → Duration increased from 15s to 20s, reduces MP consumption by 50% instead of 20%. Also loving this so aetherblaze matched with vaziel's wisdom duration. Feel like they reintroduced Lumiel's wisdom with this skill
  16. Questions about 7.0/Stream

    Is focus shots instant casting ? Because that's only update that matters o_o
  17. New launcher?

    The team is working with more important issues like BnS ? =)
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 14, 2019

    Are you going to ninja remove free prestiage pack at patch day ?
  19. Gameplay suggestions

    Hi I have gameplay suggestions that I would like to say I believed it will increase players if properly done -Change all loots to individual each player in any group. Ninja looter isn't fun if ultimate items dropped it will drop for certain players while other got nothing (it should be class drop) -Change to world boss/siege,Implement siege/world boss meter. world boss/siege meter can be increase by certain ways first by DPS(3rd fast leveling meter),second by healing tanker who taking damage(2nd fast leveling meter so every healer will heal tank),thrid by enmity(1st fast leveling meter so everyone would taunt boss and try to hold aggro),There's a minimal world boss/siege meter score you will need to reach that score to get loots/ap/gp,This implement to make sure nobody afk. -Add world boss timer. If boss didn't die within time limit,Only people who reached meter gets loot/ap/gp and boss disappeared. -Add group GP/AP/drop rate offers Add 20% gp/ap/drop rate to everyone in full group and 50% in full ailliance.(This will encourage people for group play) -Add tutorial to every instance. Add arrows and big texts to tell players which direction they should move,which circle they should be in,Should they fly or not,add a circle for in and out,Which mobs they need to kill.Tell players everything without needing to see youtube.And ofc this tutors can be toggle on and off too. I believed NA can get it done if they want.It's nothing change the core system of the game.
  20. Yeah I know I've been a great supporter of 3.0 but actually I found out I didn't miss that patch at all when I playing a private server. Issues with private server such as -You can't loot with C. -Character creation in 3.0 is horrible a lot of bad texture hairs,bad lightning,too few hair styles. -FPS capped with 60. -No arrow on quest mobs or quest items. So what I actually miss in 3.0 ? -Farmable ancient spirit gears. -Fabled grade kahrun skins. Which both can easily put in shop. Why I miss 5.x instead ? -Luna craft with a lot of skins. -You can afk luna for leveling. -Tradable gears you don't have to go instances yourself. -Essences that can be use as skill points to get new skills or enchant your skills. -Ofc scrolls but this can be replaced with cheap transparent scrolls instead. How I'll be happy with 6.x and 7.x -Bring back tradable white gears. -Bring back luna crafting skins. -BCM Shop with all skins like before 6.x -Cheap transparent scrolls. I guess that's all I need
  21. Gameplay suggestions

    LOL 0 kill died twice don't even see the shooter,Is the game even ranked for a newbie ? ._.
  22. Gameplay suggestions

    Sorry I guess I just talking with myself ._. It angered me when we paid so much to the game yet we're threated like class C players. I'm going to see 7.0 and decided what to do next but where I'm going if I quitted ? I don't know downloading Apex Legends atm Fast download 10 mins 50% already lol. And 70% god I'm writing this reply for too long ._.
  23. Gameplay suggestions

    @Aly-DN I just felt something I never feel before. Why we players need to worship Cyan,Hime,Gideon as our Gods ? They suppose to serve us not we keep begging them for a reply and feel like a holy water has dropped.I just find that is the most bullshit thing ever.We giving them money but they treated us like kids that they think they know what's best for us.We can't think for ourselves ? My feeling quitting is up by 200% when thinking this way.I never play any official games that I feel I need to worship GMs like this one.If I can't find any MMO that good maybe it's time for battle royal games like PUBG or Apex Legends or any games that GMs are not Gods.
  24. Gameplay suggestions

    Find it polite enough to reply o_o I believed what I suggested will make things better than current system,it's true that I don't have any solution better for a cleric but if we based everything on DPS then it would be totally unfair to cleric and tanks. Really ? How long we asking for transparent scrolls (I was one of them that asking for it too) it's like forever and what they gave us ? 200k per a scroll and will be 250k in 7.0 ?) we asking for it since starting of 6.2 it will be a year anniversary in next month.Why they won't give us cheap transparent ? Because there're actual people who buying them from BCM and I bet the profit is better is better than selling skins or anything else.They won't give us cheap transparent scrolls.What I should do is move away from this game like every my friend did but I can't cause I love Aion.I loved what Aion used to be.I hate ninja looters I hate free loaders I want them gone that's why I posting this thread.(I even had argued with my friend because I keep talking about Aion now she and I don't even talking to each others anymore) It's almost a year for transparent scrolls,no matter how much we protested no matter how much we posted in forum if there're people who still buying these scrolls from BCM.We won't get it.Unless you can group all whales together and protest NC.(Yes there're a risking chance the server will close).NC won't care.