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  1. First stop being stubborn and make transparent scrolls cheap already nobody will buy skins if scrolls ain't cheap. Second put all skins in BCM and monthly you DISCOUNT SELECTION SKINS 50% AND PUT IT ON SALE. Note : selection skins should be vote by players in game which skins they want most and you put discount on that month. That's how everybody happy that's how you will sell more.
  2. Can someone list it ? So I know how many stigmas I need to buy
  3. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Well it seems weird but BnS is doing good while Aion suck yet managing by same people. Btw example of abandoning a game that not making money is not uncommon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unreal_Tournament_(upcoming_video_game) Since July 2017, there have been no new updates. The bulk of the developer team has since transitioned to develop and maintain Fortnite Battle Royale.[11] Development of Unreal Tournament was confirmed to be halted indefinitely in December 2018, though the game will remain available in its current state to play.
  4. Colorweaver ?

    Please no keep it as "Painter" ty
  5. The Number of The Beast

    And this moment DevilNest becoming DragonNest
  6. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Hmm I see well that's bad for RU then,I curious what future holding for NA
  7. Yesterday I downloaded a private server client that I thought it would have a lot of people that server has version 6.2 and result surprising me because in entire server it has only 25 players playing Comparing to another private (classic version 3.0) I used to play it has people every where it's so lively. I said in my another thread that my favorite version is 5.x but I don't know why people like version 3.0 I don't like UI and character creation of 3.0,quest system,no mark mobs but I admitted I like AM/EF instances of 3.0 and kahrun daily/weekly also group raksang but other than that ? o_o I don't know quick sieges maybe try to prevent other side enter the eye ? Everyone gathering in Tiamatrantra and starting dueling ? that's silly ._. Maybe skills were balanced in that patch I dunno or maybe it's not yet destroyed by AT,SW,Gunner yet. I can tell that Demaha is a recreation of Tiamatrantra but is it enough ? no I don't think so because Q2 earning of NCsoft told us everything Or maybe just maybe 3.0 is a pve patch that everyone loved and proven that pvp is never majority market for Aion https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_Notes_3.0 3.0 patch notes for research purpose o_o
  8. How do we get NCSoft to listen to us?

    Really ? Are they going to continue the contract ? Honestly I don't support gameforge that much because they going to block countries that outside their services o_o Maybe Innova better ? Innova performance seems good.
  9. I used to think that 7.0 new class was the answer how Aion will get people back but this proven how wrong I was. That private server 3.0 don't have any new classes it has only 8 classes and yet it managed to have much more players than anywhere else. Maybe it wasn't graphics improvement or new classes or skills upgrade we needed.We just need Aion that do exactly like 3.0 did.
  10. Will be ready in couple years ? Perhaps and maybe lower ping for everyone on Earth
  11. Let's talk about 7.0

    I don't trust NC so don't translate it ty.
  12. https://aiondb.ru/news/493.html SW's frog The skill is now normal, not rechargeable what does it mean ? No longer stigma ? No longer charging ?
  13. http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/earnings.aspx Aion sale is same as Q1 as well as the lowest sale BnS sale is dropping Lineage 2 is same Lineage 1 sale is more than 142% comparing to Q1 Mobile sale increased 13% Now you understand why they don't care about us
  14. Which you think is correct way ? I'm talking about major core of the game not just transparent scrolls and skins in BCM that we keep asking and they kept ignoring. Honestly I think they need to bring luna skins back if possible bring all maps(Not all but most)that they deleted or instance portals that they deleted and set mobs inside lv 80. Abyss don't need to come back but Ingggison/Gelk sieges need to come back along with skins that farmable with siege.NPCs dyes crafting organizers that got deleted need to come back too.Kinah needs to tradable again,all white must be tradable.Leveling needs to be a bit harder and daevanion skillbooks should be tradable.Transformation can stay but needs to be toogle between your chars and transform. Which is your way you think they should do I wanna know
  15. PS.Aion don't have something like wow patch that can increased the sale like Lineage 1 maybe a classic server with modernize mechanics or battle royale will work I don't know o_o but as I see now current korea patch 7.2 isn't the answer will wait and see what next patch bring
  16. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    I don't understand the video much but crit modifier of each weapon is long time knowledge we know before 6.2 o_o Which is why I'm thinking now I shouldn't buy a spear skin from broker but oh well at least I still can AoE. Somehow it made greatsword templar very stupid lol but crit manastones are expensive oh well
  17. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    How sin and gunner are most beneficial classes with crit ? Every class needs crit even cleric o_o
  18. Here's a list I can think of benefit classes Glad : Ability to use AoEs with shield. Temp : Shield with punishment. Ranger : Counterattack with bow. Gunner : Cannon using pistols skills such as MP chain.
  19. Giving penalty damage when using a weapon that's not originally support by skills -25% For example ability to use great sword with shield skills with -25% damage in case of templar. This feature would be really helpful for a gunner where intensive switching weapon is must between pistols and a cannon.It will help these who can't switch weapons well but there's still a purpose for those who still want to switch weapons for extra damage.
  20. Aion 7.2: Changes in Class Balances Part 14

    Oh really ? o_o I hope this is the first step of getting rid of all charging skills. I think all charging skills stupid and should be all casting instead.
  21. Newer mobile games like https://mmoculture.com/2019/07/ragnarok-online-gravity-announces-new-ragnarok-title-for-south-korea/ and world of dragon nest will have a feature cross-platform between PC and mobile.Why go full mobile when you can satisfied both worlds by going cross-platform.I think this is the way Aion 2 should going. Same graphics engine on mobile/PC but lower resolution and texture when playing on mobile(Same method as Nintendo switch when docked and portable modes)
  22. Aion 2 why not cross-platform ?

    5-6 years ? even original Aion didn't take that much time. I even wondered why don't they just developing BnS 3 since BnS has much more success than Aion. Plus if 5-6 years the Unreal Engine 4 would be old already My wish for Aion 3 would be they keep original cities of Aion like sanctum,poeta,elten,herion,theo,inggison like 1000 years passed and desert grows into forest,theo got ocean once more and maybe origin of abyss.
  23. Let's talk about 7.0

    Lol the only wrong with transformation is we don't get cheap transparent scrolls while every other region have it.