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  1. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Ok this is where I disagreed a bit,these static on EK does not reflecting one on KT/DN assuming a lot of players have 8 chars and getting transparent scrolls from luna.Nobody really selling transparent scrolls from BCM 100k Even though I saw some players on KT did bought transparent scrolls from BCM. The money is not unlimited source they can't drain people money for transparent scrolls forever.It will eventually stopped NA is being too greedy.If it does want people keep supporting the game it needs to give people cheap transparent and all skins in BCM like before 6.2.The current method is wrong.
  2. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Is this 28,000$ from transparent scrolls based what assumption ? Although I do agreed there're people buying them but doesn't mean NA is doing the right thing because in every other region excepted NA they offering players cheap transparent scrolls and skins that they offering in GST are actually skins not mini transform outfit like NA currently offering.
  3. Accounts of Pingzapper

    I see I didn't realized who's asmo gov I'm an elyos I don't know how famous you're on asmo side but on elyos side I'm pretty unknow to everyone excepted forum lol. Losing 25 friends is better than lost all because that happened to me
  4. Thank you very much for supporting @Vantheria-DN,I was expecting the worst(As usually happened with most of my threads) didn't expected a support Anyway I sent a email to support about what I want in 7.x I told them to send this to their superior if you don't mind and agreed with me please help me send this to support too I believed 2 ways request is better than just posting in forum
  5. Accounts of Pingzapper

    I quoted you this time,thank you for your replied Btw did you main sorc because I never see you (On asmo side)
  6. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    WTF taking u long time to post this ?
  7. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Well in BnS and BDO have BR mode. I believed BR mode will eventually introduced to Aion but that's not main topic here. Anyway I give example of BR games because a lot of people started off from BR games if they wanna try new games it should has a combat of BR games.
  8. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    The downside of battle royale is you can't have customize freedom in character making such as one in MMORPG.
  9. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Well I noticed during 5.x era until now Aion has slowly changing to BnS In 5.x we have custom chain system which make skills seems less. In 6.0 A lot of skills is more spammable and we keep getting patch that decreasing cd every patch. In 7.0 Painter got one spammable (0 cd 0 cast time) skill. I try targeting system in BnS and I don't like but I guess people from battle royale games will like it. If you let me guess I bet they will eventually change targeting system like BnS,for them Aion is an experiment game anyway.
  10. Accounts of Pingzapper

    How did you open more than 2 clients in Aion in the first place ?
  11. Que elegir?

    I had to use google translate to understand what you saying but yeah playing with ping 300 suck you need to use a ping reducer I highly recommended "ExitLag" but it's costly but if you got money for it why not After you got ping reducer you can play any class you wanted don't let your ping limited your potential. Play the class that you like not the class that OP because OP class changing all time.
  12. For the remaining Gunners out there...?

    Ain't got no main gunner,ain't got PF,ain't got IDD,ain't got +9 stigmas. But what I've got is I've got I main cannon with shellshock,juggernaut cannon,blazing,frozen,fiery blast,missle. I don't like charging but cannon is best damage what I can do ? :] Yes 7.0 stuff is bad nothing excited and useless stuff Until charging skill affected by cast time like casting skills my opinion about cannon will not change
  13. To return... or not.

    Really close ? somebody said it's 5 weeks because of his 6th sense
  14. Because lakrum quest gears in 7.0 will get updated such as physical/magical damage to 3k in weapons and shoes will get 13% running speed. Will my existing gears getting update as well ?
  15. https://aiondb.ru/skills/ranger/813.html According to RU version of 7.0 focus shots will increase WEAPON DAMAGE(not physical damage) by 30% aka auto attack damage. I wondered if this is typo so I check bestial fury another ranger buff. https://aiondb.ru/skills/ranger/889.html Bestial Fury clearly said physical attack. I'm not confirm anything maybe they did typo on focus shots but who knows. Btw I checked Empyrean Fury a templar skill it also clearly said physical damage. https://aiondb.ru/skills/knight/2933.html
  16. Possible big nerf on ranger in 7.0 ?

    Well as I know we don't follow Korea directly we get update changes for oversea,which oftenly don't follow Korea. I don't know what to think but losing 30% skill buff suckass big time.Maybe it's just typo I hope it better be.
  17. It looks similar old Aion by just looking at the map
  18. Back in mid 2017 before launch of 6.0 6 months there was an event in Korea called Solution Server I'm not sure how exactly this event worked but it's some kind of classic server with max level 50 and closed and delete all data after event was overed and all rewards transferred to main server.I can say the feedback of this event was not successful because back then KR server still having 5.8 they still have scrolls 8 maps that ain't got deleted yet until 6.0 what people was missing in that time was they had in 3.0 and 4.0 patches Katalam,Danaria,Sarpan,Tiamarantra ofc they didn't miss just maps they miss what those maps offered them such as AM/EF,group raksang,Kahrun weekly and daily and from 4.0 such as BM Camps but what Solution Server offered them was the patch before 3.0 which those contents still have in 5.x so nobody interested.NCsoft concluded classic server failed and that's following by closed of master server in next 6 months. Back to present Laklum designed with Katalam designed in their mind they even suggested Laklum is partial based on Katalam ofc the idea is failed and it supposedly to fail because what people miss is not a map or design of it but it's what map has to offer them,Katalam was vast and big map that you can run to anywhere if your enemy camping that spot but in Laklum chance to runaway and do other camps is not the map is too small and easily for camping.People did not want Katalam map back,they want everything like the same not just map.It doesn't matter if we having many empty maps people may not use it but they glad that they have it it's like a big house with a lot of space you may not using those space but you glad to have it.Right now what we feel is like living in Hong Kong's studio we have what we needed but it's narrow can't breath no room for running. Until NCsoft decided to give everything that they deleted back to players exactly like they had,there will be always voices calling for classic server. Thank you for reading.
  19. Btw I really like the vision we don't have enough population that vision will getting you smaller and smaller and close in the end. Instead trying to find a way to getting new players some people just lock themselves in the box and think every way out has a problem. I don't mind we getting close because I don't think NCwest CEO has a vision as well I think Aion deserved to be in a better company handle.
  20. Do you misunderstood something ? Nobody requested for a classic server in this thread at all. I just explain why there will be always voice calling for classic server.I'm either support classic server in this thread. I did research about KAION and found out the reason NC gave up idea about classic server was dated back in 2017. You can't stop what people want,NC misunderstood that people just want the maps back but in reality they want experience that they had in old patch back. Your voice ain't louder than other people you're the one that fighting the impossible.You try to silence other people voices but I try to understand them why. What you need to accept @Aly-DN is there're people who think differently than you,and let them have space even all they can did is just complain and probably not going to change anything but at least they can share their feelings what they want on forum which suppose to open to everyone.
  21. Some ideas about ranger

    In BDO knife and bow is pretty much same weapon as bow you don't need to switch weapon to explain in Aion understanding it's like auto switch weapon but at instant rate. The knife deals greater damage than bow because it's melee we should be able to combine a dagger and a bow as one weapon that auto change when distant or melee range. In Pristontale there's a class called Atlanta that throwing javelin as weapon and using a shield as defense so is it possible in Aion that we will able to have crossbow with shield ? And add some exclusive skills to two hand bow and one hand crossbow like templar's sword/shield and greatsword ? I don't see this as a game breaking since there's another ranged class that using shield already such as cleric.
  22. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    I'm more worried now that our patch will nerf at something as usual I know our GST won't be update anymore since we just recently updated. (Goodbye skins) From history of Aion NA,they never announced any patch 1 week before releasing next week.(Usually a month) I just wish we have EU skins because our selections are very bad. This is the mark as first time in history that EU actually beaten NA. I hope NA will learn something from EU.
  23. Because I don't need anymore ?
  24. Transformations

  25. Hi here's the list of 20 skins I want you add them to GST. - Dream Faerie's Costume - Wedding Dress/Tuxedo - Modern Dress (Teleport) - Modern Dress (Return Teleport) - Spring Winter Wavy Dress - Mini Dress Whites - Red Carpet Dress - Fairy Dress -Code Red,Code Blue,Maid outfits,Gothic black dress that I don't remember the name and all wedding dresses.,Ninja outfits from old luna,bunny ears,bath robe,space suit,ballroom dress. I can't think anymore lol and all outfis must included headgears,if anyone got more ideas just add them here ty.