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  1. I just showing it's possible.If you don't got a credit card unlucky you sorry :o

    Personally nothing 100% fair but I can see this as more income for NCsoft people in poor country that don't buy in normal price they will buy if price fits for them.
    Same principle when people buy games from stream when it's discount :P Does it fair to people who buy first ? No but the company sells more xD

  2. Maybe identify with a credit card from that bank country you can fool location but you can't fool your credit card.Just one of ideas I can think o_o

    If someone made enough afford to make a credit card from that country let them they try hard enough xD

    Just in case you wondered how hard to get a credit card in a country

    -You have to be a citizen in that country
    -You have to got a job
    -You need to have enogh and stable salary
    -You need to have estate properties

  3. Aly I think you're a bit extreme it's true that people can cheat out geographic location to anywhere in the world.I did it with a ping reducer and can fool a website.

    But some systems like Stream is price by location I don't know what method they used it's just they showing it's possible to apply region price system.
    Maybe just maybe by paying in currency in that country or maybe use Paypal.I don't know if Stream made it work that means there's a way.

  4. In BDO knife and bow is pretty much same weapon as bow you don't need to switch weapon to explain in Aion understanding it's like auto switch weapon but at instant rate.
    The knife deals greater damage than bow because it's melee we should be able to combine a dagger and a bow as one weapon that auto change when distant or melee range.

    In Pristontale there's a class called Atlanta that throwing javelin as weapon and using a shield as defense so is it possible in Aion that we will able to have crossbow with shield ? And add some exclusive skills to two hand bow and one hand crossbow like templar's sword/shield and greatsword ? I don't see this as a game breaking since there's another ranged class that using shield already such as cleric.

  5. Problem about punishment is it does random damage which could be bad or good depends on your luck.
    Passive buffs pve atk seems nice o_o
    Magic skills will be bad no matter what base damage that's why they change into physical damage in late 7.0 patch.(They suppose to change sin rune damage skills into physical too but that didn't happened)
    Bloodwind is worth now because the damage isn't nerf as they supposed to in 6.7 but in 7.0 it will be a sad skill with base damage 500.

  6. 15 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    kill mobs for 1 minute an then first miniboss to install extra aoe canons and then afk, that should speed up things like 25%

    Or you can run multiple Luna in same account while DC. For example.

    Toon A you install canons and disconect. Set an alarm to 9 minute 15 sec to go back before u get kicked.

    Log Toon B, here you do the instance actively, that takes from 6 to 8 minutes.

    Log Toon C, install canons dc set an  alarm and run back to Toon A before gets kicked :D

    (I used to do this for Cubic Labs)

    Yeah the rare occasion when u forget to set up canons xD for takes from 11 to 17 min for me

    VM works but its a pain in the ass to set up and performance is poor.

    About Sandboxie, xingcode blocks it, but i heard some versions still work not sure.

    I tried installed cannon and DC method but it's stressful :/

    More interesting in sandboxie but well it blocked :)
    I used to do crazy stuff like installed cannon and DC on all 8 chars but it's not working lol I lost loots and most chars DC out from instance.

  7. My opinion about sin being weak I speak for my sin only I do not speak for every sin.I just comparing to my other characters with same gears and I feeling my sin is easier to die more than even my sorc.Maybe it's just because sin is lack of good HP recovery skill.

    About chanter if I really don't want to weave just add recovery spell into dps rotation problem fixed :P (it's good when you mindlessly dps and want to do support in same time too if u got AoE version lol)

    About ranger I see no point to to weaving at all because focus shots = weaving already.
    About templar no matter how hard I try I don't run of skills but that's because I'm using support skills too such as iron skin,UD,Emp Armor I can't remember anymore I didn't say it's great thing to do but I oftenly to forgot to use those skills while in zombie mode so I put them in dps rotation.

    Thank you for comment :)

  8. I never understand the housing part why they stopped developed it,they could add many thing such as crafting table,training dummy,mannequin that displays your skin collections even a store that selling your items without broker taxes make a reason people should visiting houses make it fun instead they decided to totally abandon it after 4.5

    Aion graphics is outdated but not primitive,people like Aion because what it was not what Aion has became.

  9. I got 18% attack speed transform on glad/tevmplar (sin,chant got 21%)

    Well the result is surprised me I can't use all skills no matter what I don't run out of skills on both templar and glad.
    Even when templar switched to greatsword on shield stigma build I still don't run out.

    Conclusion for now I don't need to weave on glad/templar.

    Reason : Maybe attack speed is too slow because on sin I got 5.8 sword with 19% attack speed and on chanter I got daevanion skill that buffing attack speed.Maybe when I got legendary transform I might be able to empty skills but for now I can't o_o

    PS.Sin in real world is really weak they losing HP rapidly even clothes are more resistant than them.(Perhaps during HP recovery skills)