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  1. 5.8 back, please?

    What about 6.2 character making system,skills from 6.2 and core of 4.0 (we don't need AT,AT just badddddd lol )
  2. It seems they working on every NC game x_X https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10770-producers-letter-january-2019/ https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/243244-korea-blade-soul-tournament-2019-clan-championship/ https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/243221-party-box-celebration-crate-now-available/
  3. SM in 7.0 and pet stigma ?

    With ability to change stigma without NPC in 6.5 and ability to summon tempest/magma spirit in 7.0 without DP Is it worth to use pet stigma in 7.0 ?
  4. Weaving on 6.2

    I believed weaving should be really effective at ping 20 ms it's lucky to be near the server
  5. Weaving on 6.2

    I thought weaving sucks but I just discovered a true problem today. Weaving is same but skills stronger what made weaving bad in 6.2 is attack speed nerfed.I've found with attack speed superior transform + 5.8 gloves + genesis attack speed weapon I can weaving normally like I did in 5.8 I tested with sin,chanter and ranger and I can weave normally with attack speed gloves. If you having a trouble with weaving I suggest u should try to use 5.8 gloves instead you will lose some dmg from skills but huge gain dps from weaving With this polearm and dual wield make sense again.I'll try on templar and glad and let u know later
  6. Weaving on 6.2

    Well I have do feeling glad and sad in same time. I'm glad because that annoyed weaving gone I don't want to weave anymore I can spam everything for fun. I'm sad because I'm no longer unique special and able to beat people who got lower ping than me or better gears. Now I just spam skills like everyone else o_o
  7. Weaving on 6.2

    Bonus is templar really bad dps ? Yes it is more than 1k different lower than chanter 8.4k vs 9.8k
  8. Weaving on 6.2

    OK I got an update for weaving. I tested 3 chars Ranger,Sin,Chanter and all 3 of them gave same result spamming skills giving you a bit more slightly dps than weaving at 200 ping at least.I believed weaving might give a bit more dps at lower ping like 100 but not much and maybe not worth troubles too.Please note since weaving is no effect on sin this make sin class is very bad at pve.Only good when sin got full buffed.(Sin dps is a bit more than chanter) I decided not to test glad,temp because I believed it will give same result as 3 classes above. However this is just a guideline weaving or not you should test them yourself and compare dps with weave and no weave. Thanks for reading
  9. Aion 2 PC ?

    Joking joking but it looks pretty much Aion with graphics updated https://mmoculture.com/2019/01/astellia-new-fantasy-pc-mmorpg-announced-for-western-market/
  10. NA needs region sale price

    NA shouldn't use one price to everyone who playing Aion They can increasing sale by divide zones into regions while currently is for anyone who living in US,for anyone who living faraway or developing countries should get cheaper BCM price. It will promote people who's faraway from server or poor counties to spend money in game(right now u got 0 from these people because it's way much way too expensive for them) You know a lot of companies did this like Steam and Epic Games Store.
  11. NA needs region sale price

    I'm pretty sure you have a good reason for calling my idea silliest suggestion. Well I would like to listen your reason behind this as well as your alternate solution . If you don't mind to enlighten me.
  12. This video 7.4m Celebrate video Well Lineage1 doesn't have a server in NA/EU still can be this successful,Could Aion survives without NA/EU ? Maybe so,perhaps this is why Korea doesn't care about us If Lineage Remastered do more profit than BnS in Q4 then Korea probably did it right by not listen any bullshit from NA/EU players
  13. Weaving on 6.2

    However there's something I'm unsure about glad,I don't have genesis spear to test on glad however I got sword and greatsword on templar and different between them is x2 dmg Sword 158 - 193 Greatsword 411 - 432 Polearm 319 - 594 What I'm unsure is if it's worth it to use dw on glad first you will lose AoE skills,Second dw on glad is very bad u will feel huge delay on weaving when you weave every skill,this delay didn't happened on polearms at least when I tested back in 5.8.But as you all know auto attack isn't main damage anymore the main damage come from skills.If I have to choose personally I'd choose polearms because it's more fun to weave with and greatsword skins suck
  14. Weaving on 6.2

    There're some rules for weaving 1.If you're weaving with 2hands weapons such as polearms,greatsword,staff,bow you need to weave every 2-3 skills. 2.If you're weaving with 1hannd weapons such dagger,sword you need to weave every 1-2 skills. There's no fixed moment when you should weave or should not it's all depend on skill animations if it's very fast skills you may weave every 1-2 skills if slower you may weave at 2-3 skills. The moment you should weave is when an auto attack number pop up on your target that moment you use next skill. You will notice sometimes you have to wait for an auto attack to proc if that moment happened just don't wait next time and use 2 skills but if you use a skill and that auto attack pop asap that means that skill worked. I hope guideline can help
  15. That's cool how about this then ?
  16. No crafting skillbooks,not all skill changes coming to oversea aion. https://aiondb.ru/news/articles/newbies/375.html https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/4784-Question-to-admins-staff-members-on-6-5-patch-when-it-comes/ This means sharpen arrow still bad
  17. Transformation for sorc/sm/cleric

    Thank you for your reply I tested hybrid cast/attack green vs ancient cast I feel like hybrid is better I know it's sound crazy but with skills like frost,summon rock,soul freeze,refracting shard,flame cage,flame fusion and wind spear (sorry if I miss any 1 sec or instant sorc skills).You can use those skills during vaziel cd and when vaziel up you can use cast time skills SM is pretty much same feeling however please remember I don't test dps number yet.I just feel it's better on the field because I use instant skills first.(It's working best especially on soul torrent since it's multiple x5) Can't test for cleric yet since my cleric isn't on same account on my sorc
  18. Should I use full cast speed or atk/cast speed transform ? o-o I found out a lot of sorc/sm/cleric skills have instant cast or low cast time like 1 sec or 1.5 sec Wouldn't it be better to use atk/cast ?
  19. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    Yep that's what I'm thinking is I might take gale arrow out for sharpen arrow I tried to weave but my ping can't do it effectively.(I'll rethink for a sin later) I know gale arrow is important for weaving but since I don't weave I see one less point to have it o_o Or I just might weave only devotion era I dunno I haven't tested
  20. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    You can see they buffed explosive arrow. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/1117 Sharpen arrow will add physical attack buff 500 and crit 500 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/1126 Gale arrow stays same https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/1052 Agonizing Arrow will do highest dmg https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/812
  21. Ranger 6.2 PVE DPS Rotation & Stigma Video

    I have a question about 6.5 will u replace explosive arrow with sharpen arrow ? Because u know they will adding a lot of benefits from other buffs to sharpen arrow
  22. No I ain't talking about change core system or transformation or anything that mess up korea update I'm talking something like add ons and easy to implement. The ancient problem from day 1 with Aion is ganking pvp system everybody hate it everyone were asking for pve mode or turn pvp on/off flag system but never implement ofc this will make pvp died and pvp people don't like that.So here I come for a solution. We will make everyone dropping genesis crystals to their killers and their groups.No you ain't really losing your genesis if u died.For example if A kill B,A will get 10 genesis crystals.Ok you got an idea now ? Let's me explain the whole system. PvE ancient gears players do not give any genesis upon dead. PvE legendary gears players will give 3 genesis upon dead. PvE ultimate gears players will give 5 genesis upon dead. PvP ancient gears players will give 3 genesis upon dead. PvP legendary gears players will give 5 genesis upon dead. PvP ultimate gears players will give 8 genesis upoin dead Additional system if a gear with +5 will give extra 5 genesis,+10 will give extra 10 genesis,+15 will give extra 15 genesis. Starting from 1 star amy will give additional +5 genesis+10 for 2 star,+15 for 3 star,+20 for 4 star like this until gov. If you have a single piece of legendary,ultimate it will considering you have legendary/ultimate gears if you mixing pvp/pve gears it will considered you have pvp gears. This will cause pvping happening everywhere in Laklum and all pvpers will hunt pvpers. And with 6.5 update you can use genesis crystal to craft skillbook. Anyway it's just my idea if you got questions or see flaws in this system please tell me thank you.
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    What about ?
  24. Pandora equips in 6.5

    I guess mobs are lv 80 then ? elite or normal ?
  25. Pandora equips in 6.5

    https://aiondb.ru/news/articles/returning/360.html Does it this means genesis gears useless now ? Do these gears replaced Laklum gears as basic gears ?