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  1. he said he doesn't have the tools on his personal account which is true but on his GM he does.. now I don't think Cyan did this at all as would be dumb af to do so.
  2. guys AGAIN any changes to NA or ANY regions client go through Korea. They approve or disapprove EVERYTHING so yes it is on them not NA or any the other regions
  3. reason I pointed figers at Cyan is he is in the TOP elyos siege legion and is a 2 star Officer and thats been a NO NO since way back as it was against the rules way back when Nix was still here! CMs/GMs has inside info on how things works and thus why they were not and should not be allowed to be involved in sieges and such and just seems odd lol. its called a conflict of interest!
  4. You do know this item was upgraded to a lvl 80 Ultimate item right? that how we even know it happened as it spammed chat the item was upgraded
  5. siege results don't start that 4 to 1 crap lol.. numbers were even last night pretty much maybe 20 more asmos then you derps .. plus you had buff so GG
  6. can you not read lol I never out right accused him just pointed out we have a GM/CM playing the game in a legion participating in sieges and crap while back when Nix was still here they were allowed to play but that was against the rules even on their normal accounts
  7. I pointed out he played here other accused him but REGARDLESS we need to know how this happen and why it happened
  8. Regardless if his normal account does or not he still has access to GM
  9. You are the one accused how can you investigate yourself?
  10. EXCATLY seeing as @Cyan plays elyos on EK and only some one with GM Powers could have done this
  11. we can't GMs/CMS should NOT be allowed to actually play the game at all
  12. funny thing and pretty suspect thing is Cyan as in the Cyan on our forums is in their legion as only GMs/CMs can use their own names on normal accounts as they are locked from anyone else using them..
  13. Its not NCwest that makes these decisions but NC Korea. we get what Korea decides is best for us with a little input from NCwest. all NCwest does is translate the game and maintain the servers. you people put the blame on the wrong people
  14. Its not a fixed amount I have gotten as many as 9 from ancient weapons
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