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  1. 14 minutes ago, Nalariel-KT said:

    Hi @Pipum-EK and everyone who may concern.

    I got a single question to everyone in here ,how we can respect developers and staff who're working under NC when they never respected us and our opinions ? They cherry picking only opinions that benefit to them. We can say anything as long as it's not negative to NC ? I believe end result is true intension and only thing that matter not just some polite and fancy words.

    Thank you.

    Hi @Nalariel-KT,

    I do understand your point of view, but please understand that there are several processes that a developer/staff must follow in order to deliver a product. 

    For example: Even though staff/developers want to change something, probably they'll need to escalate it to Korea in order to change it (this is just my assumption, please take it with tweezers)

    As a customer I'm just trying to point down all the concerns but in a good manner to ensure the communication goes in the right way. In my experience, all the developers always want to see their product successfully working, but sometimes there are impediments in the road that difficult the things.

    That's why I created this post, to take away all the past discrepancies and bring a set of opportunities to correct the situation according to the community needs.


    Thanks for your reply!

  2. 4 minutes ago, Guest Pewpew said:

    Good idea to express your concerns but honestly the reason why it’s an issue for concern is not  clearly outlined.

    saying that it’s a “big error” wouldn’t be enough to act upon - 

    what do you see happening if nothing is done?

    do you have any options or suggestions for changes?

    I believe I've outlined the main problem regarding this matter "the injection of artificial kinah", we can expect to see the same concept we see in real life when money is being generated from nothing (economic inflation).

    Regarding my suggestions: I'd recommend either removing the candies/making them untradeable.

  3. Hello all,

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to write down a few concerns my friends and I have regarding the repercussions of implementing the candies system without any restriction.

    This must be a repetitive topic, but still I would like to share this with you all to create a proper request where all the concerns can be addressed and reviewed by the NC business team.

    One week ago, classic was launched, lot of people created their characters and started to play, but they found a particular item that raised a lot of concerns.. I'm talking about the candies.

    Even though candies are not a big impact in function to the kinah (I believe they implemented it to stop bots from selling kinah), the action is currently a terrible decision and let me share my thoughts of why I'm thinking this...

    Candies fixes the price of the kinah... yes, but it also provides a way to dynamically inject kinah into the server without being generated, when a bot sells kinah, it has to generate it by following the existing features of the game, but in this case, the currency is being generated by system, and this is a big error in terms of business/development as per my understanding.

    That said, I'd highly recommend business/development teams take a look to this matter and reconsider the purpose of this feature, because I feel it will create more problems than solutions.

    We are still in time to correct the market, hope we can receive a proper answer from your end.


    To players: Please be respectful while replying in this topic, feel free to share your opinion in a good manner and lets deliver a consolidated community answer to the BO/DEV's.


    Thank you all.

  4. Honestly, I didn't read all, but this world has a lot of people with different traditions, languages, cultures, etc. Stupid people exists everywhere but that doesn't mean that we should blame one person for being in a discord/place.

    If someone insults you, raise a complaint to the person or responsible entity, creating a post here makes no sense (I'm telling you this with my best intentions)

  5. 3 hours ago, Migojio said:

    Level 30 Miragent is still available from Leah though, right? not really looking forward to grinding silver and gold coins daily in greens and blues


  6. Not sure if someone already raised this question but.... How NCWest is going to deal with the massive amount of players that are going to do the same quests at the start?

    At the beginning, the hunt zones are very limited in term of mobs, to do some yellow quests in Poeta you have to kill kerubims, kobols, etc.

    How ncwest is going to deal with that? Is there any particular plan?


  7. 56 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    I tried this with Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and Brave. I did it with normal and secure mode and still I get the same error. "Due to a browser setting"... which you didn't mention, do I need to change anything on my browser and what is it.

    We need to make sure we can buy this before it launches.


    Try with microsoft edge


    Any plans of creating a South America dedicated server?

    There wont be a SA server, anyways now days the ping is more than acceptable, I m from uruguay and I have 140 130 ms thats enough to play this game, I know the less ping the better, but still, the game is playable. Long back ago I used to play this game with 250-300ms

  9. Hello all, I think everyone has its own point of view with respect to this matter, but I feel we should not loss our calm while talking or providing our opinion. 

    Be nice and keep calm.

    Regarding my personal opinion, I was expecting the release date since long and I already knew that ncwest was going to implement the subscription model as they re following Korea model.

    For some countries 15$ could be a lot of cash, but when we re evaluating the whole scenario, 15$ is not that much. Unfortunately, I understand that a lot of players wont be able to affront the price, but I believe its something necessary to maintain the well being of the server, players and developers.

    Remember that behind the game there is a IT team working to ensure that the game is playable and enjoyable and they also need cash to live, therefore subscription method is a good way to keep everyone happy. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Guest Wootage said:

      @Kibbelz can you please share with us what is this daeva pass you speak of , how much does it cost and what items does it include ?


    The daeva pass, its a kind of schedule rewards you can get daily, all the subscribed users are able to earn the rewards, but there is one option where you can pay a lot of money to get all the rewards at once. 

    I dont think this is a major problem, as all end users will ultimate receive the rewards, the difference would be that if  you pay, you will  receive the rewards quicker.

  11. 3 minutes ago, Guest RiskReward said:

    Hey all,

    Looking to play Aion Classic when it launches with my Girlfriend, who is a long-time League of Legends player. Wondering what some good duos are for Aion? Is it not a very duo-based game? (I am completely new to Aion franchise)

    She likes "cute" girl characters, I generally like high-risk, high-reward with a high-skill ceiling, but I want to make sure she and I can play together. I watched Society of Gaming's video, and Chanter, Spiritmaster, and Assassin sounded interesting. Maybe the Priest too, b/c I enjoy healing, but am not sure how Priest combo's with more squishy characters she's likely to want to play.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    If you both want to play in duo, then I would recommend you two classes: Cleric and spirit master.

    With those two I believe both can enjoy all the features of the game.

  12. 7 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    The teasers could just be teasers for E3 in which then they may release the classic video at E3 for all we know. Altho if this is the case it is a little weird to do that since E3 is a promotional event for up-coming games so promoting for a promotional event seems odd. It would not surprise me in the least if it still comes out as an anniversary launch so w/e our anniversary is.

    Makes more sense announcing it as an anniversary event than during E3 if you ask me, but frankly, I´d prefer they announcing it during the E3,  just to have the game at the earliest.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Motgar-KT said:

    There is no need to theorycraft a release date, it isn't even announced yet. They will tell you when they are ready and nothing you say will change that.

    You´re right, but would be great if they provide at least some extra information apart from teasers. Advertisement tends to create hype, that could kill the game before it starts.

    The purpose of  this thread is to see if we can get some extra information.


    PS thanks both of you for your replies, much appreciated.

  14. 10 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    They will probably announce it like few days before it launches. Lack of advertisement usually leads to little to no success.

    NCWest is extremely slow at what they do, so it may come by the end of the year, or after that.

    Oh, that would be really sad, my friends and I were expecting to play this game in quarter 3 (let´s say July or August) as we saw Japan already announced the launch to happen this summer.

  15. Hi all, I know this could be a repetitive topic, but I just was wondering whether existing a possible release date for aion classic in the west.

    I´m following up Aion posts on Facebook and Twitter, but only seeing teasers and nothing else apart from that.

    Could a community admin specify if there is a release date or at least provide more information regarding this matter? I´d really appreciate it.


    Have a great day you all!

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