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  1. What easy recipe does Tailoring have? Asking for a friend
  2. You all clearly haven't been to sieges lately. There are plenty of numbers on both sides of the factions and the fights are never clearly one-sided. You're just used to getting participation medals your entire life so here we are.
  3. I'm convinced you all will legit cry about anything. Haven't you heard in 2021, games aren't overly sexualizing women
  4. The candies are what generated so much kinah in the first place to be sold. You're not a smart person.
  5. What I read was "omg I can't pay to win" Get over it, save the $30 if you don't see value and grind like everyone else.
  6. Since the rewards are exactly the same here's an idea.... Wait for it.... Wait for it... DON'T BUY IT. Here are most of you complaining about $45 a month when in fact the pass is not required at all. So the next month just spend your $15, stop relying on pay to win and enjoy classic. Other players who haven't had the opportunity to log hundreds of hours like most of you complaining will actually have a chance to catch up and hopefully result in a more balanced server state. How about instead of crying about a pass that isn't even required, ask the real questions. Where is dredgion, where t
  7. Actively ban bots, remove candy from game and raise the vendor caps. Why NC can't get this thru their head when the community has been begging and pleading for it since day 1 of Classic launch is beyond me. But hey, here's a lodas amulet survey for the crybabies who lost the first 2 sieges, let us know what you think!
  8. I would definitely prefer something like over what was introduced in retail which is no mobs drop anything at all. The game essentially became a reward type system thru acquiring items thru quests and turning them in for whatever you need. Really killed world pvp and anyone genuinely likes to farm.
  9. The mob that drops it is called "Aged Ginseng" https://aioncodex.com/3x/npc/211928/
  10. The rubbish mobs have the chance to drop gold gear which can be sold on the broker, designs and certain stigmas are currently going for millions upon millions. These bots kill thousands of mobs per day and most likely have a few accounts that they send the loot too in order to sell it on the broker to generate kinah to sell.
  11. I've played asmo for 10 years but swapped to elyos for classic because I got tired of being out numbed 2:1 at a minimum for every siege also never being able to get any world bosses simply due to the numbers game. I don't play as much as I used too so will already be behind in gear, rather not be behind in numbers as well.
  12. [Event] Happil's Gift you obtain by doing the quest which requires you to obtain 100 Frozen Bundles.
  13. Agree this is a stupid concept, another complaint is why make things like Ultimate Stones once per week for regular vendor and then ultimate stones once per day but limited to only 20 people from timed vendor, the whole idea of this is silly and will be very frustrating the entire duration of the event.
  14. Not it's not unless like others mentioned you're trying to do everything on 12 toons. Daeva Dash takes 10min per day, Joyful Bundles you can farm whenever you want, Event Boss spawns 4x a day and is alive for maybe 5min max, meloons drop off of the same mobs that have Joyful Bundles so you can double dip if you're smart about it. I personally prefer not having to gear up alts in order to play the game because I've run out of things to do on my main.
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