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  1. [Event] Happil's Gift you obtain by doing the quest which requires you to obtain 100 Frozen Bundles.
  2. Agree this is a stupid concept, another complaint is why make things like Ultimate Stones once per week for regular vendor and then ultimate stones once per day but limited to only 20 people from timed vendor, the whole idea of this is silly and will be very frustrating the entire duration of the event.
  3. Not it's not unless like others mentioned you're trying to do everything on 12 toons. Daeva Dash takes 10min per day, Joyful Bundles you can farm whenever you want, Event Boss spawns 4x a day and is alive for maybe 5min max, meloons drop off of the same mobs that have Joyful Bundles so you can double dip if you're smart about it. I personally prefer not having to gear up alts in order to play the game because I've run out of things to do on my main.
  4. These are really cool, thanks for sharing
  5. The only people defending the unfairness in this thread are KT players, go figure.
  6. West coast here as well and I went from 40-50ms to 120-130ms, it's like playing a completely different game and already has me looking at other games to download. Meanwhile all my friends on the east coast are rejoicing because their 50ping is now 10-20ms.
  7. What's the benefit of this considering if you did this tactic you would more than likely only get credit for 1 fort and miss the other 294 at the 2nd fort? Doesn't seem like you could could make that difference up to make it worth it or am I missing something?
  8. Run around the map killing pigs with bombs is what I've found to be the easiest and least effort tbh.
  9. Exactly this, the fact that someone at NCSoft thought it was a good idea is lolz
  10. If you consider winning getting your whole faction steam rolled countless times and getting NCSoft to favor elyos with spawn locations, then yeah, you won. Congrats.
  11. Would happily not be a "web sin" if their settings were worth a damn and allowed me to update it more than once a year, after it required me to pick and outdated name to log in for the first time thus making my name registration go on cooldown. Nonetheless yall got rekt as you usually do.
  12. That's prob because you didn't deserve to get it in the first place. You all got steamrolled in SC but for some reason Omega spawned right at your entrance and spoon fed ya the loot in the first place.
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