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  1. No you wouldn't. Log into the game and actually look at the collection pages because you clearly have done neither in recent history. Most people (who play consistently) already have 3-5 apostles and 1-2 ultimates. And if you have 0 apostles at this point you haven't been playing long enough to have an opinion (or if you have then you're just unbelievably unintelligent and the result is the same: you should stop talking lmao)
  2. Oh lord, you're slow. There are 4 collections each totaling 200 crit damage and defense. Most people have enough apostles unlocked already that the additional 4 would give them the needed collections to finish each of the 4 collections. So no, it's not "You need all 12." LMAO. The (obvious if you weren't slow) implication was that you already had some unlocked because you've been playing this game presumably more than five minutes. We literally got 3 free apostles several months ago. Also, you would only need ONE ultimate (most people have two due to the recent promotion) to receive the
  3. I have no idea if they just started the game, I was simply being purposefully snarky. But if they have an opinion like that, I sure hope they just started. @Kibbelzlet us move our eggs.
  4. Happy April except it's not happy because you guys removed the stormwing restoration token transfer halfway through the stormwing event meaning half the server is now extremely geared and the other half will never catch up (cause you refuse to give us any events that grant apostles) Let us use our tokens to move the stormwing egg. This is unfair.
  5. I'm sorry, I hate to say this, but if you started this game yesterday and you don't know anything then you should have opened your reply to me with that. That would have saved me the energy needed to exert myself into reading this nonsense you just sent me. 4 Apostles can give someone 200 crit damage or 200 crit defense. Their crits will do 20% more or crits on them will do 20% less. It can also give people 800+ MR or EVA which is gamechanging in terms of defensive sets. Like I said if you don't know anything you should have just said so. If you're like the only person wit
  6. @Kibbelz @Loki I strongly urge y'all to reconsider this decision you made on a whim. This is unfair to everyone who didn't get a chance to use their restoration tokens to move their stormwing eggs. You now have half the server with very high stats from the transformation collections and half the server who has no way to fight against these players because they don't have apostle collections. Let people move their eggs this time around, and the next time you give a similar event, state AHEAD OF TIME that restoration token usage is prohibited. But, let us do it for this e
  7. This is so ridiculous. This is SO unfair to the people who haven't already used 3 restoration tokens to gain their apostles. NCSOFT doing this has now created an even bigger gear gap between players. NCSOFT needs to allow people to use these restoration tokens for their apostles and then remove this in the FUTURE. Removing this ability halfway through the stormwing event means some people have already got 3-4 apostle contracts via restoration token and some have gotten none. That's ridiculously unfair. NCSOFT hasn't given us any apostle events like other regions so this was the
  8. @Kibbelz@Loki please re-add the survey. I am not receiving the survey for the ultimate risiel gear on my characters anymore. also, there isnt the right rewards on the stormwing pet.... where is the daevanion skill box... send a survey with the daeva boxes please...
  9. You guys realize the game is dying, right? You can't be this stupid, surely? adding 6.0 extendables as rewards to a 7.7 event... do you guys even know the name of the game that you're the devs for?
  10. I never thought you could make a decision bad enough that would make me want to consider quitting after 11 years on aion. If the mob kills are not 1 shot from 0 geared character then I actually might. You will lose a LOT of players if you make it too tedious to get luna materials on alts.
  11. ....what do you mean @Kibbelz We already have the instance back, it is not disabled currently. Also, can you clarify? Specifically? Because if I read this correctly you may as well just close down the servers because going AFK in luna instance for the reward is vital to everyone. People do not have time to farm mobs on all their characters for the bundle. People do not have the gear to do that in a timely manner on all their characters. Clarify please. This is possibly the worst decision I've ever seen. Guaranteed to kill the game if I read it correctly.
  12. Nobody thinks leveling is hard.... It's easy to level from 1 to 80 in 1 day with no boost at all. You are a new player, once you need to actually get geared you'll understand just how difficult it is to get EXP for experience marks. 300% exp every day of the week 24/7 would still be a serious chore to farm the amount of EXP marks needed to actually progress in the game now. That will never happen though because the devs are so out of touch with the game.
  13. "improving the player experience" lol literally not noticeable at that rate. even if you grind EXP hardcore using the best methods, it's not noticeable. sigh. lol if anything the fact they fed the same 3-10 people legendaries (because they were hacking) during the meloon event and then the fact they did NOTHING about it shows they really DO NOT care. legitimate players cannot compete with automated processes bot hacks that buy the item before the shugo even fully appears on the screen at 9:00 pm
  14. You guys are so out of touch with the current state of the game, ugh. 150% isn't even noticeable. Honestly, 200% and 300% are barely noticeable. Instead of getting 150,000 EXP from a mob now I can get 300,000, nice. ONE experience mark is 175,000,000 EXP. Do you see why this is a problem? Why do I need to wait for a good event (400%+) to be able to farm EXP marks which are the main currency for much of the game now? Also, adding just 50% is literally insulting. It screams "we don't care / care to understand." 50% is literally not noticeable AT ALL. Do better.
  15. Wow. So they told us at first we would be getting a 400% EXP Event. Then they changed that to only 200%. Their "compensation" was to provide 200% on weekends, and then they don't follow through. @KibbelzDid y'all forget or what happened? @Loki
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