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  1. funny as fukc that the compensation (500% exp) from disabling luna to correct an issue lasting months is better than the actual main event we're gonna get, and yet they just had to go and nerf that (the xp boost) too. lmao.
  2. nah they'd rather make it a chance drop and have the entire elyos faction on both servers compete to roll on it.
  3. What the nyerk? What was the point in reducing it? We had a 400% EXP event before (Halloween). Y'all just like to see us suffer and it's very tiring. @KibbelzReducing the only good thing about the event (500% exp) to 200% is literally snake behavior. Why would you do that? NO, the double XP weekends are NOT a good trade off. Double is hardly even noticeable. You guys must be determined to kill this game.
  4. Katalam npcs just bugged out again. Event NPC's disappeared. Send out a survey with the snowballs we're gonna miss. Thanks.
  5. Creating alts is not an exploit lol A gaming exploit is defined as the game being used in a way not intended by the game's designers, it's not the same thing as the normal usage of the word "exploit" Creating multiple characters fairly and non-automatically does not go against the TOS nor has it ever been punished in the history of this game's 11 year existence.
  6. What a useless answer, lol. Just so you're aware, to players this reads as: "Yeah we're just gonna let the hackers get every single item every day. Sorry. We will keep rewarding them for hacking." I can't wait for the event to be over and someone has 30+ legendaries to combine because the same person used a hack to be the first one to buy the item. It's literally instantaneous. I have 20 ping to the server and the item is sold out before I can even open the window even with an in-game macro doing so. How about these options for a hotfix: - Raise the bu
  7. Title. Impossible to compete with the 10-15 people using instantaneous 3rd party hacking macros to buy the items from the shugos (even with 20 ping to the server and an in-game macro to select the npc). Raise the limits please @Kibbelz@Loki
  8. @Loki@Kibbelz I have 20 ping to the server and am using an in-game macro to select the shugo npcs. The item was sold out before I even got the window open. Increase the item limit or the same 10-15 players using the hacking program para vanilla tool instantaneous macros will be the only people getting benefit out of this portion of the event.
  9. RIP to anyone who was farming souls IN TT or inside an instance. It's down currently as of like 5 minutes ago. Ugh. So glad you guys changed servers, lol, definitely seems worth it.
  10. So... You're not adding the bobonerk coin recipes for enchant morphing back yet? But you took time to like... fix text and stuff? Also pretty sure KT server crashed about 2 minutes ago. Many people cannot log in currently and were disconnected if they were online. lol.
  11. I really hope the reward buff will be worth it because this event is so bad (as in the rewards are awful) that nobody is queueing into it
  12. You seem to misunderstand what I meant, my apologies if I wasn't clear. I meant when y'all were deciding what the event rewards were, if you had simply decided to give good rewards instead of the bad ones you ended up going with, there would be no issue. No additional time would be taken.
  13. This doesn't really make sense as a viable reason (or even a partial reason) for the bad rewards. You could have simply took the time to enter rewards that didn't suck. Would have taken just as long.
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