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  1. EK Server Situation

    This statement is also reflected in you thinking that your climb to General and ability to maintain said rank - or some kind of xform rank - is more important than the GP gained by others. In this hypothetical server merger, you say "GP reset" like it won't upset the many over the few. You are the few. I don't even have xform rank, but I do not want my GP reset regardless. Moreso than my own GP, I do not want the GP of others reset - they earned their GP, they stuck with the game, they didn't bail to other games (or servers). The amount of upset players, and the potential losses the game would suffer as a result, are not worth "25 EK players" being happier about their rank potential. Get over yourself.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 20, 2019

    @Cyan So, even though the arenas run from Monday - Sunday, you're saying that only the people that managed to get their arenas done on Monday or Tuesday will get the stone? Anyone else - all the participants, as there are many - that would've run it Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will get nothing? Doesn't seem like a logical, well-thought-out solution. You should be giving the stone to any participant that runs the instance by Sunday. The stones aren't tradeable, so it's not like you'd run the risk of a market flood. Really, all you would be doing is giving stones to people that would've likely gotten them if they hadn't put off running until later in the week. The more people that see this post, the more irritable the community will get - especially those of us that usually do run harmony/disci. Please reconsider your solution.
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Remove the NPC right before maintenance? Don't allow people to utilize the coins they spent HOURS farming? Please explain WHAT the issue is, so that people can understand WHAT to expect. There is so much speculation and anger, and it MAY be unwarranted. Is it that coin bags will only be group lootable? Is it that prices were wrong for items in terms of coin cost? Was it that mobs were spawning at an unintended rate? Is there an incorrect item? Please explain, so that people can at least avoid unnecessary theory crafting and frustration. Clarification is a good thing.
  4. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    [Event] Accessory Preservation [Event] Essencecore Preservation [Event] Stigma Preservation Please explain why these buffs suddenly appeared. And before you, NCSoft, remove the buffs consider that several people can take/took advantage of their availability. If you take the buffs away now, you will have the entire "Some people got Tia Eye Rewards are reduced prices" issue all over again - except this time it'll be worse because it will follow already hard feelings.
  5. The Tia Eye event gets super nyerked... Then NCWest goes as low as they have ever gone before. You upset the playerbase, then decide "let's just try to squeeze what we can out of them" by adding the most P2W event possible. The server buffs get added, and then you load up the BCM with all of this... Super, super low. I don't know what is going on with your company, but whoever is in charge of PR needs to be fired. EDIT: And by the way, not responding/ignoring is the worst thing you can do at this point. Everyone knows it's a work day.
  6. @Cyan Server Buffs? Please explain.

    I call bullshit. NCSoft has always, ALWAYS mentioned events like this (super P2W, small timeframe) prior to them going live. Nice try.
  7. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    https://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/store/fresh-start/ April 5th. Leave this game for that - a place holder until Bless Online comes out in May.
  8. @Gideon (hear the community)

    Please hear out the community.
  9. @cyan @hime Tia Eye Event is DEAD

    I'm hoping you still have people monitoring activity in Tia Eye, so that you can all see how dead it has become since you released the new prices. I was in there earlier today, and it was different. I was in there at a time when on every previous day there was a league of AT LEAST 160+ asmos at South and 160+ elyos at North (that isn't counting all the different farming groups and roaming groups). Probably in excess of 400+ characters between both sides. Today it was empty. Over the course of an hour I ran into a total of 14 different elyos and I came across maybe 18-20 other asmos. Hopefully you guys learn from this.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    I played the game when it was subscription based - it was great. The support monitored the game, hackers got banned, issues were fixed regularly. Changing a game to F2P doesn't mean it's ok to regularly turn a blind-eye to the nonsense that goes on. The fact that you think the players have no room to be upset is just settling at it's finest. Accept mediocrity and bad game management if you want, other players choose not to.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Jokes on you, no one cares what a tier 99 sorc thinks about anything.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    @Cyan Also, not to be rude, but you guys (NCSoft as a whole) are just looking more and more sketchy the longer you wait to tell your players about rewards for an event that's already been going on for a week. Not looking great for you all.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    @Cyan can you at least let us know what the reward costs will be? Every day you delay it you're looking at having MORE AND MORE upset players because of potentially wasted time farming this event. Tell us the reward cost.
  14. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    It's pretty pointless to debate anything with you. As I said, the sheer level of self-victimization that you display is amazing. No one will be able to make you understand that you made choices, and "oh they did it so it's their fault really" just further proves how completely unaccountable you think you should be in this situation. Still, again, wasted typing here. I'm still going to hit enter, and maybe tomorrow I'll log in and read more of your impenitent replies.
  15. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    I don't need to give you a reason for anything. You're an adult. You chose to lie of your own volition. You chose to repeatedly abuse support by asking for items to be returned/restored well beyond what is reasonable. You chose to convince yourself all of these things are okay, and that you are a victim. Grow up.
  16. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    "Fib" is such a soft word. This is a word people use to feel better about what they're doing - lying. Lies beget lies beget lies. Let's all believe everything you're saying now. History is clearly on your side.
  17. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    Yes, to help all those other people - at your university right? Except...didn't your brother just say it was you two IP banned? Beyond the forums, he said this to his legionmates as wel, so...??? Interesting.
  18. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    Boohoo, you're such a victim. You're sadly incapable of seeing that you exploited the system. There is literally no point in carrying on with you, because you're clearly an entitled brat that can't see beyond his own self-victimization. I think I speak for many people when I say good riddance
  19. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    Would you say you're... johngunmad about this ban?
  20. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    You are trying really, really hard to justify your actions. It's kinda pathetic that you believe that what you were doing was intended and okay. You basically did this: I got 1 item I wanted from a selection bag, but now I want MORE types since I know this item is super rare. Let me open it and ticket it multiple times, so that I can get all the times and then sell them. The fact that you have yourself convinced that this is okay, and that you shouldn't be banned, is pretty darn cute. You should get a psych eval.
  21. NCsoft Korea designed it as an intended mechanic.

    You're literally admitting to EXPLOITING support to get multiple types of an item for which you were not intended to get multiple types?? Congrats, you really are an idiot.
  22. @Cyan DUPLICATING MANASTONES (Exploit???)

    johngunmad was banned because he was receiving items that were giving him an unfair advantage. He had 5 types of +12 manastones over a week before they were going to be available to the community (a maximum of 2 types of manastones should've been available). Johngunmad made it insanely CLEAR that he was exploiting the system through a GM connection, which he was DUMB enough to brag about in whispers - whispers that got shared. Johngunmad got upset that he got exposed, it got investigated, and an IP ban occurred. You are his brother, as I understand it. Whether indirectly or directly involved, you are a victim of his stupidity. Direct your complaint at your stupid brother, imo.
  23. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    Vote on poll, hopefully Gideon & the dev team take the community thoughts into consideration
  24. Tiamaranta's Eye Event Status

    You are LITERALLY forcing people to league up to make this event TERRIBLE SIT IN A LEAGUE FARMING CRAP. It would be SUCH a solid, adventurous, interesting, well thought out event if it was just group loot. Competition, pvp, fun, active. WHY, WHY wouldn't you just change it to how it was SUPPOSED to be and be group loot? Seriously, this is the WORST decision. @Gideon did you guys NOT read that 10k post thread where literally EVERY commenting players (which is like 100+) said they were fine with you guys changing it just dont nyerk prices just change it to group loot....like. Come on, NCSoft. Don't make crap decisions even CRAPPIER for the community. Group loot with same prices or riot, imo.
  25. How can Aion resolve this (@cyan)

    The previous discussion thread was locked, but perhaps NCSoft might benefit from the voice of the players. Just a thought.