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  1. @Kibbelz you guys sent wrong amount of kinah in mail for housing. please check. most people only receiving max of 2.216b it should be way more as it says in mail 1.1 ratio of what we paid would be compensated. i paid for example 6b and 4.5b for my estates in 2018. kept it since, and now only got 2b back on both my toons.
  2. @Kibbelz hi i received wrong amount for my estate compensation and many others received same exact amount aswell please check and send correct amounts. so far many recieved only 2.216b in mail while only few got their real amount back. clearly says its supposed to be 1.1 ratio of what we paid. @Kibbelz
  3. 6 more replies later had to explain to the damn support that you posted an update to the policy @Kibbelz . replies are still ambiguous.
  4. hey kibblez so you updated policy but your support still says otherwise. thats the ticket from just few hours ago , they are still saying same automated reply. is your post just another bunch of lies or what? @Kibbelz
  5. well i always had a feeling aion would go down in a stupid way, instead of a real shutdown, wouldn't have expected merge to be the reason why. seems like our forum suggestions was completely ignored and our 50 or so tickets me and my friends sent were ignored aswell. housing is w/e i have enough kinah to buy out entire oriel auction if i wanted. only thing i was concerned about was how they would handle the names, and they chose the worst way. looks like the only link that still kept me attached to this game just like many others players is now gone. 12 years 30-40k+ hours poured in this
  6. since this was furthest i got via ticket ill post what i said in other post here aswell in a more simple and easy to understand way. 1. make names on both server reset, as servers are same age and they are both og servers not like ereshkigal where it was just few months old. trying to take new name on other server is impossible as most are taken by bots or inactive accounts.(i have tried 100's of alternative names theres not 1 decent name available even if i did choose a new one). 2. there wont be many if any name disputes this way as if your name gets stolen you can submit ticket and ge
  7. automated reply was on suggestion not the name steal ticket. those have been pretty fast. and if 2 have same name then its playtime/rank/lvl that was what decided who got to keep it on last merge, for example i kept my name as i had it on 2 servers tiamat and kahrun and also had very long playtime. but either way its a nonissue cause mostly names on other servers are held by inactive accounts , i havent seen a person with danaria name running around on katalam beyond 1-2 occasions over like many many years. either way resetting on both servers is more beneficial than resetting on just one. wh
  8. you can only do that if both server names reset and you get your name stolen, you cant do it if its a transfer. that's why im saying to do reset on both cause players that are playing now wont lose their names as they can ticket and the danaria players will also not quit because they lost their identity in a game that they had for years. think about it its more beneficial for you to support this than to oppose it. as it will boost pop/make more people stay while you still get to enjoy your names. and yes it wasn't meant for you it was meant for @Kibbelz as i cannot reach beyond automated messa
  9. clearly this post wasn't meant for you. both servers are same age both have around same population sure kt has more but if you exclude amount of bots on kt difference is not that big , even with bots included difference between 2 servers is around 100 players. and no you cannot go to take a name on kt now. go try my name if you can , i tried close to 100 alternative names because of servers old age it was all taken. thats why they should be fair to both servers and reset names on both, you arent losing anything by them reseting names on both because you can still submit ticket to get your name
  10. since automated replies are only thing me and my friends are getting regarding server merge and names thought id post here after finally managing to pass the login loop to even get on the forums. i saw the post about merge and me and many of my friends are concerned that names will only be reset for Danaria while Katalam gets to keep everything as is. this will simply make us quit, as names are one of the only things that still connect us to the game, many of us have had our names for years and many recognize us via those names. removing that and making us choose a new name on a server that is
  11. grats on getting fired lmao. good luck failing on your next job as well
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