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  1. @Kibbelz Many days have been past! Could we get detail of this issue solution?? Transfer my egg plz or give other same equal reward to make this event fair to everyone. Come on, this is not that hard to fix and I believe you are more knowing what is going on here~ If this issue not fix, I cant see what is point for me to continue to play and spend more on this game. .. maybe time to quit...Who knows what is going happen next, maybe another unfair event going on again...
  2. OMG ...Finally you appear here!!! As you know, the only thing we need is "Apostle" and the event should be fair to everyone. I am looking forward your update asap..Please understand we have been waiting too long....
  3. @Kibbelz I asked GM where i could lodge a complaint, they link me here and i posted here and requested to transfer the event egg. No reply at all. I am a bit confused now. So what is GM?? I thought your job is helping us and listen to our concerns. Is that the reason your guys get paid and have a job here?? NOW what??? ignore us?? no reply no communication??? This is really bad..worse service... I still need to say : I am here to ask something i am deserved...and i do not ask something extra..Transfer egg is the service to be given to everyone who happy to use token. You can not cut it in th
  4. We need egg to be transferred...It is absolutely wrong by removing it in this way during this event!!! @Kibbelz ignore never be a good solution!! fix the problem.
  5. This is unfair. They could not even give a proper explaination for rejecting this request. One week ago, they said yes to this request, suddenly without any notice or warning, they just say no to other players. Most ppl successfully transferred it already, only small porption of ppl left behind. I don’t really get it what is the point for you change the rule in middle of the event. I really hope at least at least everyone in this game could have a FAIR EVENT, Plzzzz fix it...thank you for your understaind too.
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