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  1. All of the abyss was deleted except for Divine Fortress. The siege for that is every Tues and Thurs and you can get there from a portal in each faction's Lakrum fort. When you're there you'll be shown as being in Reshanta.
  2. @Cyan More quest slots please. I've run out of quests to delete and still don't have enough space. It was a problem for me when I was in the new region trying to pick up quests, and having to decide what to delete while in a war zone. Better yet, just make the quest log unlimited.
  3. Restarting the client didn't work, I got the same 8 hrs message. Only logging into the website worked.
  4. I've spent years on the main servers and I've never complained when others received compensation gear for population issues in the past, or more recently for the ultimate gear received for upgrades they made to their gear before 6.0. Decisions are made by NC that may or may not be always fair, but everyone who keeps playing this game just deals with it, so why don't you?
  5. Some ppl enjoyed the EK server and are unhappy that it's being shut down. They made a new start there and didn't want to leave. The money means nothing to them, compared to the enjoyment they had while being there. I don't think it's excessive, I think it's correct. For once NC is taking the player's valuable time spent into consideration, and giving us ample compensation for it when one of their ideas falls through. I actually feel respected by them for a change.
  6. I just became an Aion lottery winner, WOW!
  7. I saw the NPCs for the Theo raid last Saturday when I was headed to the Panne queue. I don't know if anyone attends, but I did see the NPCs, so I assume it's still going on.
  8. Crafting kinah is very sad. I think we've hit rock bottom now.
  9. Agree. Levinshor is the worst map ever, with Kaldor a close second. Agree about the loading screens too. Thanks for the link to the old ones, it's good to see them again! About the illusion godstones: By the time mine broke I'd forgotten that it was one so buying a new one wasn't asking much. It might be based on hours played.
  10. WB..saw you in EC the other day guarding the north arti with another person, hope you're having fun again XD.
  11. I hear you, I've been playing since 2010 and the game has definitely changed a lot since then, and often not for the better. I'm surprised by your thoughts on EC. From my viewpoint it's the exact opposite: the asmos are never afk, they always play the instance and the elys are the ones who don't, unless I'm in a premade, and I don't get those cuz not 75 yet, only if I'm lucky and happen to q.e. into one. I've seen your team win many times, more than lose so I don't agree with that complaint! I don't spend as much time playing as I used to so now certain things that used to an
  12. I totally agree. Ever since they removed Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Katalam, Danaria, Idian Depths, and Eye, this whole game took a rapid nosedive. All my friends and legionmates who I'd known and hung out with ditched the game entirely, people I'd known on a more casual basis from working together on stuff like Tatar and Ativas raids left, and the game lost 6 great areas that people were STILL finding new things in (like the secret dandelion ride in Sarpan), and STILL finding new raids to love (Zakufu, Debarim, etc.). Reviving the Eye is a great idea, but all it's gonna do is show new players how mu
  13. This almost seems like a remastering of the lore, which replaces the Cataclysm with Ereshkigal assaulting Atreia, and the Archdaeva sacrifices himself to stop it. However, we could still interpret this as being in line with the other lore if we say that the Archdaeva in question will actually be us, but we somehow survived sacrificing ourselves to stop Ereshkigal's attack. I've always kept up with the game's lore, but even I gotta say that the lore was thrown in the garbage years ago. Nezekan and Triniel supposedly reunited and saved Kahrun, but now he's gone/dead or something. First we h
  14. I don't like the removal of old zones; a lot of classic world-bosses and skins will be lost in the process. The return of Tiamaranta's Eye is awesome, but it'd be even better to see Katalam, Danaria, and Tiamaranta return entirely. I also look forward to 80% of the Evergale Crowd mysteriously disappearing from the game when XIGNCODE3 hits.
  15. Does anyone else wish that there was a way to get classic skins for some things, specifically wings and Spiritmaster pets? As much as I like the current designs for the Spirits, I'd like to be able to use the classic appearances for them (like the Fire Spirit with the little wheel-arms) without changing the effectiveness of the Spirit itself. I'd also like to see the ability to give your wings the default appearance, regardless of wing skin, just for that more classic feel; Hyperion's wings look awesome, but sometimes I wanna fly into battle with my standard wings. Hopefully we'll get somethin
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