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  1. Hi! I just saw it today. It's Minimalist Maid, but it's colored in red. http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/110900843/
  2. So... you guys planning on putting a wrap event anytime soon? Just wondering coz getting a wrap is way too difficult. When the shugo spawns and we run to it not always is a wrap shugo, plus there is a huge pvp happening every time. Sometimes we don't get there in time and when we do it's sold out. People that get the wraps are selling it for an expensive price. Also it costs too many experience marks, since this is the most important coin right now and we don't have a big amount of XP available to get easily... it's tough. It would help a lot to have a wrap event going on.
  3. Ohhhhh, I didn't notice the quantity! That's true... that's what I missed, I only read the rewards. Fair enough. Maybe the Special is selectable and the normal one isn't?? AAAAA you are right, 2 weeks from now, I don't know why in my mind I was thinking about one week later... but it's 2 weeks from now! Sheeeesh, in a way or another we normally use more than 10 extractors in a week so.. we're good, I hope 🤣
  4. 🤣🤣 the more we think about it... haha it surely isn't clear. Buuut.. from that sentence I understand that for each week we will get AT LEAST ONE of the boxes, which means not 2 boxes for sure.. and is it random to get Gift Box or Special Gift Box?!? How will it be 12 gifts then? And the most important.. what's the difference between the boxes?! Coz from what I read, they seem to have the same rewards. Or my eyes missed something. Maybe one is selectable and the other not? Well, we are just overthinking about the event.. soon we will be able to understand! Amen
  5. Ohhh so each week we use 10 extractors, for the next maintenance on Wednesday we get 2 boxes? Which means 60 extractors in total in 6 weeks, 12 boxes at the end.
  6. There is a thing I didn't understand about the event: we will get 1 box for each 10 experience extractors used or we just use 10 experience extractors to receive one box at all? I don't know if I made myself clear 😆 Like 20 extractors = 2 boxes; 30 extractors = 3 boxes... is it like that? Or we only get 1 box using 10 extractors and that's all?
  7. This is the shittiest thing ever. I still can't believe my eyes saw that.. you gotta pay to get the fcking cats. Players that can't afford it won't even have a spark of hope to get them. Bullshit.
  8. We got the event. But you gotta pay for them, amazing 😄 I'm glad they care about the rest of the players that can't afford it. Not even a single spark of hope for them.
  9. Only sad reactions. I was really hoping the Cat event would bring those cat transformations so we can get them.. As soon as I saw the news on the official page, I "ran" to read it to get to know if it was transformation contract event. Major disappointment.. 😩 Really really dumb.. well, let's see. For new or returning players might be interesting.
  10. Yep, makes sense. Besides, not suffering from Soul Sickness anymore is such a big thing.
  11. I don't understand this. Why people who don't play anymore would be helding houses/mansions or whatever if they don't care about the game anymore? lol Like, do they log on once a month to pay for their houses for years now? Because if they don't pay for it, their places go to auction. I truly agree with you. This would "force" these people to do something else than just logging in, paying the fee and bye bye Aion. It would bring some engagement from these players at least monthly, if they truly want to keep their places.
  12. The whole situation is not about EQUALITY but EQUITY. When you guys ask for equality you want KT players' situation to be the same as it is for you: reset their houses, their names, etc. It would cause an even more massive disappointment in game since we outnumber DN players. So, more people would be quiting the game, I guess. But when we talk about equity is how NCSoft NEEDS to treat DN players' situation more carefully in a way it's fair for their circumstances and so both servers are not compromised. "Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resou
  13. WOW, this is clearly not fair to DN players - about housing and other stuff - but blaming KT players and trying to throw us in a pit is also not fair. It's not our fault how they are handling this. As it was pointed out, KT server helds the most players still playing the game and keeping it alive so it makes perfect sense they move the less populated server to the most populated server, not the other way around. Problem is: they decided to do the merge apparently not thinking how to do it in a way they wouldn't compromise DN players. They've noticed the game is dying and they were like:
  14. Imma try it.. I've being trying so many different ways TnT damn Gunner is tough hahahaha thank you again, lemme see how it goes then I tell you! Cannon AoEs are good af, just gotta put em in the right order..
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