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  1. Yeah. 180m would be possible for siel elyos if we all showed up at the start and actively dpsd the whole time, but 1, nobody wants to actively dps for an hour, and 2, the gojira spawn times just so happen to overlap when certain VERY high profile world bosses are in spawn window, meaning most of the players with actually good damage will be late to the party by a half hour. 180m hp is just not doable. Tell the team to maybe back it down to 30-50m We can probably manage that in a half hour. a FULL LEAGUE, more than 200 players, could only manage about 140m in 40 minutes. Israphel probably
  2. This is false info and everyone seems to think this for some reason, but they're getting their info mixed up. Please stop spreading it. There IS a hard cap on crit, and that hard cap is 50%. Originally in aion 1.5 retail release, there was no crit cap. There was a softcap at 440 (44%) where all further crit was halved, and then at 500 (47%) quartered, such that you needed 620 crit to truly reach 50% crit chance. It just wasn't really viable to use 1/4 potency manastones, so people mostly stopped at 440 or 500, with only a few players opting to just stack full crit. That was all scrapped w
  3. The original event: 1: Talk to a shugo in Heiron/Beluslan to get quests 2: Kill Gojira - highest damage party/alliance gets loot. Boss CAN drop a godstone box or lv70-90 enchant stones 3: After Gojira dies, a shugo spawns nearby to complete the quest which gives: 1 recovery crystal, 10 greater courage or awakening scrolls, 20 greater running scrolls, and 1 Gojira treasure chest key. Also after completing it 3 times you get a special cake themed weapon skin. 4: After Gojira dies, locked treasure chests spawn all around heiron and beluslan for 20 minutes and can be looted using a Gojira
  4. putting it in the cash shop is completely opposite of the point. Padma skins are just okay. the entire point of them is because they are elusive and rare. The second they hit the cash shop or an event or anything like that, there's no longer any value in having them. They become a worthless skin that is not impressive to have, not a fun story to talk about, can't brag about it. Please DON'T put padma skins in the cash shop.
  5. I'm looking to gather a group/alliance of players to farm padmarashka for her armor and weapon skins. Padma has always been hard content. It was designed as a worldboss, nerfed to aion's first real boss instance, and nerfed again from a ?48? man instance down to 12, but its never really been something people do. As a result, nobody really has her armor skins - it's super exclusive, and I am all about exclusive gear to brag about ^.^. It is still quite difficult I assume, but in the last year or so we got a great weapon to fight it - the free stuff added to the level 55 campaign quest. Padma wa
  6. thats awful. I have other gear skins on my templar for wearing as townwear. this is tragic news.
  7. so they're essentially soft-resetting AP by making the amounts we earn 20x what we're used to? lol I wonder if pvp AP will be increased a lot too...
  8. add me and send me an invite any time you're doing this stuff. I'll come and log my alt to be in alliance to loot an extra bag too
  9. cool photoshop. wish the game looked that good naturally
  10. everyone freaking out that exp event didnt' start at 0:00 their time zone, or at server reset. Am I the only one that remembers exp boosts not starting till like midday PST on fridays?
  11. Aethertechs gain an attack range boost when they enter their bastion. a 2h extendable's range is typically 7.0 meters (you typically only see 6 meters but if you stand perfectly you can hit from exactly 7), and a non-extend is 4.0 meters. 1 handed weapons do extendable 6.0 meters and non-extendable 3.0 meters.. Aethertechs get either 5.0 meters or 6.0 meters attack range, so you're allready attacking from further away than any melee without an extendable, and potentially as far away as a 1h extend. This was done intentionally so that you wouldn't be added into the stack of "you need an extend
  12. i don't get why people are complaining about the exchange rates. Yall realize that when we converted to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0, we didnt' get free gear, right? Most of this stuff is going to be gear you extract or break down or npc within 2 months of 6.X launch anyway. Is it REALLY worth months of grinding effort now to save yourself a couple weeks worth of grinding effort later? no not really. This gear was never about "enchant your gear up to get these cool rewards!", this gear is pity gear. "oh you spent so much time and money enchanting your gear to such high levels, we're sorry its lit
  13. For armor you want to buy apollon gear off the broker. Make sure it has manastone slots! Also make sure it has block mods not parry mods. If apollon is too expensive, or just some parts (likely the weapon and chestpiece will be more expensive than the others), then you can use LABYRINTH gear to fill in the holes. Buy apollon's accessories off the broker too, or Kroban's if apollon's is too expensive (helm, necklace, and earrings might be). Kroban doesn't have helms, but labyrinth does. kroban's wings are cheap and good too, so might as well pick them up too. You Anything less than Apollon is r
  14. Untradable... So if some dumbass wins the roll on a class that can't use it, that gear is gone for good. Please tell me 6.0 has class-based need-rolls finally? I'm going to be so nyerking mad if i roll 2nd highest on a GS and lose to a BR assassin who can't use it.
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