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  1. I have not once said if I thought Aion Classic will or will not be released in NA. It isn't coming at this time though.
  2. Confirmation Bias will make you sound desperate to others. The post can have duplicity, at this point one could say it could be used to feel up the players' desires. Most of us like being touched, but it doesn't mean they committed to anything.
  3. @Kibbelz Why are we rolling back the servers to 2009? I can make assumptions too.
  4. People keep insisting that because they used this content for advertising Classic in KR means that somehow the same is happening in this case. Today is also Thursday. It lacks context. It isn't a confirmation of anything either.
  5. Sorry, I meant it is winding backwards with previous patches shown with the year with no other context.
  6. That is simply a clock rewinding backwards with no context.
  7. I would like to point out Classic was never confirmed, they haven't even said anything about it.
  8. Classic isn't coming. It will just destroy Aion further if it did. What is really dumb is that people think it will be a cure all for all the problems, many of the same problems will exist and many more of the new problems will still exist. Everything that made a mass amount of players quit during 5.0 would be brought back: Level Grinding Pay-to-Win One Shotting Everything everyone hated in the past would be brought back: Huge Class/Race Imbalances Limited PvP Opportunities PvP Curse Debuffs Manastone Socketing Failure Rates Enchanting F
  9. @Kibbelz Can we have an event where the loot includes different types of house storage items and cube expansion coins? My inventory is filled to brim with scrolls from the other event.
  10. I propose the following changes for the reasons listed as follows: The returning option needs to be completely changed. When tuning you select the four stats you want and the output is the four stats you wanted randomly tuned from the lowest stat value tune to the highest stat value tune. The cost of returning needs to be changed to 70 times more (C(8,4) times more) than the current amount. The tuning cost would be approximately 35m for each Ultimate piece. This is effectively the same thing as the current system, but doesn't waste your time sitting there returning
  11. @Kibbelz did you turn on some slow mode or something? We being that naughty? :/
  12. After 6:30 PM CT Time is the projected time.
  13. Why would they want you to know about broken parts of the game? It would be like telling players how to exploit things.
  14. I know, but it's just that you always make it sound like you aren't part of any team.
  15. I got a question, are you part of the team and if so why aren't you in the meeting?
  16. When will we get our minion box from the promotion event?
  17. Or just play Templar, because they are actually tanky.
  18. Auto-hunting system needs to be deleted. They can make long term "afk" rewards by other means or they can make them reasonable to get with grinding.
  19. My point was there were indications for delay. Just because they said they would do something by a date doesn't mean they will.
  20. @Kibbelz I'm pissed. I want to be able to get my IDD NM runs needed in before the retuning buff goes away and to do such I need the IDD NM bug to be fixed or remedied. @Kibbelz Why can't you send 200 IDD NM entry scrolls to every character and delete them the next week? Besides, the bug should have never happened and the work-around shouldn't deter you as long as it isn't game breaking. Since the entry count is so large, it shouldn't matter how many you send other than that you would need to be able to cover all toons impacted by the bug.
  21. The reason why the crash happened was obvious, it was the amount of mobs that spawned in that instance. IDD doesn't have that amount of spawns and you can't afk it for loot anyway, so there won't be as many instances of it compared to luna, especially since it is a 6 man instance rather than a 1 man instance.
  22. Why would they patch the server now when they can do that tomorrow? Also, why would anyone need 100 entries to begin with?
  23. I think it is likely that @Kibbelz saw this and opted out to respond at the time, but are we on track to get our minion bundles from the promotion or will there be a delay?
  24. There is an ongoing trend of NCSoft not disclosing complete information on purchasables in their shops, and it is worse than that, sometimes there is misinformation or disinformation. I would say it would be your fault if you bought something from NCsoft thinking you were getting what you thought you were getting, but NCsoft should follow community-accepted consumer protection standards.
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