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  1. Actually AoA NM/EM is very easy as long as you have enough gear for BE EM. You can "kill" the first boss by dpsing, dying, and resing, the boss won't deaggro because of the NPCs. It takes about a few minutes at most to do that, then it takes a minute to get to the boss area with the Pumpkin. FYI, the first boss only needs to be down to 60% to disappear.
  2. I watched six spots known to have boxes spawn without leaving each spot for up to an hour and 5 minutes, out of all those spots, none had a chest spawn. Can anyone confirm they have found a box this week after maintenance? I think the box spawns are broken.
  3. As title says. I can't connect to the Katalam Server and the forums seem to have problems as well. Everything else unrelated to Aion works, so something is wrong on their end.
  4. Additionally, they should make Ultimate Transformations give the same movement speed stat as Legendary Transformations, but everyone will s*** on that idea.
  5. For f***'s sake, just change all the transforms so they have stats closer to each other: Normal Grade Transformations give Ancient Grade stats. Greater Grade Transformations give between Ancient Grade and Legendary Grade stats. Ancient Grade Transformations give Legendary Grade stats. Legendary Grade Transformations give between Legendary Grade and Ultimate Grade stats. Ultimate Grade Transformations give the same stats as they do now. They should also do the same for combinations and provide more baby step achievements between the already existing achievement
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