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  1. Sorc must be the most boring class: sleep + nuke = target dead, if not dead, repeat. lol Yes, I don't like fighting sorcs because I end up in the first part of the equation even with defense preparation and magic defense up
  2. Not trying to defend this guy, but what's so bad about it? It's just one PVE necklace. He played it smart while the rest of y'all trying to work hard. And trying to get him banned just because he's got that one thing you cant have? Greedy nyerks. LMAO. Kudos to him for getting the whole set. As for Berserking Frigida, we killed it with a random group. Somehow the normal mode glitched and we had to fight Berserking Frigida as the final boss. And to make it more interesting, she also had the Enraged buff. It was one of the most exciting moments I've had so far since I returned in Januar
  3. 1.5 hours you say? How? Last time I tried it took me a whole day! Is there a trick to it?
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