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  1. At end of day less time spam forums more time grinding gp if you like a higher rank. reset ranks isn't going to help players on most of servers top 10 have spent plastic to have and keep there ranks over years I doubt they stop using plastic to take there same ranks back. having a xform isn't anything that special at end of day
  2. drop rate is same around 30% I do 30+ luna a day omega drops is same since 5.6
  3. it happens a lot faster if you got to amazon.com buy game codes turn them in for ncoin
  4. level 55 can hide on fts in ingg/gelk so lvl66 cant find them on those maps
  5. they take kinah from me to sent me a email that they take it that's the power that support has good luck if you decide to send ticket at end of day they take kinah out of your account you need luck of getting a different support person to get it back since every person at support has a different answer for same ticket just way support is anymore it proberly not going to change any time soon
  6. they proberly need korea to make it pop since they cant do anything state side so it proberly be a bit before it pops again
  7. log into norv disc in 10 secs on all of my toons so nice
  8. only reason to buy reset scrolls for it off bcm is for people that hack it they have to make there money to
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