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  1. GP

    Ok, misread that as being we are stopping the resets now. My bad.
  2. GP

    May I ask how that wont help the haves vs the have nots? It'll cause a greater divide in an already divided community, just like the EK server compensation. Then shouldn't we either reset gp or end the season so that those that have utilized the resets aren't that far ahead of those that haven't?
  3. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    I saw on the FAQs page that there was a fee from EK to DN last week. Not sure why everyone was thinking they could transfer to either DN or KT free. If there was a free transfer to DN, rip DN server.
  4. You still mad you have to pay $20 for a transfer to DN? You spent that much just on luna resets the last week..smh
  5. Poll for NCsoft!!!

    Guessing there is no new update or we would have been told. Maybe we should put a poll up asking Cyan to give us hourly updates. That may be better than this poll.
  6. Crafted gear out classes the gen crystal gear? Please preach on. You sound a bit jaded.
  7. @Matsukamy-KT I agree and the worst of Aion history was 6.2. Can't craft consumables. Can't trade kinah or crafted gear in the account warehouse. ETC. But I believe that the reason gp was stopped in Evergale, dredge and the others is cause there was no perfect solution to the AFK problem. Even as I type now, I was in an Evergale where a great general was just afk, just as he did the last 3-4 years in Evergale. Only difference, no GP. I can't imagine that he needs the minion contracts, minum or enchant stones seeing he had top dollar gear before 6.2 and received top level compensation gear. Aion needs a bail out, quick.
  8. I understand that, I was referring to the poster a few above me, Lyriccs. There is one quest from the pink prestige guy that gives 50 gp but I think its related to the siege. And not sure if its one and done or a weekly. Saw it when NCsoft was kind and gave the one week prestige trial. I didnt quote the post as seeing I was replying at length and their post was lengthy as well
  9. I use this sire for the times of everything, etc https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Instances
  10. AFKing was rampant for the last 2-3 years in a gp instance that had pvp. Tried kicking, that was either abused to get friends into the same battle or the alliance leader was afk. There was no solution for any of it. You can join an alliance for sieges now and afk, get minimum gp and at least a purple if not red box. As long as you are in an alliance that is filled with people who won't kick you. With the removal of reset scrolls and luna used to reset instances, do you think that whales will pvp or afk to gp, either way, the 'P2W' stigma will surface. There was only one certain way to stop the 30 trillion posts about afking to gp on gp instances. Take the gp out. And AP is only good for De'ing and upgrading, if you werent given +15 ulti compensation gears. You can throw in xform seeds but only a small population needs that. Contribution rates or rankings in a pvp instance is a joke. Take Evergale, who gets more GP, the person guarding the node, the ones that kill bosses or those camping the enemy spawn. Can't say only those that pvp get more gp, then games would last forever. Plus rewarding the losing side of the instance is a mistake, what incentive to I have to try if I can do the minimum, get GP, spend $$$ get my luna reset and practically afk farm GP while losing. I never thought quests should give gp or ap unless its the current system of kill xx amount of the opposing faction. But the 1 gp per kill would promote more open world pvp rather than the sitting in the lakrum city afk waiting to do something. Killing bots would help the opposing faction, no? NCsoft would have to go back to the old system if a bot got so many bot reports, the name turns a different color and doesnt count for GP, AP or a pvp kill.