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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    I never asked for Korea's rewards. And I asked because 600 luna is 3 maybe 4 days of work, err I mean afking as you put it. Sure someone said they can get 2 legendary stones from sieges. Both are shit rewards. But if having to afk for free luna everyday is a problem, you really don't need the seasonal reward of luna cause luna is, obviously, not that important to you. We can't come to an agreement of what we want from NC Soft. I think NC Soft should just suspend the seasonal rewards cause nobody likes what they are getting. Just reset gp and be done with it.
  2. Rewards

    Wow are you clairvoyant? If so what is the next big game so I can invest in it. Or just an opinion thats how long you may play for?
  3. EC Compensation Idea

    That wouldn't be right. If I received a 24 hour suspension, I should be getting a pro rated amount compared to those with longer suspensions or bans. The reasonable thing to do is to let that water over the damn flow. Ain't no way to fix it now. Y'all wanted bans, you got them. Now you want extra entries. What next, please give me +15 ultimate gear cause I think I deserve it? Move on and get over it.
  4. +12 stigma conclusion

    Do you honestly blame him for that? You can't go in a single thread where some asshat is blaming him for something out of his control. Couple that with the way EK asmos blamed him for their failures before everyobe quit that server. I'd do the same thing to keep my sanity from the whiny, entitled brats.
  5. Give us option to skip Demeha Campaign cutscenes

    Have you thought about finding another game to play? Every post you have is nothing but tears about how you don't like the way NC Soft runs their game. Its like an entitled brat whining constantly about how he hates everything in a game that is optional to play. Never figuring out that he can find something that suits his needy wants.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    Do you two do your luna instance weekly and daily? And how many toons you do it on if you do them?
  7. TBH, it would cut down on the sale of the transformation packages in the BCM. Why not just keep that carrot close enough to keep running, but just out of range so you can't get it.
  8. Fighting fragments

    I agree add frags to losing teams. And to prestige for every hour logged in we get 20. Cause hell we keeping this going. Why we give it to losers and not those paying NCsoft's bills.
  9. Hey NOD continue spam reports

    Please in the future, refrain from bullying potatoes. Potatoes don't deserve to be taken down to dingus level.
  10. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    I bet if you threaten to hold your breath till you get an answer would help. Compensation won't happen till weeks after they enable 'Evergone'
  11. Yes they will be called 'Ever and Gone.' Or the back up 'Dumb and Dumber.'
  12. GP

    Ok, misread that as being we are stopping the resets now. My bad.
  13. GP

    May I ask how that wont help the haves vs the have nots? It'll cause a greater divide in an already divided community, just like the EK server compensation. Then shouldn't we either reset gp or end the season so that those that have utilized the resets aren't that far ahead of those that haven't?
  14. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    I saw on the FAQs page that there was a fee from EK to DN last week. Not sure why everyone was thinking they could transfer to either DN or KT free. If there was a free transfer to DN, rip DN server.
  15. You still mad you have to pay $20 for a transfer to DN? You spent that much just on luna resets the last week..smh