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  1. can't you think? the solution is very simple, don't use vandals when on nerf. problem resolved ... oh my god, do you have to put things like this on the forum? . damn
  2. it's not the fault of the auto hunt feature, it's your fault. musicians shouldn't play games. damn .. get out of this game, you guys destroy the order of the Aion world. you have made legions too ?? damn
  3. The auto hunt feature has not been officially activated outside of the event, but why are there so many characters who hunt around Inggisom and their movements are so stiff. I guess it's a bot. Is that allowed?
  4. 仍然很安静,我想把凉鞋留在这里,如果很忙,请告诉我,兄弟。哈哈哈
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