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  1. Hey as the title says, i was really wondering if there is any way to get the stormwing set being lvl 80? I tried getting the set while i was lvling up but there werent any players applying for pt so i couldnt get it, and since they did the choice to remove the mentor thing i cant just carry a low lvl char with one at max lvl, i was really left with no way to get it... and I really want to have it, its always been my favourite set since i started playing on 2.0 and i really want to get it for the nostalgia :7 ik its ingame because beshmundir temple its still there... thats exactly why i feel even more annoyed at the fact that i cant get it because its there... so yeah.. if anyone knows a way to get it pls tell me :7 ,also... why dont they have old sets skins on the store anymore? i remember there used to be the tiamat set and stormwing and more on the store to use for skins and now therye removed... if it was still up on the store i would buy it no doubt...