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  1. I would say the 100 runs is nice if they didn't turn sov into tra-sh once again in the near months nothing good they do is a long term good, but just to satisfy for a month or two
  2. but at the end of the day you do see their gear, by asking, not to mention you now can see every player's char and account details via aion dps meter web. Hiding detail has become useless
  3. that bored? rhetorical question
  4. Whats the point in closed details then
  5. Transformations are lore based.. you cant change their gender based on your preferation, there's a story the game follows.
  6. I voted open, but I do put my details on hide. Why? Because keeping it open feels like im trying to show off, if everyone's were always open then no probs I think we should have the option to see people's details, not everyone are interested in trap run or are in a rush
  7. so you think every comment has to be solutions for the situation? huh I can give my opinion on the company's management and actions, it doesn't have to be what can they do about it now. might as well never leave a review over a product you purchased.
  8. Clearly you're the one not reading, as I did comment before that they should've made that decision before the event started, not mid act. I don't care if it wasn't possible to begin with, but disabling the option when they already made transfers is unfair. You know what, leave it, big or small impact, or nonexistent, nobody is asking for too much if it was done before.
  9. well then let me enlighten you, not everybody got the time to do so nor the will. Yes it's an MMO, but do I have to make this a second job? no, all I ask for is fair treatment by the company, ESPECIALLY when more than half server got their ulti xforms. So, no, I don't have ulti xform, and even if I did have, stats are stats, not "just collections".
  10. "In the end of the day this is an apostle transformation, most people already got their ultimate during the 2 promotions and that is what matters, the collections are an addition but not the end of the world." please please please tell me i didn't read this right.. please..
  11. "I only see few people" - I would've commented long ago but couldn't log in to forums for weeks. Very responsible by a company to make decisions mid act. You decide whether it's transferable or don't allow it from the beginning, but this is a fcking joke.
  12. Experience Extractor: 2 Socket stone: 1 Sovereign's acc box: 3 Ereshkigal potion: 2 Tiamat potion: 2
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