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  1. Aion black hole event

  2. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    Figured I would ask this question here since apparently there is no information anywhere on the topic. What are the best manastones for a SM to use for PVP? What are the best manastones for a SM to use for PVE? Magic Attack? Magic Crit? Magic Accuracy? Any suggestions?
  3. +9 Safe Spot Stigma Enchanting Event

    Please, Please, Please
  4. Demaha Fortress Siege

    What kind of porn have you been watching?
  5. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    So basically, SM's should socket up to 5k Magic Crit and then the rest Magic Attack ... ok GREAT ! Thanks for all the responses ...
  6. +9 Safe Spot Stigma Enchanting Event

    Please, Please, Please
  7. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    Where are all the experienced SpiritMasters AT !!!!!!!
  8. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    Does anyone know? I have yet to really see any type of information on SM Stats ...
  9. +9 Safe Spot Stigma Enchanting Event

    This would be SO NICE !!!
  10. Question, Best Aion Patch For You?

  11. Thanks GM Odin ...

    I'm sure we will all hear about this one !!! 1 for the books !!!
  12. So I got a stupid question ... What can we do with our old lvl 60 / 65 / 70 Abyss / AP Gear ? Are there NPC where we can turn in for AP or Extraction Tools to get AP back ??? I have all my old sets and accessories ... Did I hold on to them too long ??? Any help is appreciated! Thank You
  13. Old AP / Abyss Gear & Accessories

    You mean the stuff you can't see when you use a transformation scroll ... LOL ... GOD they killed us and the game all at the same time !
  14. Old AP / Abyss Gear & Accessories

    So that's the nice way of saying I screwed myself ... LOL
  15. Brand New Razer Laptop

    So I got a BRAND SPANKING NEW Razer 15 ... Installed AION ... Go to Siege ... SENDLOG like 9,999 times ... I'm speechless ... what do you guys suggest ? Ctrl + 12 - Running FIXED FPS - Lowest Graphic Settings It's almost like AION Doesn't like the 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H Processor 6 Cores/12 Threads
  16. Letter to NCSoft

    Dear NCSoft, Back in 2011, I was introduced to AION (1.9 if I can remember) by Co-Workers. I had never played an MMORPG before! Tried WOW but wasn't my cup of tea. I was a 1st Person Shooter. Installed it, grinded to lvl 10, went to Verteron and popped my wings, grinded to LVL 25, entered the Abyss and NEVER TURNED BACK! I remember saying "I CAN FLY" ... then I remember saying "I CAN FLY AND FIGHT!" It was an exhilarating experience for me and 1 I will never forget. Everyone ranted and raved about this MMORPG that included "FLIGHT" and "COMBAT IN FLIGHT" https://www.engadget.com/2009/09/06/everything-aion-flight-101/ http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/aion-flight-facts https://www.alteredgamer.com/aion/41531-why-daevas-fly-and-flight-mechanics/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aion_(video_game)#Flight https://venturebeat.com/community/2009/10/09/aion-preview/ Now let's Fast Forward to 2018 - 10 Years Later since AION was launched, AION 6.2 - Awakened Legacy The #1 factor that has made this MMORPG different than ANY OTHER MMORPG ON THE MARKET IS - "FLIGHT" - and in the LATEST, MOST RECENT, "LIKE A MONTH AGO" PATCH ... (OTHER THAN DIVINE SIEGE, WHICH ISN'T REALLY A FLIGHT SIEGE IN COMPARISON - THAT ONLY LASTS 1 HOUR ON 1 DAY A WEEK) YOU TAKE "FLIGHT" AWAY? I'm no expert here, well i'm a 20 year marketing expert, but who made the decision to take away the most NICHE INDUSTRY differentiating factor of the game? NCSoft, don't take my word for it, why don't you ask the player community how they feel about Flight in General and Flight Combat. I know if that Survey came across my screen all my answers would lead towards ADDING FLIGHT BACK. We as Daevas have WINGS ... LET US FLY !!! Thank You for your time. "FLYING WHENEVER I GET THE CHANCE TO" Pyxlbomb - DN - "Lumiel 4 Life"
  17. P2W much?

    Last time i'm going to post on this thread. I saw @Andeddo-KT ask for proof ... let me ask you, what type of proof would you like to get? Want them to take a video of them going through the DB just to prove that no one else got compensation gear on the server? Come On ... if you can't take your GM's word then it may be time to move on and play another game ... @Cyan and @Hime I think you need to lock this thread, because obviously these people aren't thinking straight! Asking for Proof ... i'm done ... LOL!
  18. I'm so happy I got my compensation Ultimate Gear ... it keeps me safe as I roam around and get ZERGED by others with compensation Ultimate Gear ... I don't go looking for NOOBS that I know I can KILL Easy ... i'm looking for Old Names who I KNOW have compensation Ultimate Gear that I can go TOE to TOE with ... Plus all the Rank 1 NOOBS don't give me enough AP to make it worth my time Killing them in their NON-Compensation Ultimate Gear ... and for all who don't have compensation Ultimate Gear ... it ain't all that ... I have some Legendary Genesis Gear that is better than my compensation Ultimate Gear already ... What I am trying to say is, DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE, GEAR YOURSELF, DO YOU, HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME PEOPLE !!! ENJOY IT !!! IRL I'm not mad at the guy that has a V8 next to me when I have the V6 ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... IRL I'm not mad at the Trust Fund Babies who got things handed to them, I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... I enjoy what I have and work hard to eventually upgrade what I have ... *MIC DROP*
  19. P2W much?

    Guys, you asked @Cyan and @Hime for answers, they answered, told you it was a mistake and was taken care of ... let's keep it moving. Worry about your toon, your gear ... worry about YOU. Now you are asking to check other peoples accounts ... come on ... Keep it MOVING!
  20. P2W much?

    This is GREAT ... no one post anything else until i get back with my ... Extra Buttery Popcorn ... Should take me a few minutes ... P.S. it's a GAME ...
  21. Todays Siege

    Have ya'll lost your MINDS? Be prepared to defend ... and get as many IDD runs in as you can before the next siege, those who understand what I am saying know what I mean !!!
  22. Todays Siege

    Ok, Ok, Ok ... enough with the Trolling, we all know we didn't take that fort because the elyos were so organized and pre-sieged and strategized and were led by Mochigirl and blah, blah, blah ... I really hope you guys know why we REALLY took this fort ... Because if you don't, you will be very disappointed when it's time to defend it !!! Just remember I wrote this post !
  23. Sorc manastones for pvp

    Full Crit Spell ... ALL THE WAY !!!
  24. Sorcerer Manastones? (Or other mystic classes)

    All Mystic Classes NEED Magic Crit ... GO FULL Magic Crit ... You will thank me later ;-)
  25. Aion 6.2 New Siege Buffs for the losing factions

    OOOhhh ... NICE !!!