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  1. Certain NPCs are untargettable

    I repaired the files and it did not really fix it right away, but I shut the computer down for a bit and now it seems to be working fine
  2. Certain NPCs are untargettable

    When I click on an NPC (left or right click) their name and HP bar shows up at the top and instantly disappears, as if I have changed targets. This is happening to a quest receiver and most NPCs, although a few random NPCs are clickable like normal. A glitch showed up out of nowhere when I was in one of the Training camp solo dungeons and the enemies would not attack me, but I could not click on them either. After exiting I could not hand in any missions and most NPCs are untargettable. I tried to fight a mob and they respond alright, no issues with locking, attacking or looting and the NPCs are genuinely random. I could click on a teleporter and a nyerk boy with bonus quests, but apart from them all the others were random soldiers that fill in space. Please help, thanks