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  1. Would it also be possible to lower some of the prices on the items? Since the rewards don't make sense to do it on multiple characters on the same account. People would only be running the pvp instances for their mains. 25 coins for 1 ultimate enchantment stone / daevonian essence seems too expensive. You would need to win 3 kamars and both AD and IDL (basically most of your pvp instances for that week) for 1 of those items which could fail from rng and make it seem like all your work was worthless. Lowering the price to 5 coins would make myself and I'm sure a lot of other players be more ea
  2. Kudos Kibbelz and team. One small feedback though: it would be good to make the gloriad treasure chests selectable. 40 battlefield coins for 1 random box doesn't seem much better than farming 200 souls in timeless terrace.
  3. Thanks Kibbelz and the team for updating us and resolving these issues. Some high level questions if you can reveal to us 1. How many accounts were banned and how many paragon pieces were deleted? 2. Which items were exploited? Was it limited to paragon?
  4. Theres two family of exploiters here 1. the people that used the dup hack (or whatever it is) to produce the items and sell them for real money 2. the people that RMT and bought it via broker Group 1 should definitely be banned. No question whatsoever. Group 2 is RMTing so it is against ToS so will they be banned? of course. Whether I think they should be banned/or what the community thinks is a different story. I also don't want to jump to any conclusions that just because they RMT'ed also means they hack or whatever. Since 6.x, I sincerely doubt that less than 50% of the
  5. Don't get me wrong. I think GMs are doing the right thing since this is against ToS. They also don't get enough credit for the good things they do like recent stormwing/garden events and new flower event which is giving out legendaries like candy which imo is to make up for apostle situation. This is exploit is also a situation where exploiters/hackers are clearly exploiting and gm can find strong evidence for it (item codes/logs). From what I've seen, NC always bans when there is clear evidence. This is different from other forms of hacks like botters/ no animation hacker where there's more
  6. I also do think the staff should just permanently delete all exploited items instead of perma banning the small population already but /shrugs
  7. Why would you buy +7 paragon knowing that people are buying +10/15 paragon way cheaper than 3.5b and at that time not knowing that ncsoft would do anything about the exploiters? Doesn't add up.
  8. ez gm can just check invents / warehouse and logs for where item got transferred to if its on alts.
  9. @Kibbelz@Loki @Hime in case you have forgotten paragon weaps for reference god knows what else is hiding in peoples warehouses
  10. @Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Loki @Hime@Kibbelz@Lo
  11. ur company is losing thousands of dollars to hackers!
  12. @Kibbelz@Loki ATTENTION PLEASE This is no joke. They are getting the items from thin air and selling the items on broker and discord for cheap price. +15 paragon takes at least 100b to create with legit way and they are selling for 500mil. Please look into Simpok (glad kt-a) and others who have the item and trace where it is coming from! in case u are not aware of in game currency 100b has about a retail value of $2000. They are selling those items of $2000 dollars for 500m/ $10!
  13. Wow two of the best events at the same time! Looks like my prayers in the last thread were heard. Thanks Kibbelz and the team for driving this. Next up: normal cubics from pve/pvp instance drops?
  15. Add luna weapon events soon please. Balance in AOD is completely broken vs someone that can just full heal or pop up a massive shield.
  16. Add exp marks (5) and cubics to the end of all instances or 300% perma exp boost if you are not implementing auto-hunting, thanks.
  17. How is the bot not a neccesity? Do you want to spend all your playing hours grinding mobs in open world for cubics/exp marks or do it at night when you sleep and then play the actual game when you're online? There are people using ice cream and that won't go away. At least everyone has an equal chance now.
  18. Also consider adding 5 exp marks per quest in lakrum/crimson kata. These are dead maps right now because there is no motivation to go there. Want to make the game more alive? implement this.
  19. Like others have said, we don't have a choice. We need this system just to progress in this game for getting cubics, buying ancient refining stones to enchant our gems, etc, .... Without it, I think we are just getting a massive flux of players out of the game and barrier for new players to enter because progression is too hard. Either implement this in the open world, or give like 5 exp marks and normal cubics as a reward at the end of each instance. <-- I personally prefer this solution which would motivate players to run things and make the game feel more alive and community l
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