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  1. @KibbelzThe minion auto-buff function is bug for trans scroll and transparent trans scroll when using kromede as trans (not kromede minion). The minion will buff every-time the trans scroll is off cooldown instead of when the trans buff duration ends. I checked and the other transforms are working fine. I wonder if any other transforms are bugged too. *struggled to come posting the issue here. feel zo lasy
  2. @KibbelzConsider Tradable/Can be Brokered or BCM version for part(s) of skins that are in set please. Two Halloween events passed and my Enchanting Sorcerer Shoes still nowhere to be found. The Enchanting Sorcerer skin looks so lame without the shoes T.T Now there is also a small problem that is: The Moon Daru's Picnic (Ride Speed Up) is tradable but the Moon Daru’s Picnic - Hat isn't. It would be sad for players who later find the cute Daru costume with an interesting skin skill on broker but have no ways to get the hat for full set.
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