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  1. Restoration/Changes for transformation by Memories Shard

    Also @Hime I would like that you check this topic and give us your opinion here
  2. Hello Deaves The topic that I would like to bring to the table as the Title says, it is about to our support team will be able to restore transformation materials that were used to make a transformation box throught Memories shard and Legendary breaths or well make a change about how this boxes obtained by Memories shard and Legendary breaths give you the transformations. It's not fair that you work along months to get one of these boxes to received a transformation that doesn't work for the class that you are playing on that moment and this could happen many time giving you a bad experience on the game cause no matter how much you focus all your force to get one of this transformation for your class the game still giving you some that it's not good for your class. Example: New Player (Gladiator) works during 4 months to try twice boxes and both boxes give these guy Bolving and Viola.. He lose 4 months to not received nothing usefull for his class and that situation could be happend again with a third try and like that continuesly. So, my proposals on this topic are: #1 give the possibility to the players can restore their transformation contracts box obtained through Memories Shard and Legendaries breath to help them mitigate even a little the RNG with the transformation that doesn't work for the class that you're using # 2 - Make a change about how this boxes made by Memories Shard and Legendaries breath works, In this case I think that should work like the boxes of the stormwing event where the first transformation box have you the possibility of select what kind of transformation I want to get, either Physical, Magical or Hibrid I guess that is more than a simple QQ post, it's the reallity of many new and returning players are living and we still without received a event to get these transformation so this could be a good idea to help all to get at least a transformation according the time that you spend on the game. @Loki and @Kibbelz Please I would like to get some visibility on this topic and read your options about it.
  3. Spiritmaster set MR for 7.5?

    Yes, I noticed that (talking about the gear up) but I would like to know the effectiveness of MR set on this patch as for example in 4.0 acc and acc was predominant sets used by mostly all the players
  4. Spiritmaster set MR for 7.5?

    Hi Guys Currently, I am having some doubts about SM I played SM in 3.0 and later versions and I builded my set with MR to get some resist that works pretty well for the version... So my question is how relevant could be MR in SM? the dmg will be dramatically reducted? or that could work? I would like to read your opitions regards to this!