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  1. Just as stated, opening server transfer was a Big Mistake to begin with. ( Pun intended ). There are many reasons to why opening server transfer was a grave mistake. Germ/MrFrank stole from his legion and transferring to Katalam server with his little soldiers such as fatbad, eikure, sethos, eph, nangnang and a couple more who had benefited from World Boss summon scrolls and to avoid the heat and hatred by the legion and the faction for screwing them over world bosses and their members' hardwork and effort. Depriving most of BigMistake/Nod's members' right to get loots from World bosses which they deserve. It wasn't just the WB summon scrolls and loots. It was a lot of things adding up together that mrfrank/germ had stolen from the legion. I've heard from people that was from Nod/Big Mistake that Germ/Mrfrank had extorted and threatened his members to sell or trade n-coins/$$ real life currency to him at a cheap and ridiculous rate. Some even had to give him free n-coins or money. That is how he makes a living. After stealing from Danaria's biggest legion, now they are transferring with some of the faction's most geared players and many others are jumping the bandwagon and hopping over to Katalam server as well. As much as we hate to say it but this will greatly impact Danaria Asmodian faction in terms of balance and the health of Danaria server. Having one of the only two server, dying, now Nc soft may as well merge both into one server. On top of everything, the previously legion known as Big mistake aka Nod is now named as Not Today. It is not news to people. I am specifically talking about this because, Omega, their current BG. One who talks behind and complains about Germ/MrFrank is always and still is running instances with Germ/MrFrank. Ahhh, the irony. I guess this is the real world, as long as one is being able to benefit from one another, they don't care about anything else. I suggest we close the Server transfer immediately before ruining Danaria server any further. As for Katalam, beware of Germ/MrFrank and his little thieves , they are going to cause quite a drama in the faction when they are there. That is all I have to say. To those who has given money or n-coins to Germ/MrFrank, you deserve to be used , scammed and thrown aside eventually. He does everything to get into the good books of big paying users and milk them like cashcows. I am referring to people like Calli, Eph and his special peon nangnang. I am sure there are more cashcows that he milks but I do not want to jump into assumptions like Maika. God speed and hope justice will be served to scumbags like these people. Karma will come back for you people and minions of Germ/MrFrank. Até breve. The last day for these people before their transfers.
  2. The people that are involved and mentioned are the BG of big legion. There are no doubts that BG has their own perks. I've never come across path with Pocos or Alaryl as I was never an IS player. Only got to danaria after server merge. So I can not input of things that I don't comprehend or know. However, you seem to be assuming a lot of things. For example about my english. I do and did use alot of google translator for english as it is not my first language. I have been learning english for 3 years. Taking up classes, reading a lot of english newspaper and of course, I am not posting on my main account. Who would? I am not hiding anything just not being stupid like you are. You talk about clever people using gullible people and benefiting themselves? So are you indirectly saying you are stupid for all those assumptions and still in Big mistakes knowing that the legion still belongs to MrFrank or his crew? One day, he will return and you will still be in there because you are the gullible that are being used. Just as how you said it ^A^. So why are you still in that legion? Turning a blind eye like you said to accomplish something you can't do? I believe capable people will always be able to find a way out. You are just not the clever person that you spoke of in your story. It is late for me now, bed time. You nod/bigmistake people are funny. Being used while MrFrank earns money and having all the benefits while you got left with nothing ^A^.
  3. How is this irrelevant ? It is all related. Back in 7.0, germ/mrfrank used all of you as how you guys were using the legion for winning altars for ultimate and legendary tickets. Except that he reaped the stigma enchantment stones from successful fort defenses and of course, the boss summoning scrolls and also boosting his ego of being a 'supreme leader'. He is also using few of the richer players in nod/Big Mistake and stick to them like a leech, getting moolah$$ support from big spending players ^A^. Now in 7.5, there's no need for using the rest of you peons He left with his crew, the cool kids, hunting bosses, reaping all those shining/dazzling gems, weapon boxes and RMT for in real life currency( money/dollars ). Now he is done with you guys, he is better off with his little solders who are more capable than majority of the Big Mistake players and venture a new adventure with them and get more kinah to RMT Ohh he also bots. That's sad that Asmodian faction has someone like this. Conclusion? Big Mistake/Nod has been used. By a smarter , better guy ^A^. Pardon for bad english, some I google translate. ^A^ As for others who are thinking whether have you been used by germ/mr frank? Just ask yourself, have you given him any money/monetary of any sort? Or been used and thrown aside while he earns kinah/items and sell them for $$ on discord? His Discord name is FiRE. Just so you guys know ^A^
  4. That sounds very like from first hand personal experience, doesn't it? Your BG germ/mrfrank took stigmas enchantment stones, summon World boss scrolls and kept for himself and his circle of minions If you weren't invited, you aint good enough, just peon. (Summoning bosses to kill within a small group of friends). Having all that paralyze weapon boxes( he was even trying to sell each para weapon box for $100 cash ( RMT) to players), all those shining gemstones that he is selling on broker under the name( CubicOne) and having dazzling gemstones sold to players instead of giving to own legionmates who got him the summon boss scrolls from altar before. While he sells kinah for real life currency $( RMT). However, Big Mistakes/Nod still alive ain't it? lelelelel.
  5. Stormwing egg ? Event is over yet we are still able to claim reward. Does it mean that the event is extended? I mean like it's free reward, why not ;). However, when is this event ending?????