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  1. Hey retardardo, Do you even read what you are debating? All that I see is you talking about YOUR need, all about YOU. Whereas, I'm talking about in General, in terms of the economy and especially new players if any. You think can sell your ancient magic crystals higher because of what? Who still buys ancient magic crystals? If you can farm, craft and make everything like you claimed to be. Then why are you talking about walking around with 100k? You simply got no idea what you're talking about. Do not assume I buy stuff from broker only, I mean , we all do but what I'm trying to mak
  2. Are you saying that you want them to change the kinah bundle value to 10 to 20 mil per bundle just so you could re-tune but not being able to afford anything else ( unless you have a hoard of alt army)? Because that's what you're trying to say you estuipdo. This is how things work in both real world and virtual world. Demand and supply. Do you know how does inflation works? How botters or players with heaps of alts army will ruin the game if this were to indeed change? Let papi give you a life lesson. People are complaining about dazzling gems ( for example ) being an
  3. This shows how ignorant you are. Botters will always have an edge and huge advantage over others because they are botters and Ncsoft isn't doing anything to stop them. Use that little pea brain of yours and think. Do you think with the alts you have will get you enough to fight the inflation of kinah value in this case? Botters have hundreds of alts, which means, they gain probably few hundred times of what you will be gaining. It is the same. If you find it hard to keep up now, it'll be much worse if they indeed change the kinah bundle value. Your so called billions will worth not
  4. Like I've said on the other post and I quote: The description is indeed wrong. However, the kinah should be kept between 1-5mil like what it is now. We don't want to follow the footstep of EU Aion with huge inflation of kinah value while people with lots of alt army account or botters to reap the benefit of it and ruin the game. You imbeciles are crying over not getting the all supposed kinah from a wrong description but did not think about the impact to the game IF the kinah bundle really gave 10 to 20mil kinah. First of , do you have as many army of alts compared to the botters or othe
  5. The description is indeed wrong. However, the kinah should be kept between 1-5mil like what it is now. We don't want to follow the footstep of EU Aion with huge inflation of kinah value while people with lots of alt army account or botters to reap the benefit of it and ruin the game.
  6. Do not open the server transfer for these thieves to leave DN to KT. Germ/ImTingTing/kinahxxvandal and his selected several peons such as eikure/nwn, fatbad, calli/krylon, eph screwed over their legion badly, stealing boss scrolls and bodly trying to sell them for real life $$(RMT) and still are trying to get away from the server? They had not only stole and upset many people who trusted them, they also left a permanent scar behind of having Asmodian faction working together only to be screwed over again. Do not open the server transfer as both KT and DN asmodians do not want
  7. Just as stated, opening server transfer was a Big Mistake to begin with. ( Pun intended ). There are many reasons to why opening server transfer was a grave mistake. Germ/MrFrank stole from his legion and transferring to Katalam server with his little soldiers such as fatbad, eikure, sethos, eph, nangnang and a couple more who had benefited from World Boss summon scrolls and to avoid the heat and hatred by the legion and the faction for screwing them over world bosses and their members' hardwork and effort. Depriving most of BigMistake/Nod's members' right to get loots from World bosses
  8. The people that are involved and mentioned are the BG of big legion. There are no doubts that BG has their own perks. I've never come across path with Pocos or Alaryl as I was never an IS player. Only got to danaria after server merge. So I can not input of things that I don't comprehend or know. However, you seem to be assuming a lot of things. For example about my english. I do and did use alot of google translator for english as it is not my first language. I have been learning english for 3 years. Taking up classes, reading a lot of english newspaper and of course, I am not posting on m
  9. How is this irrelevant ? It is all related. Back in 7.0, germ/mrfrank used all of you as how you guys were using the legion for winning altars for ultimate and legendary tickets. Except that he reaped the stigma enchantment stones from successful fort defenses and of course, the boss summoning scrolls and also boosting his ego of being a 'supreme leader'. He is also using few of the richer players in nod/Big Mistake and stick to them like a leech, getting moolah$$ support from big spending players ^A^. Now in 7.5, there's no need for using the rest of you peons He left with his crew, the c
  10. That sounds very like from first hand personal experience, doesn't it? Your BG germ/mrfrank took stigmas enchantment stones, summon World boss scrolls and kept for himself and his circle of minions If you weren't invited, you aint good enough, just peon. (Summoning bosses to kill within a small group of friends). Having all that paralyze weapon boxes( he was even trying to sell each para weapon box for $100 cash ( RMT) to players), all those shining gemstones that he is selling on broker under the name( CubicOne) and having dazzling gemstones sold to players instead of giving to own legionmate
  11. Stormwing egg ? Event is over yet we are still able to claim reward. Does it mean that the event is extended? I mean like it's free reward, why not ;). However, when is this event ending?????
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