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  1. Hi @Kibbelz @Loki is there anyone there that would maybe care to report that Katalam server is down ?
  2. Hi all I have just created a Discord based marketplace to help us all !! Please feel free to join and post what you selling in there !  <https://discord.gg/W6srErKYWm> Share it with your friends!!! lets get the market moving !
  3. So what about notifying the team in the next 2 working days instead of next week? It could be something that you should start looking at immediately. I wouldn't be surprised if the migration was not performed properly, It could be a matter of redeploying but the investigation needs to start asap. Right now the ping is way too unstable. I am not an expert but it could be a problem with the infrastructure that could be easily rectified. In terms of the ping, I don't know how but I have gotten a much better number but way more unstable. The problem is here and it won't go away by wai
  4. Hi there, I am bringing this up as I am a returning player. I was wondering what is the current view against the following programs. 1. Shugo Console As you may be aware Shugo console is a third party program which allows the user to increase the view angle and distance. 2. AION Rainmeter A program that monitors the chatlog and provides a couple of functionalities such as DPS metrics 3. AIDPS meter Similar to the previous one with the addition of checking and marking the animations that are breaching the expected timings (hack check). 4.Mouse and Keyboar
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