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  1. I always wondered whether crown is a bot :/ ?
  2. Sure campaign for that. I have lost names in the past as well and I understand how important it may be. I am one of the lucky ones that got to keep my main name all the way since 2012. But I have lost my alts names to bots and I could see the bot logging to do SAS. All I am saying is bring the forum down to demand to be treated in the right way and most of will stand with you but dont try to pull others down. The problem is with NC and how they handle it not with the remaining KT players.
  3. How about you stop complaining about KT and try to come up with a constructive post include some proposals to move forward ? Asking to nyerk up someone else cause you are not getting what you want is kinda childish. I would agree housing needs to reset for everyone especially given there are few KT people holding houses for years and they don even log anymore. However, every time I read something in like of "I am loosing stuff make the others loose as well " I am kinda like welp ***k this. You should unite and campaign to keep your names similar to what has happened befor
  4. Good to know I will level up my alchemy then.
  5. I am sure they do loads. Look below It is so nice to see actual players play this game ! Why do they all make chanters and they attack the same mob though ?
  6. I would probably be mad if someone was claiming my name after i have used it for over a decade so I get it. However how about stop asking for another server to get rekt because you are getting rekt ? How about we collaborate and try to give feedback to NC (not that they will listen but it worth a shot) ? Oh and btw forums is meant for discussion of topics coming up with random statistics, generalising responses and trying to represent everyone else is not going to work. Merge is a good thing if it is done under the right terms.
  7. The must be selling elemental stones lol I know a guy that was looking to buy kinah sometime around the 4th day :>
  8. So I heard NC is looking after the server and has taken care of the bots and all but I saw earlier today a group which was not botting and had a great set up 1 templ 1 cleric 1 chant rest glads seemed solid https://imgur.com/a/jesRcZj Thoughts ?
  9. What is wrong with you people ? Lets list facts Server traffic is down yeh cool we know about that. Each server has 100 active players (probably much less) AION is meant to be MMO aka Massively multiplayer online game Merge is required to achieve the highest number possible so it is sensible I am sure technicalities will be sorted . Servers should have been merged ages ago. Servers meant to hold more than 4k people form what we can see in classic and retail havent had more than 1k people for quite a while Thank you for your contribution. You have now be
  10. Finance team is working overtime to process the gains from classic. They must have missed that ! What a waste of an opportunity. Wait what ? You mean the 200 players that are online (including bots) ?
  11. BTW merge is a great idea but should have happened long time ago. Was exhausting to have to log a different account to lfg ppl in DN. BUT you guys need to answer the questions and I hope you will 50% drop in population though . Still way more alive than retail
  12. Nah they just copy paste the same thing every week. Their twitter team is using a conversion tool which is accurate so Kibbelz could use that maybe ? https://everytimezone.com/ . Timezones are not for everyone but if you going to include the information at least put some effort to use the correct one. After all this is 1 of the 5 weekly posts cant be that hard.
  13. we're definitely tackling bot issues - nop you dont. I party of 7 bots level 40 was farming in belu yest and was till farming before server went down monitoring very closely - obviously you dont As to Siel, it is primarily to allow casual users to enjoy the game though - How can anyone enjoy the game in 1hour especially when the rates and speeds are that slow ? At this point casual players are the ones with the basic sub the f2p players are just addicts. All you do is keep feeding addicts with a little bit of it everyday so they wont forget and they eventually decide to pay. This ga
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