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  1. @Kibbelz so let me get this straight. You had an emergency maintenance to fix some issues where you fixed the new bundles but completely removed luna lights and mats from the old bundles ?!?!?! Like seriously? Shouldn't you give a notice to pp to use them or at least replace them with the new bundles?
  2. I am impressed this maintenance went smoothly ! meanwhile in Luna : And the bundle from lugbug not usable ! I call that NC Success !
  3. Erm what about just follow the official Aion line , which every other server does, and let us use all the features of this game?
  4. hey let me tell you this. We want the auto hunting not because its cool but because it is a game feature that you have taken away form us. I am pretty sure that you are aware that people were using scripts to do that thing for ages. Will the auto hunting make a difference ? Probably not with the crap drop from the mobs and the negligible experience I doubt it will. So why dont you just save your selves time and skip this whole story telling about events and how you come down with them and try to just catch up with other servers in terms of the updates? I mean all you need to do i
  5. I post what I have. Please feel free to add any evidence from ppl you may have seen hacking I don't care if they are from my legion or not. I am glad that I haven't got anyone from my legion cause that would be awkward.
  6. Following up the previous comment. Sessions stored at https://1drv.ms/u/s!AttBpyed4KUma3_2lJA3djZcFjQ?e=cBE7SG this is an one drive link. But I am sharing this for transparency reasons I am considering alternative ways to keep this even outside of the forums. Eg discord based list and evidence collection in case more people from both servers want to participate in this initiative.
  7. Thank you for your intervention and also your offer. I wish NC was actually taking that on board and start doing something about it. In regards to the screenshots, as I mentioned , we do store and share session files in our discord. Unfortunately, this can not be done in the forums. More to the point, this post is to make community aware so they monitor this players. Whether NC would like to do something with them that is up to them but as far as I am aware they have no mean of performing any check or at least they are not bothered enough to do any check. Reason I am saying that i
  8. Maybe you prefer Also I have just checked and the sessions are stored even in open world
  9. It is very much updated it actually highlights the ppl with ulty as well.
  10. Fair point but in the screenshot you can see the player buffing them selves so I suppose that could be enough ? I haven't checked but if you pick the hacker in open world the session will not be saved if it was the session could be shared instead. Open to suggestions thanks!
  11. Cause reporting it with a ticket makes a difference haha. Oh well it is what it is as I said if their priority is to protects the identity of the hackers that's exactly what they will do . I have been in this game for 10 years ,with breaks of course, and no matter how many tickets i raised and how many videos I have sent to the support the same people kept hacking.
  12. Btw you made me think of three possible scenarios 1. Noone cares 2. NC cares as you mentioned to protect the hackers as this may be their first priority for their own reasons 3. We care and people dont want to be exposed so they stop using shit like this.
  13. Cause it is all bout protecting their identity ? Cause not exposing them would mean they dont hack ? Cause hiding behind our finger is what we should be doing ? Yeah I get that.
  14. Hi all, I understand that NC doesnt really care about it but the community should be aware. I have started an initiative within my legion to track and collect evidence for the hackers. The goal is to make people aware. so far in 2 days we have collected the following
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