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  1. @Kibbelz this is some very well constructed feedback that should make its way up. One thing I got to add is the Auto hunting in TT serves no one and no purpose. The only thing that will be achieved by that is to have the annoying floating auto hunt menu on screen which luckily can be hidden. Gelk and Ingi is the only way to get cubics and luna lights it would make sense to allow it there. Anyone who is saying that the auto hunt will increase boting is clearly turning a blind eye to the current situation. There are multiple reports in this forum for people boting. If you dont believe
  2. Great work on the events ! Thanks for letting us know which items will be deleted !
  3. I will leave this here. @Kibbelz something is not right about this image. Disclaimer that was sent to me captured form the video before it was taken down.
  4. You are probably right. BUT think about a scenario where a player was browsing broker and found the item listed and bought it while the exploiter was trying to pass to the buyer. In this case the guy that bought it is probably not the one to blame in which case the most appropriate action would be to revert the transaction remove the item and restore the kinah. Now if you ask me if this was the case for any paragon item then my answer would probably be no, however we can not be sure and that is the reason that i feel that the action taken accounts for all possibilities. I pre
  5. This is how the issue should have been managed. Thank you for doing so and for communicating the updates to us ! Please continue to do so !
  6. Ideally they should remove the item and let you keep the account. The optimum solution ,presuming you speaking he truth, is to restore you kinah. Keep trying to prove yourself. Trading via broker is a function of the game. The item is a product of the exploit so the item must be deleted not the player @Kibbelz. I choose to believe , in a naive way, that you thought 3.5b is a legit price even though you knew about the current situation.
  7. Must be overwhelming people tagging you all over the place but please be reminded that you are the only one that represents your company in this forum and the situation is not helping us to build or regain trust so please keep engaging with us.
  8. Cause it is wrong, and it hasn't happened I mean the update. I mean the least they can do is fix the times since they aint providing any meaningful update post. It is not complaining it is pointing out a mistake.
  9. Nah I think he used advanced seed of detection. Or maybe this is another visual bug ?????????
  10. Can you at least correct the times? 6 AM server time is 12 UTC... The notes have been off by 1 hour for the past 7 months. It may not make much of a difference for you but for us living indifferent timezones it does. No, but i will give you a very good link to read about it https://www.aiononline.com/news/april-minion-promotion
  11. I was thinking the same as you haha. The issues seems to be known and the investigations presumably has lead to some key exploiters. So then the logical step is to trace trades and items down and remove them form game. TBH i only know that paragon stuff were going around and rumour has it they were exchanged via broker so first you find the maker then you see what they made the you track the item and remove it. Alternatively search the logs for paragon +15 find out who has it who made it. I guess some people have discarded the items already so it is sort of a solution. It is more probable th
  12. I can confirm he is dinosaur last of his kind.
  13. It is what it is though and we may push to change that as a community however as it stands at the moment a trade via broker according to the gms is a legit trade.
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