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  1. Give us at least a drop or exp buff to make it worth logging lol
  2. They have one! The giving us the feature of 7.0 and they call it event
  3. Ah ok so it is just enabling the feature great....
  4. You are only one patch late to enable this feature. Oh btw is the "event" enabling the auto huntor there is more?
  5. You make no sense boy. where did i say that ? Are you denying the fact that certain actions from NC have completely broke the game? You just trying to turn this against me but I couldnt care less bout what you have to say
  6. You must have severe PTSD from people calling you P2W. To be honest I considered you a decent player but overtly geared obviously investing in the game. But I know better now you are on more of those whose mouth runs faster from their brain. As I said I do not wish to figure out who has bigger d here that is your complex and you need to figure out how to deal with it.
  7. I do what now ? Stating facts aint a complain. Keep trying Side note : Karen is a nice name.
  8. Ok ok ok, have you talked to any specialist about your mental condition lately ? If not you should. You are still trying hard to offend me but guess what noone cares. Either way it is your money you put them where you want but dont expect people that dont want to invest so heavily on this broken game to go up and compete with the big spenders. Indeed I have my opinion and everyone is entitled to one right? Finally about the arenas, nah you win you big boy now go celebrate lmao Nop I dont. as I said you guys have fun with it
  9. will you ask nc to remove your transformation collections? I wouldnt think so it is ok you can have it OH btw if you ere trying to offend me with the "poor" you really did not I am F"P cause i do not wish to support NC's shitshow but ofc that is just me some people can only exist in this game so it is only essential they keep spending to be on top of things
  10. Nah, their static group to kill alts and prevent people from questing is consisted of 6
  11. There is no such thing but nice of you thinking about it. I guess the majority of people wont even bother given the way the game is. The gap between asmos and elyos is huge and it is only widening. Maybe you can compete against your own people and enjoy the boost that mastercard has given you ! Not you fault though a broken game cannot be fixed by the players. NC doesnt not care and they will keep milking so you keep providing them to keep the lights on. Have fun.
  12. Are the buckets separated with the total amount of money you spent on this game or just this month ? Would be a nice one in a balanced server but I guess to find that you need to find a private.
  13. That requires work. What they do now is effortless haha
  14. OK. Next step will be to merge classic with retail cause you can manage both lmao
  15. @WaceMindu @Kibbelz@LokiYou may as well shut down the forums and eventually the game
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