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  1. When will Exp fragment be deleted?

    Thanks! Exp fragments are nice with Bobonerk coins. Upgrade of enchantment stones goes actively as Windel exchanges exp marks for Etium and Fighting Spirit, and Exp marks are duplicated in Lugbug missions every day .
  2. When will Exp fragment be deleted?

    Are you sure you're discussing exactly those fragments? My characters (1 per account) also received 100 Abyssal fragments in the quest cube, those are about Abyssal Splinter really. Exp fragments are for any purpose. They came together with Abyssal ones though... OK if it's correct I'm glad they won't disappear tomorrow, cause I wanna sleep!
  3. When will Exp fragment be deleted?

    Every account received 100 Exp fragments in the latest survey, it says "it will be deleted when the event ends", but doesn't say which event. There's a crazy number of events running in the game simultaneously with different end dates. So, will it end tomorrow (Aug 5) or later?
  4. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    Sorry, I don't understand everything written in this topic, but, is THIS scroll for promoting stigma a Dragon Carpet Pack?? It doesn't resemble a dragon carpet. Is it a substitution for it? I didn't even know stigmas could be enchanted to +15, I thought, +9 and it was extremely difficult cause the higher level the more fails. Failures decrease the level. Even on my most important toons I quit it after +5 or lower (Am I correct about failures?) Are stigmas enchanted to +15 with Stigma enchanting stones? And then, in which window and how do I apply this scroll?
  5. Yeah, the lag is terrible!! I sometimes can't even open some box (eg, footlocker in weekly Luna) for loot, in better cases it opens in several seconds... And so anything that is clicked or pressed on the keyboard... No joy to play in such conditions! Not very long though. Does it mean that all bugs and lags will end and the game will run immaculately since June 3rd? Or maybe they will give us the Abyss back again??
  6. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    Could someone please explain me what I should do with my survey? I got Advanced stigma promotion scroll selection box (3). Is IT the Dragon carpet pack??? I opened 1 and selected a scroll for major stigma. It says @F scroll needed to promoted major stigmas with upgraded stigmas@? what does it mean? How to use it? I only understand how to enchant stigmas. But "promote" and "with upgraded stigmas" - ??? If I click the scroll, I cannot use the item.
  7. What's happening with the game?

    1. With each new patch starting from 6.0, the lag increases, and pictures distort more, making it sometimes impossible to see where I am and to play. On 6.0-7.0 the lag and distortions were mostly in populated areas like Temple of Wisdom and Stellusia, often in other parts of Demaha after we flew from Stellusia. On the new patch the lag is still worse and EVERYWHERE, even alone at home in Pernon and in Luna! I click on a button and it replies in several seconds! Sometimes doesn't reply at all. At the same time, on my strongest computer, of 8th generation i7-8700, the CPU uses only 10% of its capacity!! What a stupid technical implementation, who invented it??? We know why the human brain is only used by 10% - because oringially we had 12 DNA threads but then Reptiloid invaders captured the Earth and genetically modified humans - disconnected 10 DNA threads and left only 2 active, to make humans feel helpless and lonely, forgetting the past, the destiny, the future and everything, so it became possible to keep them in religious fear and exploit as slaves, and steal their energy. Do you remember how high was Aion on 5.x patches? We got campaigns about restoring the old memory, discovering the lost Destiny, recall Eternity... It's was an interesting scenario worth the transition of the whole Earth to the age of Aquarius. We got longer wings, enchanting of wings, soaring abilities, we had the Abyss with exciting 3D sieges and 3D base capturings. The game was so dear! (even though lag existed in populated places, but I had weaker compiuters, even then it was less laggy than today! Transition to 6.0 was totally shameful devastation and disappointment! Reptiloids captured the minds of Aion developers and they removed one of 3 dimensions from the game!! They removed the whole Abyss, and didn't create any new location for flight and flying combat! They even removed the gathering of Aether in the sky, which was so symbolic for Aion for years. Especially the Abyss and flight were the trademarks of Aion since the very start, and suddenly they killed it! So I think about reptiloids in the minds of the developers, why they could fall so low and make such devolution to the game! Then I found (at last) a gate to Eye of Reshanta, shortly before a siege, in Lakrum, on a night between Tuesday and Wednesday. I liked the fact that we could fly there, but it was sad that we couldn't fly within the fortress. Why such stupid limitation?? I still waited and waited, when their low shameful slavery state of mind passes and they will bring back the Abyss... Now the new patch is still worse!! The Abyss is never mentioned in the patch notes, even the Eye of Reshanta!! They removed Enshar, the most beautiful location in the remains of the game. They forcibly moved us all to the obelisk in Gelkmaros. Well, I passed campaigns in Gelkmaros rather recently, as I grew on patch es 6-7, and there's nothing new to me. Why bringing us forcibly to the registered obelisk after visiting Luna or any other instance? (They started it on 6.x patch, I didn't have time to write my negative attitude about it). Don't they remember that we have the Return button? Why moving us forcibly to somewhere without asking our agreement??? Then they brought Crimson Katalam - I visited it once and was extremely bored in an hour or 2. It only consisted of capturable bases, no campaigns, no flight, slow movement between bases, so I tried to get to some Asmodian base, in the whole map, I maybe only once got to one base, then as I tried to move to another, it was already occupied by the oppositng faction! So, after useless attempts to get to our base for 2 hours I left Katalam in frustration and never came to it again!! Imho, capturing bases is ONLY good in 3D, in the Abyss, when we can fly above the base, see whether the captain is there, and if yes, target him and kill him without interacting with other mobs. On-ground base capturing is extremely boring, cause we inevitable get attacked by all mobs in the base without seeing whether the captain is there! In 2014 or 2015, Katalam was so much better, there were campaigns, I did campaigns on my alts of lev 63, it was interesting and exciting, in the last days of Katalam, and coped with the quests even their equipment was far not the best, they used fabled gear gotten from the campaings, and coped with everything! And ran away from Elyos when couldn't cope with them, it was an exciting adventure! Now the present Katalam is a degradation, a pathetic parody of the old Katalam! There's no campaigns, everywhere a super-strong gear is required to even kill one mob, I may be one-shot by elyos at any moment. In this damned 2D-world I'm only interested in pve campaigns! So i preferred to do it in Lakrum and demaha. On the new patch you spoiled them too, bringing them to instance serevers, removing the obelisks, I was in Lakrum, I don't know how to get to Demaha, General scrolls and teleports maps became denied of Lakrum and Demaha, what the nyerk? It's impossinle to get home from there, buffs, mantras and transformation scrolls effects disappear when I get to or from there, how I hate that! Why do we need so many battlefield locations and almost nothing to do campaigns&& I already did campaigns in Gelkmaros (by the way, some of them didn't work, eg, Message in a Windstream - I glided together with my partner girl, landed on the needed spot both, but she got the quest completion (yellow sun) but I didn't, tried 5 times, tried on another computer, nothing and no-one fixed it. Then there was a crucial bug in "Sacred Memories" campaign in Enshar - after killing a dragon of Ereshkigal, I couldn't get to anywhere at all, when i know, there must be an opened door to a red windstream leading to further corridors and further fights. So I never chanced to meet Beritra and complete the campaign ^( Still i love campaigns and loved Enshar as a beautiful place to level new toons. gelkmaros is much worse, it's mostly unbeautiful and i saw it soooo many times, passing all my toons through it, there is nothing new, even if you added something. Mobs levels were increased to 80, but the rewards for canpaigns are manstones of level 60! Are you laughing? One thing doesn't correspond to another! Do you think it can be attractive to anyone?? On a good-equipped toon i tried to kill a Wild Lorail mob in Gelkmaros (for an orange campaign in "Guide" tab") - the mob would always run away, my Songweaver has movement speed +22% + Inspiration skill + Legendary transformation like Bolvig (45% speed), and used to approach and beat the nob with Daevanion skills, but the mob never lost even a little part of its health! I became disappointed, it's impossible to play such way!! I loved this orange "Windstream" campaign in Lakrum on the previous patch, - the quest about earning Genesis Crystals, by killing npcs in bases and doing Cubic quests, when we would bring 200 genesis crystals and received 500, so I did it on many toons and bought them Ancient Herald Wings, I like them for the possibility to be tuned to 236 sec flight time, and enchanted them to +15 almost on all of those toons (some yet +14), the event with Stormwing pet giving red enchantment stones and purple, stimulated me for this process. But now, WHERE CAN WE FLY??? The trailer to this patch showed some flying combat between characters in Balaurea. Where is it in the game? Is it another lie?? Aion is crap without flying!
  8. Subj. I have 2 characters of lev. 80 on this account, one of which is main and the other alt (backup for another main), the alt is older. When I first came to this forum it asked me to select a name to create a forum account, but in fact there was no choice in selection, only 1 name of the old alt. I couldn't select the name SamanSasha which I wanted to select. I also encountered this problem during the last year on other Aion accounts. But it worked before, when this forum in this format started! (3 years ago?) Why did it stop working? Please fix it!!