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  1. Dear NC West, Can we make Snowballs more distinctive from Platinum Coins? I'm getting real tired of alerting people to players who sit around in capital cities with their stores open selling plat coins as snowballs. People get in a rush and buy what appears to be a good deal only to find out that some some little dipwad was not selling the promised goods. I have seen sooo many people do this over the years that it is honestly ridiculous. Granted, people should pay attention to what they are buying but why have two items look that similar? It's begging for people to abuse. It's not
  2. I have an Elyos on IS and Asmo on both TM and SL. How will the "Force Transfer work? Are you going to make me delete one of my characters? If so, what compensation will I receive? A previous merge happened and at that time you made all conflicts like this force change to the faction that had the oldest created character. Since my Sin on TM was the first created on this account is Asmo would I then be forced to change to Asmo on my IS elyos toons? Please clarify what is going to happen if forced transfers can't work. Thanks
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