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  1. What the BS going on with in game survey.....AION gives us 3 ulti manastones, that have nothing to do with our class type. WTF. are they Fckn stupid? or just selfish azzholes ,
  2. Hello all, Is it just me, but does everyone love the freeze frame, black frame, rubber banding, DC, The game has evolved into just plain rubbish as far as I am concerned. If you lag everywhere even instances how is this enjoyable? Its not. If NCSoft cant fix this then just shut down because its awful. I even use lag reducer and does not work. Hang it up NC Soft with AION cause its rubbish.
  3. Stigma stone enchantment rate is just as bad as the gear enchantment. When the 7.2 stormwing event was going on, I collected 73 stigma stones. After attempting to enchant my stigmas, only one stigma went to +9 and the rest I burned up on other stigmas up to level 5. This games rubbish. The the new 7.5 event with stigma enchantment is just CASH hog for NCSoft. Spent 50.00 for what....to get 1 +9 stigma and the other 35 just to blow up in your face? Games rubbish and always will be. NC Soft is not about their clients, its about how much money they can fck ppl out of. Pure rubbish. .This is
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