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  1. Vantheria, I confess I was wrong, your information is correct! Thank you so much for resolving this doubt, everyone in my class had the same doubt! Thank you very much now we understand!
  2. I don't think they understood the question! I'm saying that the Minion SS with a different Sub-Minion does not add the status for that Sub-Minion! In this example that you brought, when using a Hyperion S as a Sub-Minion, the attributes of the SS minion should have in addition to the common status an attribute of: PVE Additional Defense +190! What didn't you understand?
  3. We know that all S minions have common status, they are: Magic Accuracy and Accuracy; Magic and Physical Crit; HP; Magic and Physical Attack; Despite these common statuses, there are also different statuses, such as: PVP Attack; PVE Attack; PVP Defense; PVE Defense; Evasion; Magic Resist; Crit Additionals; Additional Accuracy; Additional Healing; Additional HP; All of these are different attributes of each minion if I have not forgotten one. But so far so good! Now, considering the new SS mi
  4. DN-Asmodians Something needs to be done! Look at this, there are no players, there are no new players. I think it's the end.
  5. People like that don't! The game is dying @Kibbelz, please wake up! Every day we are losing more players, the people who continue are discouraged, the game does not cause more fun in people, how can you not see it? In the last week, several opinions were expressed by the players about the game and what did you bring to leverage the game were these pathetic events? Now is not the time to bring extended weapons because theoretically we are close to 7.7.2 (7.8) and there we will have the new extended weapon. Where's the auto-hunt? Very important tool for the development of players
  6. Gentlemen, Until when will we have players disconnecting in the last round of Arena of Discipline ?? This way it is easy to stay in the lead in battles!! What is being done to resolve this?
  7. Hi guys, Someone suggests a good PVE rotation for Ranger, in full 7.5?
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