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  1. Thanks again! I just have some friends there so want to play with them lol
  2. Thank you! Is it ok to transfer even if I don't have a faction conflict too?
  3. I want to transfer to Danaria and it says "transfer available" but it says transfer date "11.01.2017 (Wed) after weekly maintenance". Can I still play my characters until then? Also can I still transfer a character if I don't have faction conflict issues? I don't have an elyos, I just want to transfer anyway.
  4. Hi, thank you for replying, there are no codes anywhere though so I had to go ahead and put a ticket in. Wondering if it's a bug or something, maybe?
  5. I purchased it last night and it's been over 20 hours and it's still not active. I received an email saying it went through but there are no codes with it and the money is removed off of my credit card so i'm sure it went through. Is there something else I need to do?
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