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  1. Vandal stats

    Does the new Vandal class use physical attack or magic? It definitely seems like magic but a lot of the armors contain physical stats so its conflicting. Anyone know?
  2. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    I noticed that as well, there are classes that just don't hold up as well as others. Which was always a problem, just even more so now. I havent even tried sorcerer yet, as too scared to go without healing for the time being. I have just played on chanter and sw, and will get into cleric later. There is so much to do to gear up now that I can't focus on many like I did before. Yeah upgrading would not be such a problem if they didnt offer players gear exchanges. I feel if we are to start over, every one should start from the bottom. Not just "some" of us. But I can see they only did that to save face and so the people with 25+ gear don't get pissed off and leave the game. They never do anything if its not in their own best interest :/. Thanks Nirena for the offer, I would definitely appreciate the help. Although, I do have elyos.. I'm currently playing on Asmo. Yes it sounds like PVE has to be the main focus just to be able to go through bases faster and do instances. Unlike before where we could just focus on PVP and still do damage in PVE. Another problem, is not enough inventory space for everything. Even with pack pets, there are so many items that its hard to store them all.
  3. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    Yes it is complete garbage. I just ran Mirash a couple times, it does seem alot easier than before. I died 3 times the first time I did it, Im too slow casting the hook lol is the problem for me. But it seems better since before the past, I couldnt kill her at all. I will keep my eye out for CoE groups now. Btw where did they move CoE to? I searched Lakrum and Enshar. Is there a special way to get there like before? Yes that is what I do as well... sometimes there is no one at the base though which makes things difficult. Ancient definitely doesnt stand a chance against all the Legendary and Ultimate players. I know in 6.5 things are suppose to be easier to upgrade. Is it less chance of a fail or something? Yeah I can only manage running like maybe 3x/week because the shugo disappears before I make it there. And that is when it spawns on our side of the map, no point to try the other side. Idk why they didnt make it last longer than a couple mins/entries.
  4. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    Any idea when 6.5 is coming? I am on the PVE gear from campaign and it takes me ages to kill mobs even with transform. Which makes it near impossible to complete the bases or do the weeklies. Most of the times I can't make it to a base without running into 4+ players. If I do happen to get to a base, it takes me so long to complete it that the opposing faction comes along and kills me. It is super frustrating. It is strange to be lvl 80 and not do any damage lol. I actually have applied to groups that they were already doing gear checks because they wanted only people with Legendary gear+. I also heard of people complaining they were kicked out of the group because they didnt have high enough gear or weren't using transform :/. I haven't ran Mirash since before the patch, I always wiped at the last boss and wasn't able to finish. Idk if they have made it easier since then or is it the same? I will try to focus on getting CoE gear, thanks for the advice. Is it possible to solo CoE now? What kind of gear would I need? No body seems to be interested in joining groups for bases or making them. They just run with their own friends/legion members, which makes it hard for someone like me that doesn't have people to run with. Problem is that Ancient gear is useless in PVP, since everyone is already past that. It's impossible to get Legendary from Ancient since it won't even upgrade to +10, let alone +15. The hardest part is getting to +15 Ancient. It may take 1000 enchantment stones to get even 2-3 pieces to +15 at this rate, that would be very costly. Yeah that's true, I did read the exchange rates and couldnt believe that you had to have around +30 in order to get anything. I agree, they should not have made Ult gear. From my understanding, they don't even have Ultimate enchant stones anywhere to upgrade it/ they are very rare. I have one more question... what is the spawn time of Kubinerks Lab? It seems that it is only available for a couple mins, as soon as I am almost there... it closes. Is there any way to get to it faster? If it is on our side of the map it is easier to teleport to the area, but if its on the other side... there is no way to make it there in time. Maybe you have to teleport from one base to another?
  5. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    Honestly, I don't know how anyone is suppose to gear up when I can't seem to make it past +5 without failing and that is on ANCIENT... wtf? I can understand if it is Ultimate gear, maybe it might be harder... but ancient!? I cant even do the bases (takes me 5 mins to kill 1 mob... pathetic) without being zerged at every turn until I can't take it anymore and have to quit. I am unable to find one place on the whole map where I can be alone to farm and not be harassed. We shouldnt have to be forced into PVP if we are not geared for it or wanting to. I don't think crafting gear is worth it in this patch... money is hard enough to come by without spending it all on crafting. Which only leaves genesis crystal which is impossible to obtain when you can't get a moments peace. It is even difficult to get into PVE instances unless you already have Legendary +, no one wants to accept you. I am not sure what to do from this point on. I have been playing for many years but it is impossible to play now, let alone to enjoy myself. I know alot of people got gear through the exchange, but I find it hard to believe damn near everyone did.. it doesnt seem logical. Then pretty much everyone is pay to win which is funny since I have paid also, yet im not winning lol!
  6. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    Both actually, but more concerned with PVP gear.
  7. I am confused about the new gears. How can I get Legendary or Ultimate gears fast? It appears that we have to upgrade ancient all the way until we can purify to get Legendary and so on, is that right? Why we can't just buy the Legendary or Ultimate gear from NPC? I noticed many players already geared with Ultimate within a week or two, how is that even possible?! I know we can craft them but it seems harder to craft given most of the materials are untradable and you can't buy them on broker. I am not sure where to even get them. Please help
  8. Curious

    Okay thank you. What about godstones and idians, will they be removed from game?
  9. Curious

    Does anyone know if the 65 AP gear will be destroyed in 6.0 update? I wanted to use wings for skin later.
  10. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    This is a very hypocritical. You say "first come first serve". Then go on to say action will be taken against "identify theft". Are you kidding me??? The whole point of first come first serve is whoever logs in and claims the name first, gets it. No crying over names. We are suppose to be making a fresh start with names because of the merge. How is it right to punish people for being faster??? Not to mention unless we have a personal record of all players on our server, how can you call identify theft? That's a HUGE accusation that you can not back up. Whoever wrote this really needs to go back to school and stop contradicting themselves and making threats based on nonsense. 🙄😡 I know there are probably thousands of previous players that left this game and never came back. And it is supposed to be a fresh start for everyone. "First come first serve" pfffttt sure