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  1. No don't put everything off ! (This image is only used as an example). Only CFG, DEP and SEHOP, others don't touch them. And this is a temporary fix until Ncsoft fix this issue.
  2. I personally highly disagree with the people spreading the speech : they deleted 80% of the maps. I rather totally agree with these people from EU servers : Obviously we do not share the same point of view. Yet until now, I'm still super hype about changes they have made and I love it all.
  3. I won't answer you anymore. This is Aion 6.0 news. Seriously nobody cares about your bdo.
  4. Dude what success you're talking about.. Servers ain't even full at evening within that mystic release as it was 8 months ago. (A complete flop since they announced Ran btw) And those who are sometimes full are actually the rookies servers.. Rookies servers where you can only stay there for 30 days. That game is slowly dying people getting tired with the boring grinding and the crazy RNG. Ain't even endgame on this thing. Graphics don't make it all. The success you're talking about is because of its release and the periodical classes release : just as it is for re
  5. Wait 6.0 then come back. That patch gonna transform the whole game literally..
  6. Holy Jesus... They finally decided to get rid of mostly useless content of the Archdaeva that made many people runaway of this game. They even decided to reduce the grinding as it was before 5.0 : easy to reach max level within very few days. Also they revamped the maps and deleted the useless ones that are currently making the game looking so inactive. Just sad about Godstones and Norsvold that we will lose. I loved that design so much. Many of us left this game because of these sudden many useless content within the Archdaeva and this so called Black Desert al
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