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  1. @Kibbelz Partly reason why the reports are not seen is because the report system does not work when the character appears offline (Invisible) or if at all. If you confirm that the report system works as intended, then the offline feature is to blame as well. Hope this helps!
  2. Good looking out! 😉
  3. I am not sure if this has been discussed yet but could presatige holders have their kinah cap raised? @Kibbelz It would be a nice insentive to have. 😊
  4. I just checked the recent Nvidia Driver 466.11 and they resolved the issue with Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander 2 experienceing low FPS. Yes I know this is not Supreme Commander but the issue with that game and "Aion" happened at the same time. I decided to test the new driver 466.11 and I am not having issues anymore. Keep your old drivers nearby in case it isnt working for you still.
  5. Skill for the Assassin class has issues with attacking targets while you are near your enemy. The stigma skill Dash and Slash is a 2 time repeatable skill. Example: When I use the stigma skill called dash and slash, it will sometimes say on screen, "There is a obstacle in the way!". Also Stella Laboratory 3rd boss (Bronze Guardian) / Assassin cannot Ambush or Dizzying Ambush the boss. Gladiators AoE's cannot damage this boss either.
  6. Is it possible to expand the wardrobe slots and possibly add the ability to save weapon skins?
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