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  1. Does Developer's incompetence deal server dmg? if so, how much?
  2. The npcs didnt bugged it just crashed. maybe? who knows
  3. So he almost rolled you while you were in General Xform?
  4. that proves this server is rubbish, merger this shit! @Kibbelz
  5. You cannot speak for everyone by saying it really wont effect us much. I have an entire weekly routine with farming mats based on the day of the week while also doing luna reset for both MV and SaS . Rather than buy essence on the broker i farm my frags. Not everyone farms luna for kinah, So yes a week worth of luna mats makes a big difference. While I am concerned about what will happen in the long term i also dont like my play style interrupted.
  6. I agree with you, this sounds like the most likely path they would take to compensate us. Giving us 5x luna drops doesnt seem like a good way to do this for this week for several reasons. For starters the luna mats dont always drop after every boss kill and second ( at least for me) its rare that those bundles give a light or flawless crystal.
  7. Can we at least get that week's worth of Luna mats + tissue samples in a survey? I don't think anyone would mind it at all in that case. It would save us time and you get to investigate. That, to me, sounds like a fair handshake. @Kibbelz
  8. Did they nerf the luna crafted contracts? I made 30 boxes today and every single box gave me just 2 contracts.
  9. LOL this loser sin does not suprise me. Most of his legion hacks
  10. Wait. What restaurant was these tokens redeemable at? Can i restore my entree back ?
  11. KT is down again. Can you please reopen server transfers so i can get out of this wreck
  12. All this effort for in an attempt to get two extra keys that will probably not give more than a few coins. It tickles me pink to see the lengths ppl will go just to be a greedy aHole LOL!
  13. Whoa.. that's too much man. If they bring down the ban hammer for the insults your voice wont be heard. Dont give them another win. Clean it up
  14. I pulled hands and jock strap. Without purchasing phials and just using what i got from event i got enough souls to also get one weapon and head. Rerolled each box 3~4 times tho with my ap. 4 Pieces when the main goal was grinding cubics. i dont think it was all that bad ( my OP and RNG)
  15. @Kibbelz@Loki@Hime KT took a nap, wake it up pls
  16. It should put you into the temporal rift. GL!
  17. I really think we should be looking at a server merger of KT and DN vs adding a 3rd(classic) server that spreads an already sparse player base even thinner. Consider for a minute what that will do to the over all health of the game. Lakrum, Crimson Katalam, and Demaha already feel very empty as is. It maybe we successful in other regions but they have the spread to maintain it. I am intrigued by the notion of reliving some of the old content but at the same time i dont want to see Aion NA servers die even further. Its all ready in the ICU, why try to slap it with a dose of adrenaline when its
  18. i assumed the same thing so i hopped on my sin to have a look. they are exaggerating ofc but it is a lot of ppl. And they seem to be predominantly from a certain server. Still, i bet if you were to check various times of day that ratio would be back and forth
  19. box 1 : 1mil box2: 1.7mil box3:1.7mil me?: MIA til next year since you decided to nerk up of end 2020 with dumb shit kudos
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