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  1. I try 10 times the +15 one just get food, nice event
  2. Well i just try 10 times, the 10 one only get some food so gg this event is like always low balls rate looks like nothing change, also i use 15 enchant in my +12 stigma all fail in a row 30% my balls
  3. well this game need really take care of the not animation hackers. we need a way to get ultimate tranfo is just too hard, its no way get one for a new players in a decent period of time. stigmas enchant rates like korea and eu i just feel scammed in the last "EVENT" 40 fail in a row +9 to +10 ànother way to get enchants how a new player can lv up his gear those days
  4. Well i just fail 50 in a row to +9 to +10 those rates are just fake they are just scamming ppl with this event
  5. well i send too, those rates are just fake
  6. so 50 fails in a row +9 to +10, nice rates
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