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  1. Would be preferable doing a 'no change' maintenance as the last one, instead of doing this. If you like so much to do pointless changes to the game, here are two: change de 'Ciel's Messenger' spelling in some NPCs and make the lvl 4x mobs in Ingg/Gelk drop something. And, like other said: don't change the Siege time. If you do, bring it to one hour earlier!!!
  2. I got surprised when i returned and discovery that i need to spend near 1.2m each time i fill the xp bar at lv 80 to get my exp marks. But, it's ok... it's the system of the game i play, so they are right and i need to comply to progress, not complain, lol Hope if they remove the coins, then make EM drop from mobs or as quest reward like Genesis.
  3. Happened to me yesterday while changing chars. The PIN popup showed up at my first login (successful login), but didn't at the change. So i logged on the site, then reopened the client and logged in again there. It's annoying, but at least don't really blocks you for 8h. The PIN is required at the first login, but isn't when you change chars (not always). IF each time that we don't put the PIN (because was not requested) count as we put it wrong?...counting since the last successful PIN entry. Obviously it's a theory easy to prove wrong, i know, because seems random when it occours or not
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