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  1. Oh cool, thanks a lot guys. Its not as big as an issue as gearing up as more like how to ease my runs more. I already do pf and I am also at the ulti chest part so no issue there. Just looking for ways to do more dps until I get full set before 7.0 ofc. When is it droppin btw?
  2. I know that voidsoul gives more "pve +" but Pandora give more stats overall. Has anyone tested with both sets (ultimate pandora ofc, not legendary) in order to compare the average dps? If so, what were the results?
  3. Thanks a lot Vantheria. Yeah im already at around 10k accuracy without socketing so after manastones i should be good to go. Thankfully i have Rejuvenating. I was mostly worried about the mini wow daevanion which i have never been lucky enough to get. Also, no Crit Strike requirement whatsoever because people told me i need 2.5k crit which i find pretty hard considering im sitting at 1.5k with retuning, so i wanted to ask another chanter since they know our class better. Again thanks a lot for your time and the info you provided. ^^
  4. As i mentioned in the title, people say that the requirements for PF have changed after the buff the mobs and instances got. Videos and guides mention chanters needing a minimum of 10k accuracy and a minimum of 50k hp to survive and being able to have stable dps without misses. Now, after the buff, what extra do we need? I am asking specifically for chanters because ,usually, since a long ago (3.0 patch) we used to have lower requirements than the pure dps classes due to the nature of our class, being a support-dps hybrid. Finally, what daevanion skills are a MUST HAVE for the instance.
  5. Is it optimal to fuse a pve weapon under a pvp one? Or you lose a lot more stats comparing to pve+pve/ pvp+pvp. Mainly asking about chanters, glads and rangers. Apologies if this is a noob question but I have seen a number of people doing that.
  6. The usual question. What is better, vindicator or inquisitor (for chanters ofc) And why? Also what would be better as far as manastones go? We used to have crit atk and macc but idk if it changed with new patch. I heard m acc and m res are kinda all over the place now compared to the previous patch. Do we get hp now?
  7. No need to be ultra fast as long as it is semi rewarding. Already got around 4mil but need a bit more to buy full lvl 75 spinel ap. Also ways to farm could include farming blood marks or medals or ancient relics. Im lvl 72 but I if poss I need ways for lvl 68+ (toons)
  8. Oh i use the hook at around 8 meters away so maybe it could be that cuz i think you need to be around 6 meters from it (from the whole instance before) so maybe its that. Thank you for your reply imma check that out
  9. Am i the only one experiencing this issue?: When the boss casts the 1 shot skill i use the hook to go the safe panel but a lot of times, on average 1 out of 3, it will go on cooldown and revert the teleport so i die. Is it just my issue or its a confirmed bug by a lot of ppl?
  10. So i am a chanter and i recently finished my pve supp gear and going for pvp. Armor will be lvl 75 AP dats for sure, but as far as Weapon goes i have heard of 2 choises: Ahserion+ Harvester (or the opposite i dont remember) 75 AP (Prime) + Provenance What are your opinions? I know Prov is extended but Ahserion is more DMG overall and better stats or am i missing sth? Thank you for yourhelp in advance
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