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  1. Thanks. So you think, this quest is old, removed from the game? Whatever it's going to give me, it won't be excessive to me, I hope, unless my list of Gelkmaros quest is overfilled. But this problem doesn't seem to threaten me on this patch.
  2. PS: I found Grandmaster Qubrinerk - it's basically the shugo standing left of Cenvezo quartermaster selling Exp extractors, but he didn't have any triangles above him to give quests to many of my "newer" toons on whom I didn't play Lakrum thoroughly.
  3. Sorry, I searched everywhere - Google, this forum and didn't find anything for Asmos other than discussions of the instrance Cubicle Lab or something. But it was a world quest! some time ago. Some of my characters, while killing mobs in Gelkmaros, get all sorts of cubics (silver, bronze etc) in their special cubes, but others don't get any. I played them together with same quests and then I noticed it. Where is Qubrinerk who gives this quest? I 've never been in a cubicle instance and it looks it's not needed for getting these cubicles. If that was a shugo in the center of Temple of Wisdom
  4. Was it only meant to work in the garden of growth instance? I saw it in the world, tried to click and understand how it could work but nothing worked. The skill slots were only 5 and could never drag any skill to those slots. Now I don't see it any more. I use the table of 25 skills, even this is not enough to put all skills in a sorted way .
  5. It would be so sweet! I was very busy, had not much time to play and to read Aion news, I left many Snowballs on my account (8 toons collected!) to open later, and now there's nothing at all
  6. What is subj, for what gear? How do people get the normal Ultimate Enchantment Stone Bundles?
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