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  1. Update 1. Allowed to hide Equipment, Cube, Transformations Collection and still participate in PvE Rankings. 2. Added option for non MyAion users to hide/show profile details by in-game note: Note should looks like: MyAion|<command>|<parameters> Available commands: - Hide, - Show. Available parameters: - PvE - PvE Sessions, - E - Equipment, - C - Cube, - T - Transformations Collection, - All - everything above. You can use multiple parameters, each separated by | Example note: MyAion|Hide|C|T - command will hide your Cube and Transformations Col
  2. Update 1. Added option to hide Equipment, Cube and Transformations Collection if you decide to exclude your character from PvE Rankings. 2. Fixed updating Equipment when picked up item from warehouse or pet. 3. Fixed updating Runes and Odians after switching item. 4. Update 8.0: Fixed Vision Skill detection. 5. Update 8.0: Fixed Transformations Collection detection.
  3. Update 1. Added new rankings for Labyrinth bosses: - Kromede the Corrupt - Grand Chieftain Kasika - Commander Bakarma - Golem Spirit Nomura - Unstable Triroan 2. Adjusted some packets decoding for 8.0 update. 3. Updated data packs for all regions. Website: 1. Added Transformations Collection to Character Profiles. 2. Reworked Character Profile page. Panels: Equipment, Cube, Transformations Collection, PvE Sessions, PvP Sessions, Recent Videos can be collapsed and reordered by dragging and dropping. Its order will be stored in cookies. 3. Added option to reor
  4. @Gabrielis-KT, Ranked DPS is calculated by dividing the damage dealt by the duration of the session. The moment of aggro boss is considered the beginning of the session, the end of the session is his death. The session length is the same for each participant in the raid, no matter when they joined it. Therefore, the ranking DPS on the website and the DPS calculated in the application based on the period of particular player's activity may differ from each other. Start of session can be found in session's header: First entry on action list is just information when you last switch
  5. Some improvements on website: 1. Reworked home page: - added regions: TW, KR, JP, - added login servers status, - added daily max online, - it's possible to check exact number of players online for NA and JP regions (other regions don't share this information). 2. Added region info in players profiles and rankings. 3. Fixed youtube videos synchronization with MyAion profiles.
  6. Update 1. Added Cube info in Character Profiles. Cubes can be uploaded manually by using "Upload" button in Character Profile tab. It will be also auto-uploaded together with PvE sessions. If someone doesn't want to share his cubes, he should disable auto upload of PvE sessions. App: If someone has uploaded cubes, it will be possible to check it out in his character profile under icon: Website: 2. Fixed PvE sessions uploading for South Korea region. It was broken since servers merge. 3. Fixed bug when it happened to upload gear from another character when switching to c
  7. Hello. I'm a developer of MyAion project and I would like to clarify some things. First at all, you shouldn't post screenshots, because it can be easily edited in any graphical software. You should use it only for your own checking. Animation Speed ranking was removed because of two reasons: 1. At first the reporting service got disabled, because it required too much time to maintain this feature. Every new patch, even mini one can change something in animations. Don't forget that Aion client is not perfect and it has its own bugs. We have added workarounds for all the animation bugs
  8. Update 1. Added option to resend session if it didn't go through because of error (0), error (4) or time-out. There will be exclamation mark over notification icon. Resend button will be available for 5 minutes. 2. Added options to open session and logs folders. You can find it in App menu. 3. Fixed bug when application was getting resized when NPC name was too long. 4. Fixed bug when application didn't start during restart when switching OBS mode. 5. Fixed when Raging Oris session didn't get uploaded when boss base HP was changed. 6. Fixed bugs related to NPC list. It did
  9. Update 1. Added NPC's details (current HP, casting skill info with target, castbar and count down). Thanks to Kelekelio for help with NPC icons. App Settings contains three different ways to display NPC on the list: - auto detected ranked bosses - manually selected from targets list - auto detected in-game target It possible to mix all of them in any combination. When all 3 options are chosen, app will displayed up to 3 NPCs at the same time. 2. Added option to check NPC Skills Rotation and Damage Distribution. 3. Added Check for updates option in App menu. 4. Fixed
  10. Update 1. Added Runes and Odians to Character Profiles (in app and on website) - details need to be uploaded again. 2. Added gold and silver icon frames to items in app and on website. 3. Added global Loot Table - it's visible when none of players are selected (Hint: you can unselect player with CTRL). 4. Added Loot Table filter: Show items dropped for each member of group. When you uncheck it, it will hide items which are distributed individually for each member of group. 5. Fixed bug when some sessions were marked incorrectly as incomplete. 6. Fixed updating Honour Poi
  11. Update 1. Added new rankings: Raging Beritra, Pale Stormwing, Stormwing (thanks Mats for icon). 2. Added Glyph in character profiles on website and in app. 3. Fixed bug when Ereshkigal session wasn't uploaded due to cannon damage. 4. Fixed bug when some skins weren't shown in Character Profile in app.
  12. Update 1. Added support to South Korean region. 2. Added support to Taiwanese region. 3. Added new regions (JP, KR, TW) into PvE Rankings. 4. PvE rankings were split into game versions (7.6, 7.7, 7.9 for now). Also it's possible to check ranking for all versions. 5. Improved application start up time. Also splash screen should show up immediately now. 6. Fixed bug when Asmodian Cleric with Summon Noble Energy / (Improved) Summon Noble Energy had displayed incorrect vision skill. If you would like to support the project and help cover some of its costs, y
  13. Update - "Content Creators" 1. Added: - Option to upload image to your MyAion character's profile. Result: - Integration with Youtube. If you connect your character with youtube channel, new icon will show up next to your character's nickname and your recent videos will be displayed in your MyAion character's profile. What's more if you record any ranked session and you link this session at beginning on video's description, that video will show up in session's page and particular boss ranking's page. Synchronization of videos are done everyday at 15:00 CET. If you
  14. Maintenance is over. Server's software got updated. Cleanup was done to free up space. Website and service is back online. Enjoy!
  15. MyAion maintenance is planned for tomorrow (20.09.2020) 10:00 CET. Website and service will be unavailable for around 1 hour.
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